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Topic: Off-topic / Good light-hearted adventure series to watch?

scooby doo mystery incorporated.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you think anyone has ever had a crush on you?

no but that is ok because i dont need that

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Topic: Off-topic / What do you think of when trying to sleep?

depends on the day. most of the time i like to think about how my future will be

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Topic: Off-topic / Microsoft concedes for XB1.

they pretty much have to do that, so it doesnt come as a surprise to anyone. government is making laws to basically screw stuff like that over and there is a high lashback from angry fans and the nsa incident sure didnt help it. it still sucks though, just like every console in the past 15 years

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Topic: Off-topic / Why do clock run Clockwise?

its because the far majority of humasn are right handed an das such they naturally set it to go to the right

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Topic: Off-topic / My First Silence

havent got one

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Topic: Off-topic / Do people really beleive Dota 2 is a rip off of LoL?

dota is a rip off but no of lol. aos was the original. it was also terrible just like lol and dota and all the other aoses

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Topic: Off-topic / Do people frequently shout on your profile?

no havent gotten one in a while

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Topic: Off-topic / >Have speakers maxed out, headphones in, listening to music.

just uninstall it. virus protection prgoram is unnecessary

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Topic: Off-topic / Off topic what is your fetish? SFW

camembert sucking

what does that even mean

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Topic: Off-topic / OT sucks now

this place hass always been lame. i think epople only stay because of nostalgia and the overall releasing feeling from being able to make terrible posts with no consequences or reason

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Topic: Off-topic / Which Super Mario character are you?

i got wart. what a ridiculous test

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: We discuss the pros and cons of console gaming vs. PC gaming


better system
some pc exclusives
backwards compatability
many more genres
free games
better controls
can do more

console sony and nintendo:

some console exclusives

microsoft console:

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Topic: Off-topic / I'm bored, OT.

path of exile

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Topic: Off-topic / What is the point of a complicated and expensive lethal injection?

it wont reduce the cost by all that much. the far majority of execution expenses are from other things. might save about 90 dollars but that really isnt all that considerable when you consider the benefit of being considered “civilized”

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Topic: Off-topic / What Are You Going To Do With Your Body When You Die?

burn it. not interested in donating my body because of the risks involved

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Topic: Off-topic / Off topic could be a better place

the problem is that off topic doesnt really have anything to discuss besides bad internet culture, bad internet culture taken from other internet cultures, and extremely generic threads tat offer absolutely no discsusion just a single reply. it sertainly doesnt help that everyone thinks they are a hilarious “troll” which means everyone just acts stupid for fun which is scertainly not a good way to nurture decent discussion,.

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Topic: Off-topic / How tolerant are you with grammar?


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Topic: Off-topic / Post any other tabs you have open here.

3. a tab which i wont put down because it would most likely get this post removed
4. and another tab which i wont put down because it would be embarrassing

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Topic: Off-topic / God does not exist

Originally posted by MadJedi:
Originally posted by xProStar:

I cant explain why god does not exist. But there is no evidence saying that god have existed, so i suggest everyone convert to atheism. Its a win-win situation :3

Atheism is more of a lose-lose situation. If an atheist dies and there is no God, they can’t confirm whether or not their belief was right since their consciousness no longer exists. If an atheist dies and there is a God, they are proven wrong and are cast in Hell. If a theist dies and there is no God, they can’t be proven wrong since their consciousness no longer exists. If a theist dies and there is a God, they are awarded by being sent to Heaven. Either way, the theist lives their entire life blissfully thinking that there is an afterlife.

Playin’ Devil’s advocate

you can argue the other way too. if an atheist dies and there is no god, he did not waste any of his time believing in god. if an atheist dies and there is a god, then they go to hell assuming god is such a jerk that he sends pretty much everyone to hell. if a theist dies and there is no god, they wasted some of their time. if a theist dies and there is a god, then they are sent to heaven assuming they kept in line with their gods teachings and assuming that they picked the right god to worship. usually picking a heretical god is considered worse than being ignorant to the situation. in which case, being agnostic is clearly the best choice as it does not require a belief and also does not necessarily put you into a gods disfavor by believing in a fake god.

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Topic: Off-topic / Building a computer

what happens exactly? how far into the start up does it get?

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Topic: Off-topic / when is love true love

true love is a lie. you will betray anyone for a certain price

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Topic: Off-topic / Mars One

not go as i break just about every requirement for their trip. them taking me would clearly be an error on their part.

my thought processes are not persistent.
im not productive
i am not at my best when things are at their worst
i do not have an indomitable spirit
i would not trust those who guide me
i do not have a can do attitude
im terrible at adapting to changes
i do not know my boundaries
i do not draw from the unique nature of individual cultural backgrounds
i only ask questions to get answers
i do not like to share information
i do not trust others
my reflection on previous experiences will not help to inform the exchange of trust
i am not physically healthy

besides im far too selfish to want to further humanity

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Topic: Off-topic / How to be patriotic

you forgot that you must shout GOD BLESS AMERICA everytime something good happens. when something bad happens shout DARN THAT RED MENACE or DANG SOCIALISTS

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Topic: Off-topic / He was such an hero.

if i am speaking retard, than what i said would be a retardism. in the same way, this whole “an hero” joke would be a 4chanism as it is lingo that originates from 4chan. i dont see how you cant understand this.