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Topic: Crush Crush / is the game dead?

Originally posted by SadPandaStudios:

I wish Crush Crush made enough to justify us quitting our jobs so we can do that full time instead. cries

YUP the game is now offically dead… expecting/hopeing/wishing (NOW that the game has gone PTP) the game would net enough profit that 3 people could quit their day jobs…

The progress even with “optimized” free gem placements they’ve made it to the point where you’d HAVE to start paying OR come back every few years to get a point or two in hobbies. It’s just sickening that the game is not even out of beta and they added a payment option let alone nerfed the hobbies to exploit that fact… Yes I know the categorizing of games has gone vague at best. Games years old and/or with tons of updates have yet to ever make it outta “beta” alot of games want to call themselves MMO when multiplayer interaction is limited to less than the fingers on your hand (That’s four for anyone who is missing fingers for any reason(s) and the Thumb is not a finger but a Digit). RPGs that are so linear that there is not roleplaying element to them just a light novel game… Granted I guess I shouldn’t expect much if anything from most of the “studios” on Kong anymore so many of them have gone from the game to creating something to make cash…

And I so was in love with this game… ::Walks away permanently in disgust::

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Topic: Crush Crush / If you're going to turn my 8x into a 4x, which is cheaper, give me the 10 diamond difference back.

I highly doubt they will EVER give us a refund or even reset diamond usage like they should of BEFORE going to P2P… Yeah I “might” check back in a week and see if they have actually improved the hobbies (66 days for level 42 hobby with *14…) and/or done anything about their faux pas if not ::shrugs:: I know plenty of games left elsewhere to play that have NOT gone to the Payer

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Topic: The Perfect Tower / Questions about elemental attacks and penetration.

Universal is not effected by Ice. Half effected by Air (Juggles but no knockback). Gravity works on them unless a boss (Seems all bosses are also immune to Gravity as well) as well as earth.

@Curlz (and anyone else who don’t know)
% chance is for EACH element so you CAN have all the elements firing per shot although Gravity is probably not wise to max since you can only have 3 wells at once so 15-25% max is optimal to keep them up with max Speed and Rapid Fire % (Don’t waste the points in Rapid Fire Duration)
Piercing means that “normally” immune types can be effect by their own element. The Exception being Universal and Bosses. Bosses being immune to knockback and stun while universal is immune to ice’s slow regardless of pierce.
Elemental abilities do direct damage (pierce doesn’t effect it) since fire is based on your damage and Nature and Darkness are a % of their CURRENT (not max) HP. Which means with darkness you can actually do less damage when it procs and will do less damage the more that the cube gets damaged. Gravity seems to make the cubes momentarily invulnerable to shots (Fire damage over time and Electricity AoE effect still can hit them). You can combine Darkness with Air and get some very MASSIVE AoE damage when it procs, 10% of a fresh boss +50-100% AoE damage from Air can be alot.

@Elval Defensive s do not apply to damaging the cubes but reduces their damage you will take (Only universal element is in Defense) 10-15 piercing with maxed speed and rapid fire chance would only apply to ever 1-1.5 shot a second (20 RoF half of which can pro and element = 10 shots and 10% of that is 1) Although I’m sure each shot has individual rolls for each elemental type and then a roll on that if fired to see if it bypasses elemental immunities.

IF you have maxed out all the elements (not counting gravity) it means you’ll have shots with ALL 7 elemental types per shot. Piercing ONLY applies to the type they are immune to except bosses (CANNOT be stunned or knockbacked not an immunity) and universals (Immune to knockback distance and Ice slow) so in most cases it will only effect one type of element roll

Not sure if pierce is rolled each type it needs to effectively bypass an immunity (Electricity seems to AoE all regardless once proced and doesn’t proc anything else and is rolled AFTER darkness). Although it does look like Bounce does carry over elemental type per bounce. But Fire only procs on shot contact and cannot proc the other 6 elemental types effects indiviually (Electricity seems to be pure AoE damage not a splash attack).

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Topic: The Perfect Tower / Suggestions

First of thank you for upscaling damage and now recently Crit damage %. Also thank you for the A/Z on the abilities that have caps.

