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Topic: Kongregate / Does anyone else think that Kreds should be free (if possible)?

EEEHH!! si sí que lo has hechooo! pensé que no pondrías el post… en fin, mejor hablo en inglés que si no no lo va a pillar el 80% de la peña en kong…

Well, dudes… I already told you first time I heard about the idea that it couldn’t be taken anywhere, because it is NOT POSSIBLE! And why the fuck you talk about tipping, bro? they took it out…
even I knew taht and I’ve been banned for almost a year _

And I always said that kreds should be removed, because Kong looks like a fucking business with it. Anyways, I would like the “kreds each level up” thing…
But the only way you could get it is by making Kreds a Kongregate currency that doesn’t involve money.
So, now, Pain, my dear friend, let me change your post onto another subject: SHOULD KREDS BE CHANGED INTO A CURRENCY GIVEN THROUGH THE TERMS ThePainfulDeath SAID AND NOT TO BE EARNED BY MONEY?


Topic: The Arts / Removed

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