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Topic: Bush Whacker Classic / Kong Players House Votes

Congratulations Paula :) I could have warned, sorry about that. Had to leave bwc for a while. Keep up the good work, and add me to the list if you can :)

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Topic: Wild West Town / Expanding Buildings Materials For ALL

My links to give YOU gifts. Choose what you want.

Main Town Buildings expansion materials:

Wood Nails Stone Tar Paint Rope

ORCHARD expansion materials:

Bag of Soil Orchard Shovel Orchard Axe Orchard Basket Watering Can Grass Seeds

ARTIC Exploring and expansion materials:

Pickaxe Rucksack Snow Boots Flannel Med Kit Rations

AMAZON Exploring and Buildings expansion materials:

Machete Explorer Garb Binoculars Survival Book Whip Survival Gear

AFRICA Exploring and Buildings expansion materials:

Bottled Water Vet Kit Safari Guide Book Lion Net Hiking Boots Umbrella

General Everyday Items:

+12 Oil +12 Water +20 Supplies +6 Energy Gift of the Day (Tobacco) Tree Seeds (Lemon) Cotton Seeds

NOTE: Links last updated at 24/11/2013 23:00 GMT

NOTE:Help me too, in the links you can find HERE
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Topic: Wild West Town / Expanding Buildings Materials For ALL

In HTML, i can make a more compact text that wouldn’t require 2 posts, and occupies much less space. But it might not be as easy to comprehend.

All you'll have to do is replace "link", with the correspondant links, without removing the ":

<p><b><ins>Main Town Buildings</ins></b> expansion materials:</p>
<p><a href="link">Wood</a>
<a href="link">Nails</a>
<a href="link">Stone</a>
<a href="link">Tar</a>
<a href="link">Paint</a>
<a href="link">Rope</a></p>

<p><ins><b> ORCHARD</ins></b>  expansion materials:</p>
<p><a href="link">Bag of Soil</a>
<a href="link">Orchard Shovel</a>
<a href="link">Orchard Axe</a>
<a href="link">Orchard Basket</a>
<a href="link">Watering Can</a>
<a href="link">Grass Seeds</a></p>

<p><ins><b> ARTIC</ins></b>  Exploring and expansion  materials:</p>
<p><a href="link">Pickaxe</a>
<a href="link">Rucksack</a>
<a href="link">Snow Boots</a>
<a href="link">Flannel</a>
<a href="link">Med Kit</a>
<a href="link">Rations</a></p>

<p><ins><b> AMAZON</ins></b>  Exploring and Buildings expansion materials:</p>
<p><a href="link">Machete</a>
<a href="link">Explorer Garb</a>
<a href="link">Binoculars</a>
<a href="link">Survival Book</a>
<a href="link">Whip</a>
<a href="link">Survival Gear</a></p>

<p><ins><b> AFRICA</ins></b>  Exploring and Buildings expansion materials:</p>
<p><a href="link">Bottled Water</a>
<a href="link">Vet Kit</a>
<a href="link">Safari Guide Book</a>
<a href="link">Lion Net</a>
<a href="link">Hiking Boots</a>
<a href="link">Umbrella</a></p>

<p><i>NOTE: Links last updated at 20/11/2013</i></p>

You can as well post some general gift links:
<p><ins><b> General</b></ins>  Everyday Items:</p>
<p><a href="link">+12 Oil</a>
<a href="link">+12 Water</a>
<a href="link">+20 Supplies</a>
<a href="link">+6 Energy</a>
<a href="link">Gift of the Day (type)</a>
<a href="link">Tree Seeds (type)</a></p>

Both are much easier to edit on a note pad opened at the side of the game page!

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Topic: Wild West Town / Expanding Buildings Materials For ALL

I’ve seen most people (like myself) are allways in need of some material to expand their barns, greenhouses, tree orchards, and to expand amazon, artic and africa areas.

So, i thought it would be nice to have a thread just to share links for materials. The objective here is not to request stuff, there’s a thread for that already here!

Please try to keep updating the links for those materials and don’t make another post, edit your existing one. Once a day would be perfect. And also leave a note for the last time you updated them. I’ll leave my example bellow.

If you want to be helped, take a little time to help back

All you have to do is copy the text bellow and post the correspondant links after the ':' with no space. 
And when you want to update, just replace the links.