My suggestion(s) is to rework rapid fire. Even if you capped it at 25% with max attack speed you’ll NEVER need to the rapid fire length. Would make more sense to either change rapid fire length to some scaleable Increase Attack Speed % I.E. Cap it at 10% (100 points for 1050 blue) the level you are on OR allow it to be increase infinitely flatly at 0.1% per point with a fixed (yet refreshable) duration of 2-3 seconds. As well as capping the rapid fire chance to 50% (same cost to reach 50% as it currently costs to reach 100%)

Second is the Universal bosses. They never slow regardless of penetration (50%) they are right now the end all of the waves pretty much if do not get to the point where a jumper jumps right into you instantly

Third change the distance at which a jumper can jump to you I.E. not more instant kill jumps. Say if the Jumpers can jump 10m then they cannot just after reaching within 12-15m

Fourth Resource Flat Gain would be nice if that also scaled As is I can get 1 100 gain once per run and in the workshop it only gives 400 per 100 with no scaling to it’s cost and that looks infinite as well

Firth and last one I can think of Scaleable and/or infinite Chance (Offense Defense and Utility) with 100% giving 1 random 200 give 2 random abilities 1 point Etc… As is right now I see no real reason on getting just one point per level even reaching 1K+ wave

It’s always stated if you hovered over them that Nova procs on damage and Darkness it only % of current health (so major diminishing returns on damage although potentially major starting damage). Defense reduction I believe is % them flat although I could be wrong. The enemies turn darker due to Ice which slows them down till they turn black.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Supporting the Developer : Bones and Exotic Imp-orts?

Well any RMTs for in game benefits do ruin (some more than others) the game. BUT one can aquire all the Imp-orts via play anywho. If you want to support the Dev then you could always donate directly to them.

As for the make/break there really is none here even if you drop millions of dollars. It’s an idle game and while you can get way boosted in the begining the main thing is Helium and Perks which will cut down your portal (soft reset) lengths and increase your zone attainability. Most Imp-orts are just a slight increase anywho and those should come first. Then I’d say Portals via bones once you have all Imp-orts (or at least the ones you want).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battle for the Galaxy] How to Restart?

Not without contacting Ninja Kiwi directly and even then you’d would need to breach the ToS (which would probably get your account deleted and/or banned on Kong instead) in order to even attempt a restart.

That being said there’s no real reason to restart other than breaching the ToS.
Level and game play is linear as well as progress there of. Yes you can get ahead of yourself on the league but you don’t have to do the PvP option and just build up resources/defenses till you are more than able to proceed again. There is no choices in which it’s a crucial game changer. Not even how you spend your crystal (and if you bought crystals in a restart they would be lost anyhow).

So “Why?” would you want to restart back to the begining? Probably because you changed your name from Nomad to something vulgar

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / [suggestion] Perk for more crit damage percent.

Actually that’s 500% crit damage 50% of the time. If they made a perk for more crit damage they would need to make it so costly in helium that you’d want to max out Relentlessness and get at least 20 Power first before getting more crit damage. With more crit damage like that one would simply rely on Crit damage and not actual raw damage and waste the poor Trimps lives rather fast

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / When is the optimal moment for resetting?

As it should NOW be obvious to the OP that grinding/farming idols is one’s own opinion/choice. Since everyone has different play styles.
“Optimally” also implies one’s own self as well. With a full 24 hour day (no sleep) 7 days a week one would optimally be pressed into farming the first 15 starting from a blank slate. Mainly because that first 15 is pretty much a given (Nate will reach 150 and be able to reset about that point). Now as it will obviously start off slow since we are talking a blank slate it will get progressively quicker at a geometric rate. Granted no one “should” spend 24/7 on a game since that would be rather gross (Living/eating on the toilet with no down time for sleep/cleaning) it might effect one very adversely.

So Chapuz I would suggest find what you are comfortable with and remember it’s better to go by 500 levels (normally 5 level 100 on 5 different champions) since that is what one idol is. 500 champion levels equal one idol

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Can you revert the change made about how equipment upgrades become available?

@Oorza Let me see if I understand; you’re complaining that your speed running is taking too long?

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Need help - mana farm or other leveling ideas

Well for starters you’ll want to switch from a kill tower to a kill trap with it enhanced with Bolt (it’ll ignore ANY and ALL armor) so that’ll take care of most if not all your troubles there with giants for the most part.

Now as far as non-Pouch the best maps those which give you a Black gem(s) which far out strip white for XP farming. Try a to keep your Amp towers a bit lower than your farm/kill gem by 5-10 levels. Although without a ton of skills into mana bound it’s not worth it really. A Simple Red/Yellow or a couple of pure yellows if you cannot get access to blacks via the map(s) that have them. Of course you’ll want to have some slow (usually enhanced with Beam so it hit’s more often) and you Farm gem of course should be Barrage enhanced.

