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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Red Crucible 1 & 2] HUGE Red Crucible 2 Guide

I decided not to be a selfish idiot and make another thread for another guide, but on a unrelated… or related… or semi-related note, vehicles.

If you’re a new player – Join vehicle matches and always use vehicles. A guy with a M82 can snipe off a noob’s head but if a newbie is going against a pro in a vehicle, it’s a fair fight should they be in the same vehicle. Always stick with another vehicle of a different type. Being with another vehicle of the same type probably won’t do you much good unless it’s a pair of tanks in a non-aircaft vehicle map, such as Frostbite or Trace.

Choose your vehicles. Heavy Tanks without a doubt deal the most anti-ground damage, Medium Tanks are the most versatile with a 10-round medium cannon and an ATGM launcher, and Light Tanks have a rather fast-firing gun that is nifty against infantry and aircraft alike. Jeeps are unarmed but a good idea should you be a Demolition unit – Move around fast, pull out your launcher and give a surprise rocket before driving away.

Aircraft are the most powerful – And yet, also the most fragile – vehicles in the game. The Helicopters have a 4-shot rocket launcher, and have a second-gunner seat for a machinegun to swat other helicopters or infantry. They can hold a good number of passengers too, especially in the map Maelstorm to transport people to the Oil Rig to use the AA guns. The Planes, however, are much more powerful (I’d say to the point of being Overpowered) with a high-power gatling gun good against all targets (Yup, all targets, including Heavy Tanks) and a 6-shot unguided rocket launcher. But… With great power comes great responsibilities, so make sure you’re good at flying, and not to forget that Jets have a tendency to tempt you to shake hands with the ground. Make sure you don’t. I’ve seen teams with -10 on their kills list in 73 Easting.

Plane controls are confusing, but they get really generic and obvious after a few flights (Or… crashes…). Moving the mouse UP or DOWN controls your altitude. Moving the mouse LEFT or RIGHT controls your turn. W accelerates the plane, S decellerates the plane. Left click fires the gatling gun, whereas Right click fires your rockets. V changes your view from 3rd person to 1st person within the cockpit. There is no zoom-in function. When at high speeds, contrails will be formed on the tips of your wings – Making yourself a visible target for other jets from afar, and making you an easy target to follow in little dogfights. Decellerating will disable these contrails and give you the edge in a dogfight.

If you have a collaborating team, stick close to them and hunt in a pack. Try to have a Heavy Tank to deal with their ground units and a Medium/Light Tank to deal with anything that can fly + swat infantry. Have an aircraft (Helicopter or Jet, either way, they help.) to cover ground units. Even if your team does NOT cooperate, following any teammate is equally effective and anybody else will soon take the initiative to join you in your glamorous act of hono- Ahem.

Rocket Launchers (Demolitions) does NOT always lose against any other tank if situated correctly, and vice versa as well – Important to remember. On the Demolitions side, you are weak – You die easily, but you are small, and hard to hit. You aren’t fast but you are agile, and you have a rocket launcher that can fire once every 4-5 seconds. On the Vehicle’s side, you are large, but strong. You have the better weapon but you must dispatch your target quickly. In other words – Should the fight last longer and longer, the Demolition will slowly land one rocket after another onto the Vehicle with ease. However, it is equally easy for the Vehicle to kill the Demolition in most cases. (Especially Medium/Heavy tanks, since their weapons have splash damage)

Oh, not to mention – Don’t fire your rockets/missles at Jets. They can’t do shit. :P

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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread

After a long time of visiting newer and newer tower-defence games, Enigmata : Stellar War has remained such a popular title that no one dares to copy. It has remained the ultimately unique, fun experience in the genre of tower defence games and will stay at the top of my list. Now, revisiting this fanta-bulous game, I’m equally satisfied with blowing up all the stuffs that come in my way. Like usual, I take a love to the brotherly-purple-beam weapons, the Nexxon Phaser and the Nyon Exist, and also get stonewalled by the Collossus on level 10, Tesire, until I accomplish tons of grinding to churn out three ZAC Assimilators and give them tons of upgrades.

My base revolves around being small, compact, and technically bristling with DRONES. Being the typical lazy-ass, I have two Fion Drones that retain their marvelous VI rank for some reason and still remain alive, and also you’ll see six ZAC Fighters floating around, firing those blue seeker darts at unsuspecting enemies, and also my spawned Fighter and Stun Drones. I find the ZAC Assimilator to be the one “turret” that isn’t a… “turret”. Or rather, a defence system.