*+Main Town Buildings+* expansion materials:

*+ORCHARD+* expansion materials:
"Bag of Soil":
"Orchard Shovel":
"Orchard Axe":
"Orchard Basket":
"Watering Can":
"Grass Seeds":

*+ARTIC+* Exploring and expansion  materials:
"Snow Boots":
"Med Kit":


*+AMAZON+* Exploring and Buildings expansion materials:
"Explorer Garb":
"Survival Book":
"Survival Gear":

*+AFRICA+* Exploring and Buildings expansion materials:
"Bottled Water":
"Vet Kit":
"Safari Guide Book":
"Lion Net":
"Hiking Boots":

_NOTE: Links last updated at **/**/****_

It takes me around 5 minutes to do this. Tell me if you have any doubt. Just do it whenever you have time ;)

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Topic: Wild West Town / Help Wanted Requests

Trying to increase my barn and greenhouse, but it keeps getting harder :S I ask all of my neighbours, please click one of the links, and also post HERE some to offer those things, if you can.

I’ll be editing with the quantities i’m still needing, and repost the links after expiring, so i don’t spam.

I’m gonna need:
Wood (4)
Nails (9)
“Stone”: (0)
“Tar”: (0)
Paint (2)
Rope (1)

Now, some gifts for you, HERE


  • If any of the links expired, please warn me.
  • Here is my neighbor link: Add me!

EDIT:All links reposted at 25/11/2013 16:00 GMT

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Topic: Wild West Town / Help Wanted Requests

Well, needing a bunch of stuff for expanding buildings. Some stuff for you in the end.
I need:






Please just choose one randomly to send me :)

Now, offers for you:

6 energy

Cherry tree seeds

12 oil

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Topic: Wild West Town / Neighbor Request Thread

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Topic: Bush Whacker Classic / House Contest

Originally posted by PaulaHulse:

how about toomucheffort this week?
Just been on game and she 2nd right now but could change soon with fb votes and we might not even get a top 5 player.
tme is a bw classic and bw2 player so i think she is deserving as no other nominated player this week?

Looks fine to me. I asked around for people to say something for this week, but barelly noone answered, or i would have posted someone for this week already. So, toomucheffort is fine with me, she sure has a nice house :)

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Topic: Bush Whacker Classic / House Contest

Well, they answered that they won’t do any further development in here for now because they’re totally focused on bw2… So, you guys tell me who should we choose for this week.

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Topic: Bush Whacker Classic / House Contest

I posted a suggestion that could solve the problem with this contests. Please discuss it if you have anything to add, or any other solution.

If this can’t be done, maybe we could start choosing 2-4 players each week, to get them in the top 101, instead of just one player for the 1st place. Tell me what you think.

1 “(…)Places two through ten get a 100% energy boost and two special house items(…)”

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Topic: Bush Whacker Classic / Seperate Facebook players and Kong players

IDEA! Myriador just gave me a great idea, that i don’t know how we forgot!

Minimum level requirement to vote! I guess 10 would do. Maybe 15. Something that would clear the votes from any friends that don’t even play and fake accounts.

Please tell me you can do that :/

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Feedback and Bug Reports

Originally posted by Bluji:

Hey, just a question: I spotted a strange statistic from my game stats after I changed my title today. The stat is ‘Energy Earned from Quests’. What does this mean? Can we earn energy from quests? How?

In bushwhacker classic, energy rewards is common on quests. I guess they were expecting to have that here too, but never implemented such rewards. Maybe they still plan to, or just forgot to remove that stat.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Sensible requests for improvements /changes to game

I already suggested this to NobleKen directly, but i’ll post it here to see if anyone has anything to add or point out on the idea, since it’s a feature that would affect something i’ve seen many complaint about.

Add a magnifying glass button in the puzzle solving screen that, when toggled:

  1. Will remove all surroundings with a proper color background to avoid “missing/invisible pieces” problems
  2. Allow the option to set a zoom inside this puzzle solving screen in various pre-sets (x2, x4, x8…)
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Topic: Bush Whacker Classic / House Contest

Thank you both. Have asked around the chat, and most people agreed to be me, this week. Added some names in the list for other weeks. Keep telling me if you want to be in there.

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Topic: Bush Whacker Classic / House Contest

Originally posted by G_Prime:

you say undeserving house but it looked nicer than others with just a bunch of crap thrown around. In the future I’d just go by order of arrival so the older players can get that ribbon and then the house contest wouldn’t apply to them anymore.

When i started i had the objective to convince DJarts to separate the contests, since there were people fixing the results in facebook. That was proved when a house with 1 chair and 1 carpet won with more than 30 votes difference with the 2nd place. Now that we know that won’t happen, we’re still trying to plan this around, try something else. This was the first week we tried to do something.
But yes, i might have exagerated with the “undeserving” part, not with the rest.