Bolt ignores all armor a mob has and on towers it’ll give a short stun.
Traps are usually better for Farm/kill gems and you can usually make a 1 tower(set to flying or minimized if you’re not enhnacing waves)-3 amp-1 trap-3 amp – 1 Tower (Set to Structures IF you are enhancing waves) as your main kill gem secondary if needed would be 3-1-3 of course if only possible.
One you get to G28-30 amps the only thing they help with is mediocre damage/effect while nice not that great so keep your amps lower than your trapped gem.
Find maps that you like and are good at if you cannot do K5 try a different map or advance further without traits to unlock more maps.

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Topic: Heroes of The Banner / Fix the bugs please

Originally posted by radioaktivman:

So yesterday i dont get may daily rewards cause PVP battles do not count. Today i dont get arena rewards. And Gems won in PVP battles still disapear. Seems to get worse and worse every day.
But then looking at the publisher.
Its R2 and suddenly i know the problem.

Yeah well if you were expecting more from a game where communism is in charge I feel sorry for ya. That being said R2 is the “better” rehoster of all the Chinese rehosters… Granted it’s still craptastic and updates usually only come for the “Pay me” Events. Yeah they do fix certain problems but that’s usually only if the game is unplayable to some extent.

Easiest rule of thumb out there: If there is VIP and/or multiple levels of VIP it’s 99.9% a money grab game brought to you by Communism China where creativity is not very well known as a source of entertainment BUT is usually found in torture and/or new ways of mass production cheaper

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Amps and traps

Traps and Amps are well worth the point investment. Mainly you use traps for anything that can walk over them (only flyers and beacons do not). Flyers and Beacons are relatively weak compared to the ground forces even more so when you’re enraging waves. I usually have 3 traps 12 amps and 2 towers if I have room on the board for their configuration. I use one tower for Beacon and one for flyers

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Topic: Mini Heroes / refund for my lost kreds..

Kred purchase(s) are handled by Kong BUT in game transactions are handled by the Dev(s). B&Ming that your issue with the in game transaction in a forum will not really solve much if anything.

Like Candyman suggested contact the support portion of the game. Of course the largest challenge for you will be waiting for support to find and resolve the issue.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Help with X3

Go back and replay other boards to get more XP. Try a combo nations of Traits and/or Difficulty as well as Enraging and/or summoning waves for more XP as well.

There is alot of XP farming to be had in order to advance and/or do higher difficulties/traits

Best of Luck

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Pouchless achievments

7 Shadows in one game is not that hard although time consuming… If you summon waves early the shadows tend to not spawn as often BUT if you wait for the waves normally one can easly get 7 shadows of course you’re going to want a large field and as many max traits as you can possibly throw in even more so if you have spires unlocked. I personally use fields where I got poison, Crit and Bloodbound that way it enables some insane damage over the whole field and when you get spires you got plenty of mana normally for 2-5 poison towers. Without spires you’re just basically sitting there watching you bloodbound go nutters all over the monsters

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: Feedback and Problems / Petition to finish the game

Originally posted by IronBison:
Originally posted by huntard108:
Originally posted by Lazarlht:

Although new characters are nice and everything, it has been months since any new storyline is added. It would be great if the developers could finish the storyline before making new cash grab packs and characters. Please +1 if you support this idea.

So you’re saying that you want the Devs to make an Ending for the story? That’s like saying you need (Needing something is dependent on survival, where as Wanting is not) the story like to make sense of a FANTASY game.

To finish a storyline would mean that they would have to end the games possiblity of ever having anything added to the storyline afterwards. Which is just bad. That would practically mean no new content later on, no possibility of an expansion or sequel and no need for new characters.

they can always add a new continent or maybe we have to go into the mirror realm to stop the evil at the source!

Umm… You obviously missed the whole point (or just do not understand) the word FINISH. If the Finish something that’d mean that there’s nothing left to add…

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: Feedback and Problems / Petition to finish the game

Originally posted by Lazarlht:

Although new characters are nice and everything, it has been months since any new storyline is added. It would be great if the developers could finish the storyline before making new cash grab packs and characters. Please +1 if you support this idea.

So you’re saying that you want the Devs to make an Ending for the story? That’s like saying you need (Needing something is dependent on survival, where as Wanting is not) the story like to make sense of a FANTASY game.

To finish a storyline would mean that they would have to end the games possiblity of ever having anything added to the storyline afterwards. Which is just bad. That would practically mean no new content later on, no possibility of an expansion or sequel and no need for new characters.

