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Topic: Pirates: Tides of Fortune / Game closing on Oct 26

Originally posted by Mamba56:

Crazy, the others just could not take the supremacy of the Requiem Brotherhood, so they had to close the game…..aaaaawwwwwww

OMG, nooooo
I am Mamba56… the cryman… why I could not buy rubies in the last month. I cannot win to the newbies without spend money to get myself overpowered… due I am brainless.. Plarium fix it or I will give to you only 1 start… sniff sniff sniff

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Topic: Pirates: Tides of Fortune / Epic video from Plarium!

the video lies a lot…
If Plarium will pay to me, I will do the game looks like as in the video.. and much better :D

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Topic: Pirates: Tides of Fortune / New Ruby offer not paying out

Originally posted by Plarium_Support:

Captains, we have removed the mentioned Ruby offer for several technical reasons. I apologize for the inconvenience.

maybe Plarium need to increase staff

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Topic: Pirates: Tides of Fortune / The Rough Seas Challenge! Earn XPs, Units, Pearls, Idols and Barrels of Potions!

Originally posted by PorthosJarrett:

I think MrLang summed it up without even saying a single word.

yep, will be difficult to find some player happy of do same things each day/week/month.When they will learn variations are very important to keep the interest in games.. and let player to choose when he wants/can do the stuff.. to avoid ppl quit by lack of time or a real life schedule than don’t fit with stuff in game… Next game ‘Another Worlds Pirates’ in progress…. soon in your puters …. ;D

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Not really good

Lol, what does means ‘Log in lag’? we use our puter for more things than to check this game.. we haven’t the content in cache as you bytex, so complex game cannot be done with code for standard HTML pages.. that’s the problem..

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Rules of Clan Wars

Where are our CW rewards?


Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Game news

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Topic: Technical Support / Content encoding error

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Big flaw in new CW system

I agree with snookes and the others players too. I think that each new changes must have more common sense. Why Bytex cannot ask opinions before deploy changes in the game?. It is more easy to fix things before updates than after updates. I see too many decissions kinda ‘do it and more later we will be if it is good or bad’. This game has tons of great players that can see instantly the possible failures in the new options, but Bytex only says that they listen to us and they will be do changes in future… Players has to wait for weeks to see changes and when finally fix arrives, it is worse or has new issues. Bytex doing unillateral changes on games is not good. Often changes aren’t amazing surprises, only a bunch of new issues, failures that causes pain to gameplay stability. For example: this month 2 clans do not deploy at time because their Leaders trusted in the countimer on clan tab, San Valentine’s reward on Clan Wars got a bad map to play a whole month, splitting defenders randomly was the most crazy. All of us saw that it could be easily exploited with dummy clans taking advantage deploying in portals and reducing defenders to half with a 1 member clan doing 0 combats). I am surprise each day of the Bytex unilateral decissions that are incorporated to the game without meditating, often are crazy and one-sided decission that give to the gameplay more pain than fun. Bytex behaviour is similar to others big companies that not listen to their clients. I don’t understand because Bytex has not took advantage of players acknowledge, having a big pool of great and clevers players. I fear that Bytex is losing good solutions because players feels that Bytex no worries enough about the players opinions about how new changes to the game can be done.

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / TWO VERY SIMPLE QUESTIONS

Kos-Zag – 3 Ittsup – 6 Rukan – 10 Nimert – 12

Thanks to MichaelH_