Originally posted by LoZaH:

So I cheated? Lol. I mean fixing the voting so Facebook players don’t win isn’t cheating right? So screw any of you idiots who think I cheated just cause your pick of the week didn’t win!

What we did was agreed by many different people that regularly play this game. You got 80 (last time i checked) votes, most or all in the last 3 days. I don’t need to explain noone that this surelly wasn’t the result of, at least, 25 different people opinions.

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Topic: Bush Whacker Classic / House Contest

If noone else remembers to cheat so arrogantly and indiscreetly with a clearly undeserving house, we might do it. Fortunately, at least this one can’t do it again for 4 weeks.

So, that aside, who do you guys think should be chosen for this week? Keep in mind not only the order of arrival but in first place, the quality of their house.

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Topic: Bush Whacker Classic / House Contest


  1. To avoid being outvoted, try voting as late as you can. The voting ends mondays, so voting sunday would be the safest. What i’m gonna do is give 1 vote now and the remaining 2 sunday. If you already voted, keep it.
  2. If the chosen person gets in 1st with a big distance from the 2nd place, giving one to another friends with 0 is a nice choice, so he/she can get an item too. But be careful, don’t do that in the last days of voting! or it might ruin the plan.
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Topic: Bush Whacker Classic / House Contest

The list of the interested people will depend on order of arrival and the quality of his/her house!

For later weeks(right now, only by order of arrival):


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Topic: Bush Whacker Classic / House Contest

Week 1: BethanieC – 2nd Place
Week 2: Lackper – 2nd Place
Week 3: toomucheffort – 1st Place :D

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Topic: Bush Whacker Classic / House Contest

Reserved for voters

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Topic: Bush Whacker Classic / House Contest

This now managed by Paula, on another thread. Go here if you’re interested

While (and if) the contest is not separated from the facebook one, i thougth we could choose, every week, someone to vote, to help trying to win the contest.

Note: I’ll keep editing the first posts with the interested names, and the current people we are trying to help. If you’re interested post it here or tell me.

This Week Chosen Player:


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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / IN-GAME FRIENDS LIST - How to get your friends there

This is directed to anyone having problems adding their friends to the in-game list.

This problem has persisted for a long time1, probably cause this game was initially written for facebook, and solving it would need a hard rework on the codes. And we want the developers focusing on new content :)

Now, what really matters: The process i’ve discovered to work all the time, at least i’ve never heard of it not working.

  1. Both friends that want to see each other in the list, must have free spots on their in-game friends list (<250) and add each other on kongregate.
  2. One of the friends must send a request of any kind (i would suggest energy packs, easy acess and many to go) to the other.
  3. The friend who received it, must accept the request.
  4. After the steps above have defintly been done, click the little yellow refreshing button on the left of the friend’s bar. Now, you should be able to see your friend! :D

Note:If that doesn’t work, refresh the full page, but it usually isn’t needed.

EDIT: If this failed, make sure both of you followed all the steps. If you’re sure you did, and still didn’t work, let me know.


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Topic: Bush Whacker Classic / Seperate Facebook players and Kong players

It’s true that this contests are being very unfair. Clearly many votes are being given for something that has nothing to do with quality on the decorating of the some houses (2 weeks ago the first place had around +15 votes than the 2nd and the house was almost empty).
In my opinion. separating the contests isn’t exactly the perfect solution, but i don’t see any other.
But i like being able to see facebooker’s houses, and them being able to see ours.

For example, just found Zanduken’s house, down there with only 2 votes. Gave 2 of mine, and i think it looks way better than most in the top 10.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Sensible requests for improvements /changes to game

Originally posted by DocHoneydew:

Yeah, I thought so. Still a barn as a storage area with cough more wall space cough would be nice down the road.

I like the upstairs and basement in BW Classic, though I don’t know how easily, if at all, they could be implemented here.

Yeah, i remember proposing a basement and 2nd floor too. I bet that’s already on their updates list, but the devs must be releasing things in a well-planned scheme, as they must, to keep the game alive :)
Another thing that would be nice to bring from classic is the “House Decoration competition”. Not only i like people to enjoy what i made, as i also like to see what other people that have relish in decorating their ranches did.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Sensible requests for improvements /changes to game

Unlike the initial decorations, many items created later can’t be turned. I understand that making the change between horizontal and vertical positions would require a new drawing, but would be nice to at least be able to turn items to they’re mirror image, like beach chairs, toy dolphin, bean bag chair, pink tree… and probably others that i can’t remember.

Also, an option in ranch to have the pets placed there ‘equipable/non equipable’ would be nice. And, on build mode, the option to make pets not move, or make it default in build mode.