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / How to make thief useful in campaign ?

I have a max boosted E-Thief with max Steal, Reflex and Acrobatics. She don’t get that hurt going toe to toe with anything her PR except on mass stunner boarders. For those though I usually kite and lure one out at a time if the board is big enough or trim them down with my ranged and use steal to finish them off. Depending on that PR of the weekly dungeon I can get anywhere from 2K to 10K a mission (the harder ones give me more since I can milk them longer) But I do use a priest to keep her up (or the priest up if ranged battles) But useless she ain’t. You want to upgrade boost and skill her so she’s actually useful (same with any unit) otherwise you’re not doing it right. Even with a PR 25-50% more than my group I’ve little trouble if I plan right and let them come to me instead of feeding the enemy

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: Events / I don't think that means what you think it means

I think you got your math a little off there. 8 hours fits into a 24 hour day 3 times. “IF” you catch it every 8 hours you’re still talking play time so you cannot exactly get it 3 times a day fully. So at best that’s about 70 crowns max (if that’s how bad your luck was). Yes there is obviously a lackluster on rewards. 1K coin for a single mission of 2K power? Yet 1500 coin for one of 400 power? Although anyone with a rogue is pretty much abusing their steal (5K+ just from a rogue per mission is nice). Let alone the 600 crowns you’d need at a miniscule chance at getting the Princess… That’s a one in 77 chance with increasing chance per 600 crowns? So “IF” you want all the rewards (or just get unlucky enough to get the princess last) from the event you gotta drop 46200 crowns?!?!?! That’s over $4000!!! Ok I know some games out there are pay to play… and they are roughly $20 (average) a month to play, at $4000 that’s enough money to buy AND play that game for over 15 YEARS!!! Yes I know most F2P games out there have a P2W or P2A stuff like the princess (or other Killer perks and such) but this is just totally screwed up. Yes you “can” get crowns but that many (to insure you get the event heroes) crowns in between events? Yeah I think we’d all have a better luck at winning the lottery, becoming immortal & perfect AND finding out perfect soulmate…

That’s of course IF you want to whine about it. If I get something rare I don’t mind otherwise the game is playable for a few minutes a day with all the downtime for healing and upgrades. I just do not see me investing in a game so blatantly trying to milk people for cash. Sure they “might” be located in canada but they’re attempting to rip/bleed/milk people for cash worse than the chinese with their P2W games on Kong…

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: Heroes / Suggestion: Race/Type/Statistics

Mirror and undead are the same in game. At least to those who have read the story and haven’t skipped every little cut scene.

Apparently you stopped reading the word “HUMANOIDS” part of the way through. Never said Jackals and beasts are human but in fact HUMANOID. Humanoid is anything resembling in part or whole the human figure. Which includes but not limited to Undead, Beast-men (Jackal and Ursoc in game) and Golems to name but a few arch types.

Type would normally refer more to long the lines of Melee, Ranged and Caster. Race usually denotes what main characteristics one or more than one falls into. Undead, Beast-men, Golems and the like a races, where as the the undead Archer denotes what TYPE of undead it is. Race doesn’t denote singularity qualities. Humanoid cover anything with human semblance which also would include beast as well as beast denotes a race of humanoid. Since Apes in real life are humanoid and are beasts themselves, where as humans are humanoid (kinda obvious) as well as beast themselves.

Animal, Plant, Mineral. Which in turn denotes the 3 major branchs of things. Undead where once living animals or plants so are still their racial arch type. Undead racial category refers to the fact that they where once alive and once dead and now brought in a limbo of sorts between the two. Beast refers to anything of the Animal kingom with few expections being crossbreeds of plant and animal.

Including ALL that information even on the vaguest detail of general of what already exists in game of int on the units (on both sides) i quite vast. Including more would mean more and more load time for the game to undergo before playing. Or worse. Even longer load times for each screen you access.

P.S. This is a game created by the developer(s) for all (in general since you cannot technically please everyone) to play and enjoy in their own way. This is NOT Burger King and you CANNOT “Have it your way”. If you want it your way might I suggest a REAL solution. Shut up, grow a pair, learn to make games like this and then make your own game and lord over it the way you want to. At which point you get the joy of listening to people like yourself.

P.S.S. Morale is: QUITURBITCHEN!!! Because you cannot please everyone and those who B&M about not getting their way are ones who have given up on obtaining the ability to change themselves (the only thing that one can really change) and expecting others to do bend to their will and/or idiocy.

