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Topic: War of Omens / Guide: cheap kred earning method to get the bundle of bundles

The quotes one can be performed using a GMail and Google Voice.
From Kong:
Congratulations Duel191!

TrialPay has informed us that you have completed the obligations for Offer W1U5L8N1, and we have credited 20 kreds to your account. You can use Kreds to buy in-game items and currency in Kreds-enabled games on Kongregate at

For support with any free kred offers on Kongregate or to check the status of a pending offer, visit your offer status page.

Thanks, and happy gaming!

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

1. I noticed that there is an app for Androids… dont make us Apple users feel left out Kong…
2. Can you give us a history of what we played for the last 5 games or something? I have memory problems and once in a while I find a good game but forget the title the moment I close the browser.
3. Stay awesome. And unlike Facebook, your updates actually IMPROVE this gaming site…

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Topic: Swords & Potions / The Town Guild Recruiting!

thx bro