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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / Card evolution: DON'T EVER EVOLVE A YELLOW CARD WITH A GREEN ONE!

Originally posted by Rajei:

Okay, so…since the subject of perfect cards and fusing came up…

How big of a difference would it be in the different fusing artifacts? I think the biggest modifier I’ve seen from my picks is 6x efficacy? I think? I’m not great at math (re:lazy) but after the third fusion or so with a perfectly evolved card the difference would really begin to show between using a 6x and a 3x mod, wouldn’t it?

I’m probably going to end up making two sets of each tower/spell at this rate – one to just get to farm status and one for the “perfect” set.

Fusing doesn’t effect base stats only Evolving does. Artifacts are for fusing (Except mirrors). The X(#) on artifacts is how many regular cards it’s worth in XP for fusing nothing more. Only difference on Evolved T3 and Perfect T3 is 5% Even with something that hits hard that’s still not much of a game breaker. Even something like say a mortar wouldn’t be much of an improvement

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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / Card evolution: DON'T EVER EVOLVE A YELLOW CARD WITH A GREEN ONE!

Fusing is seperate from evolving and doesn’t help or hinder your evolution. And evolving a yellow with a green is PERFECTLY OK TO DO on commons (even upto uniques) Unless you want to be a perfectionist and/or minimalist at which point you might not want to play this game. Unless you want to spend $ to get the cards without doing anything more the base mission(s). Otherwise you can farm up Multiples (As the game intended) and have no real major worries.

Ignore Anti9od’s comment about needing perfect towers to get both awards since you can easly go back and get any missing awards.

Remember play how YOU want to not how others suggest you play a game otherwise you’re not playing the game just mimicking others.

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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / Bad Luck or Loaded

Even assuming that the pick is 1-5, 1-4, 1-3 The probablity is still high enough that you can easly run higher than 1-15 spawns of said tower. Since the cards are shuffled and then blind draw basically youre odds are ever the same.

Now if you assume the other way where you get the RNG involved every pick you’re EXTREMELY LUCKY. Because you’re talking a probably chance that scores so low that you could easly spawn it 1000+ times and never get one. Since an average RNG goes one percentiles (0-99 or 1-100) the Unique’s actual % probably would be small 5-10% so that’d leave a WIDE range of 90% you could fail. Even subracting for missing cards, since you’re rerolling the RNG yet again. And based on a VERY small sum of 15ish spawns of the same card the data would be hard to base a percentage on. You’d need at least a billion spawns of same card (to begin with) to even come close to that. Since most people forget that “average” is X/TIME NOT Sum/X

So all in all one in 15 spawns is ALOT better than 5-10% (Even better than 20% AKA 1/5th). The odd are never against or for, they are just that ODD. That’s why it’s called “lady luck” “chance” and my favorite “Goddess of Mis/fortune”.

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Topic: War of Omens / Getting newly released cards

Yeah good luck getting the epic heroes without paying 100 kreds (or extreme luck from a weekly gem) to even get a chance at them. Since you obviously cannot get epics with silver packs no matter how much silver you use. But the only way us free players can do much of anything is get XP for heroes for our silver…

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / I was raided

Originally posted by mermayd:

so I went to get revenge, however my raider was under protection. Isn’t protection removed after a raid?

Protection is removed if you raid someone else but it is not uncommon for people to exploit the protection from getting raided or using protection after getting raided. There is nothing at the moment from preventing one not getting protection after raiding someone else. So people will either exploit the raided protection or buy protection if they had more than a simple time raiding someone (mainly because people’ll give up rather easly and not hold a long term grudge on a game like this). Coupled with the fact that you can either out level or wait for someone to out level you so they cannot raid you also makes it harder for “revenge”. Although if you do not want to get raided and want to play the non-PvP aspect of the game you will have to shell out real money for it. Otherwise the best option is suck it up and deal with it.

But if you wanted “fair” from a game you’d not play a game.

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Topic: War of Omens / games won by top2

Originally posted by kikix12:
Originally posted by Rickard:

What game rules does bots break? The only thing bots affect is how upgraded the cards are, and there is a limit to that.

Note that I’m talking about the game mechanics and not Terms of Service. That’s outside the game itself.

Botting is not implemented in this game, so simply by using it, the games rules are already broken. As I said, the game “expects” you to play it. Not to turn it on and leave everything for the computer.