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: Heroes / Suggestion: Race/Type/Statistics

Originally posted by LordCarl:
Originally posted by neuroslice:

I thought this was going to be an interesting thread with suggestions towards maybe a new race or type, instead it’s just a thread of a guy asking for information that a few play Through would grant.
Do you really need every piece of information? Denial of the fog of war?
Instead I co-opt this thread, and suggest a line of lizard men from some desert land that should be introduced… Lizard lightning mage, a lizard type rogue Perhaps, similar to jackals in a way . There could be several lizard similar types to already introduced classes…

Then answer an “easy” question, the mirrors are undeads or humanoids? Both? Because a loading screen says undeads are harder to hit with ranged attacks. You can’t read this information nowhere just on the loading screen if your browser is not fast enough… Sounds stupid for me.

Btw you are in denial, i in the other hand trying to understand the game mechanics. What is so good in not knowing how much skill you need to actually always hit a dancer? How much defense you need to take 0 damage from psyhical attacks? Is that even possible?

My suggestion is a better and easier understandable game window, why is that so bad for this many ppl? Maybe you guys think that if i can see your statistics in game, that means your pvp team would be easier to defeat? Then be clear about that if that is your problem… because i can’t say a single fact why is so good to grope in the darkness… Man… we can already see the power of the units, if i see someone have 500 power on one single unit i’m not going to attack him with my 100 power ones… thats obvious without any helpful statistics. The guard is a humanoid elf or just a humanoid under the plate? He can be even a jackal, or he can be a “she”… >_> Is sex even matters or going to matter in the future? I see a confusing tactical game… Tactical games supposed to give you every information you need, so you can count with your units and make a plan. That is why its calld a tactical game in the first place. Do you know that if you see a fire enemy ice dmg it more? I don’t think that if i ever complete the game with my basic team i’m going to be closer to solve these “problems” by myself…

And you just suggested a new race, when there is no race window in the first place in game. I can suggest a million different race from octopoid until demons or angels… You can suggest them too, but the fact is… the bigger the game is going to be the more confusing it is going to be. And i hope in the future we can choose from hundreds and hundreds of heroes, but for that newbies going to need a better characteristics window in a fight and on your heroes screen. And you know 1 hero can have more than 1 race, how we can decide that? Even right now it looks like there are humanoid beasts/elfs/undeads… i think those are all humanoids, but i can’t be sure like this. Or the beasts are not humanoids just beasts? But they have 2 arms and 2 legs, they sure looks like humanoid animals…

This information really doesn’t take much to show up under their name like recruit/novice etc humanoid elf archer… Or Humanoid/Mirror/Undead. And there are even special things in the game like how i said above, undeads are harder to hit with ranged attacks… These special things needs to show up somewhere too, not just on a loading screen.

1: They are both, Undead AND humanoid unless there is an undead beast (dog) combo I’ve yet to see. Jackals and ursocs are Humanoid and Beast.

2: IF you were tying to understand the game mechanics you’d not of started a post whining but asking if there was a Wiki with the information

3: More info doesn’t mean it’s easier to under for everyone. Normally more information means that most other players are overwhelmed.

4: Race in this game is more aesthetics (looks) than anything useful

5: This game was NOT made for the PC to start with it was originally created for handheld devices (phones and tablets). Incorporating THAT much date into the game would in essence turn it into a whole new monster (New bugs, glitches, errors, Etc) Undead (Mirrors) are not hard to hit with ranged but resistant to ranged damage. Says so “They take less damage from ranged attacks”. Yes there are a few skills that increase Humanoid, Beast or Mirror Damage or resistance. BUT it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is what. Grave Heal… Hmm… That’s Mirror/Undead obviously… Jackals/Ursocs That fur kinda gives away the fact they are part beast… IF it walks on two legs has 2 arms and head it’s Humanoid only exception would be full halfbreeds of beast and humanoid like a Centuar (Now THAT’S a race to put into any game right there) which has 4 legs and two arms but still is humanoid.

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / The thing wrong with this game

A week + and you only have 500+ power for that map? I’m just under 1K and have only been playing a week. Although I’m not a Mook like yourself I fused, upgraded and even bought silver packs Etc… Yes there are a few lack luster elements BUT they are not make/break elements. Most RPGs are not instagratifaction let alone one that has a larger time management element than RPG. It’s a game about farming your brains out and then some (But most games are)

Bronze packs from what I gather are Boosting Fodder nothing more really. Silver packs are the main F2P recruitment way for newer units. The Goddess (RNG, luck, Whatever you want to call it, Etc) doesn’t like you and you bitch and moan that single element about Boost Fodder is not giving you what you want when you want it a game breaker? Interesting enough I’ve obtained TWO uncommons from Bronze Packs. The thing is I still prefere my rogue over all others and usually kill all my heroes off defending her so she can steal till she finishes the map. 60 Bronze packs is just 8 Silver packs, even then 8 silver, which still has no auto uncommon or higher.

You have alot of time invested in this game yet you kick and scream like a spoiled brat who hasn’t gotten their way from 60, 60!!! Silver packs? I bought that many packs in the first day… The Rogue is the MAIN source of income (and probably the only real source of income honestly) which honestly could break the game if the rogue wasn’t so OP and can handle that charge rather well for the most part. Now “IF” you had invested alot of time into this game like you said then you “SHOULD” know what bronze packs are really intended for, HOW to properly spend your coin to get uncommon or higher unit(s) amongst other things.

Here is a novel idea for you: Go to and play one of those games. Granted it still might be too intense for you since it will not automatically give you instagratifacation (not sure anything would even Burger King whos motto is “Your Way”) but at least it’s a good start. OR you can go and find yourself a stick, a rock and sit on the side of the street and play with those and LEARN how to entertain yourself properly.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Useful Info about BMC

Can only quantify base damage for AoE damage. Best example is the Glue Gunner. All you “can” do is calculate it as X/0-1 since bloon density can vary to the point that it gets kinda boggling. Same thing with a X/3 Ice that’s some serious AoE (and has been for large clusters) but Single target sucks, BUT that’s true with all ST damage for AoE. All AoE does is increase it’s damage based on density over area effect compared to it’s ST capabilities. All one can really note is per say extra effects like shrapnel from a 2/X bomb. Even then a 4/X Ace or a 4/X Ship has alot of RoF but it has spread. Ninja’s are more along the lines of Chain (same with wizards lightning) Where DpS at that point is variable from 0-Max based on location and Time spent firing. Boomer has a Chain and two pierces, One is from the thrown, the other is from a 4/X with it’s orbiting that I believe will pierce the same amount as it would normal without chain (7).

Farm DpS is not possible but Cash Per Turn is. Cannot be done with say X/4 snipers because they are CD based which can be effected by length of track and speed of bloons (or a glue/ice stun lock till the sniper cleaned em out in between freeze for a 0/4 sniper).

Morale: Single Target DpS (including chainer and piercers) has always been Maximum attainable DpS with in which there are enough targets for max Chain/pierce to be utilized. AoE has always been base ST damage against Density.

So in other word if you want to make a proper chart you could easly just list ST damage for AoE with a notation denoting it splash. As well as Chainers, Piercers and Layer Killers. (I.E. 0/0 Mechanic is base DpS is max pierce, 1/0 is *6, 4/X is same as 1/0 but now AoE on lead and regrow removal Etc.)

If you need a good base line idea on how to represent the numbers on each tower let me know and I can give you a whole run down

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / CT - Get rid of mass waves

So instead of King of the Kill you want Hug O’ War instead? Interesting concept which at that point you have missed the point behind CT.

“IF” it was designed to be a Hug O’ War one would only need to beat level 1 then get kicked till someone beat two Etc and barely scale up as rounds progressed.

A MOAB rush after level 20 is not that bad at T4-5 because you should have plenty of ability by then (unless you have rushed yourself to get there which again is NOT the point of a time management game) to handle MOAB rushes and other little nasties. DDTs well those can be tricky without an ability or three to through at just them.

The whole point behind CT is to gain control of the map for the longest period of time for that week (I.E. a minute over 3 days and 12 hours). NOT to constantly fight over the top spot.

And yes it is HIGHLY normal to see a variety of differences in a good TD element. Yes it is normal to go from a mass of something jokeable to something that takes you aback. Given that it is possbile but unlikely to get to 100+ waves. Having MOAB follow ceramic is normal now if it whent from say reds to DDTs then there is an issue.

Simple rule to time management and/or TD games. Use what you got to get you as far as you can. You are bound to hit a wall eventually. Otherwise you’d never need more than a single 0/0 dart monkey to beat every map. If you hit a wall and complain about it then you “might” want to either build up your available resources (level, upgrades and the like) and/or rework your strategy for what you are facing. After all losing is not anything permanent just a mild set back.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting to get a different result and not. Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over expecting to have no differing results.
Idiocy is doing either and then blaming someone other than yourself for not learning.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Screen cut the game

Change your screen resolution and/or Zoom out