I’m sure though that you do not understand the difference between “rules” and “mechanics”. Terms of Service are part of game rules (but not game mechanics). On the other hand not using any card in a game resulting in 0 silver gained is the games mechanic (but not rules).
Game rules is all the…well…rules that are not hard-coded into it. They are the ToS, the player agreement and all that stuff that prohibits (or promotes) something that is possible mechanically that would (or would not) be a wanted behavior.
Game mechanics on the other hand is what is hardcoded. Everything works in a specific way. When you click a spot, this or that happens (if anything). That is a mechanic.

Game mechanics can’t really prohibit botting since…bots are not part of the game. A program (which a game is) that interferes with other programs through digging deep into the system is considered malware (and that is what would be necessary to stop bots)…though I guess that in this case it would be called “grayware” or “PUP” instead.

It is impossible for something to be both a mechanic and a rule. Real-life laws are “rules”, cause they prohibit something that is physically possible. Gravity is a “mechanic”, since it’s something that humans can’t do anything about…it’s just there and we have to work with it. Since the moment something becomes a mechanic (for example, an energy bar is added to a game with a rule about “20 games a day”), the rule ceases to exist, since going against it is no longer possible.

Hence granted the above…you are entirely incorrect. Terms of Service which ban botting are game rules, which makes it unfair. Mechanics, which you want me to prove to forbid banning, simply cannot do it because mechanics of a game don’t affect things that are OUT of the game. Not to mention…mechanics have little to do with whether something is fair or not. That’s rules. Mechanics say whether something is possible or not, which is a whole nother thing.

You got that ALL Bass Ackwards. Game mechanics are THE game rules. Where as the ToS and EuA are conditions the people behind the game would like all to follow. Breaking a game rule(s) would be either hacking or finding and/or exploiting a bug/glitch/Etc. Breaking the Conditions on the other hand makes the people behind the game rather upset and/or offende, Such as posting the game for others to use on their own website without permission, copying the game in some form of fashion and making their own game around it with little to no change, even as far in some cases as building private servers to overlook the games rules.

Bots do not break a games rules but condtions with the game is upheld with. When you sign up for Kongregate you have to agree to certain terms and conditions. One of which states that you will allow have to follow the terms and conditions of other games (If applicable). Botting is a lazy persons way of reaping rewards with little to no effort on their part. Bots normally play a game for others (Exploit a game). But going into legal sematincs over a F2P game is almost pointless because one can exploit that as well (to a point).

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Recycler: What a waste of time and resources

Originally posted by kanexor:

hmm…I do 2 missions with 5 people each and then I put everything what I dont need in the recycler and close the window, so in my point of view it is useful

Then you’re missing out on ALOT of resources daily, Not to mention more chances at finding fuel as well. Not to mention within that time you’re waiting for them to return you can easly have already recycled manually all the junk they had already gotten from those two missions. So it’d be pointless to even use the recycler unless you’re not really playing the game just casually interested in it
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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Recycler: What a waste of time and resources

I nkow that one “can” get alot of junk to recycle, even more so if you save it so you do not have the resources on hand to be plundered by another. But the Recycler is useless, ONLY thing I have found it good for is copper wire but only with a level 2 recycler so I can speed it up for free to finish (without having to manually tell it you want to put in just 50). You have several junk items that you cannot put more than one in there without going over the 5 minute mark (honestly if you cannot mass recycle quickly it’s just MORE effective to do it manually). Not to mention the size of how much you can put in there is hella low to begin with and the times are WAY more than manually doing it yourself with NO reduction in time for higher upgraded Recycler.

YES I have manually recycled 95% of my junk because it IS faster than the Recycler. Even when so far as to clear the first 3 areas then see how much I could recycle in 5 minutes (which is over 100 items eve n with ALL the clicking required). I see no point in the dang thing when it’s not going to help you, Even with the “I take forever to recycle via the Recycler but instantly via clicking” junk you get later maxed to go sleep and wake up to find out you lost most of it because someone raided you… That’s like broadcasting “HEY LOOK I’M GOING TO BED MY RECYCLER WILL BE DONE BEFORE I GET UP SO RAID ME!!!”

The Recycler needs to be more effective than clicking otherwise there’s no point. Best case would be to expand what can be put in it tenfold and a single universal recycle time, Otherwise it’s more Decoration than useful, Even the Fuel Generator (as horrible as that is) is more effective than the Recycler.

Yes I know this is a fantasy game OBVIOUSLY what kinda “survivor” would sit out in the open where zombies could reach them easly in the first place? LMAO

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Topic: Chronicles of Blood / Trading Post


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] classes

Each class in turn has it’s weakness to one of the other two classes in turn they also have an advantage over the other. Blademasters 2handed specialt allows them slow big hits. Bersekers Dual weild hitting often looking for crits for better damage. Paladins avoid and asorb damage. It’s all about playstyle mathematics and alot of luck LoL