The ZAC Assimilator is special due to the fact it spawns ZAC Fighters that fight for you, and should the fighters (Within the pop. limit) die off, they’ll simply respawn as “disposable weapons/drones” within the next 15 seconds. It is blatantly obvious why it’s at the top of the defence system’s arsenal – It is unrivalled, even by the rare units such as the Lightbringer, Aries, Tesla, etc. due to the fact it isn’t even a turret/barrier/support system/healer/drone. It’s something different and it’s good for you. This was also the thing that helped me destroy collosus – Helping me eliminate the sole Dark Restorer that was healing it that somehow survived from the waves of enemies early on. Truimphed Tesire.

Now, I would love talking about turrets. The main defences of this game are obviously those turrets, and not ZAC Fighters. They are many types.

1. Beam Turrets.
2. Ballistic Turrets.
3. Ranger Turrets.
4. Multi-ballistic Turrets.
5. Seeker Turrets.

This will exclude the support units such as the Chargor (Don’t get me wrong, they’re awesome).

1. Beam Turrets will rip through stuff. Pretty painfully. There is only one, if I’m not wrong, and that is the Nexxon Phaser. It’s the only turret in the game that has an instant hit, and an 100% accuracy rate, that makes it so effective. To make things better it’s 5 tiers up the arsenal of units you get to encompass for battle, costing a mere 3,500 gold. Ghost Phasor, and you’ll literally turn the tide of battle.

2. Ballistic Turrets make up the majority of this family – The Nova Turret, Core Blaster, Zakana, you get the drill. I don’t favour this family mainly because they’re not the most accurate beasts. However, they are the fastest firing turrets among the others, making them a prized possession at closer ranges for sustaining DPS.

3. Ranger Turrets are my personal early-game favourite. Those little geese that stay on the edges of your base tend to piss you off as they pluck your health out of your turrets slowly and you can’t touch them. The Grand Blaster and Assassin are the two of this group. They have a high maximum range, with a moderate minimal range. They are single shot and do high damage per hit, with a slow RoT.

4. Multi-ballistic turrets are like the shotguns. The Scorpion and Nuclear Terra, which excel at close-range and crowd control. I loved the Scorpion, although I never favored the Nuclear Terra, particularly since it had a great spread and great crowd control for the damage it dealt.

5. Misc. Turrets, such as the Seeking Zycon Storm, and the Blazing Korazon, and not to forget the Mine-laying Elson Demi. Each of these are special in their own rights – The Zycon Storm excelling at hitting small, fast targets such as the infamous Goose, and Korazon being great at hitting big, fat targets like bosses, and the Elson Demi excelling in nothing but Crowd Control with circle-patterns of continuous mining.

My personal choice of turrets are…

Aegis – The obvious defensive choice. I admit that I don’t really use them for defense, but instead offense. Think about the Firemaniacs or Golaiths. If I’m not wrong, their projectiles will cause an electronical malfunction in drones and turrets, similar to the confusion effect of the ability “Distraction”. Now, reflect them back at their faces and boom – You’ve just started a dance party. (Awesome, just watching them.)

Nexxon Phaser – The only weapon guaranteed to hit, piercing beams, ghost phasor upgrades and looks completely badass, the Nexxon Phaser is my secondary damage output at medium ranges, mainly for the ghost phasor ability that has a 20% chance of turning enemies into temporary allies. I had managed to turn a firemaniac into a Ghost, and he wrecked the heck out of a squadron of Goliaths with ease with my ZAC Fighters following tail.

Nyon Exist – The primary damage output of my base, I highly recommend these. They deal a good amount of damage to a single target, but are poorly armored. You really need to armor these beasts properly or you’re going into some trouble. Really rough trouble. If you can baby-sit them to a good rank of about VI or above, then you’re going steady with the painful-ful turrets in the Unit Arsenal.

Vira Healer – I personally favour these healers over the Vira Saviour, it’s drone counterpart, due to the fact it doesn’t decide to fly out of my Aegis shield borders. I do have a single Vira Saviour, but so far it’s rank III and it hasn’t died yet, so… I might be wrong. They still stay highly reliable, though! :)

Zycon Storm – I do fancy these, since they look pretty cool. However, I warn anybody never to use this unless you’re going to give it the Range upgrade and the double-output upgrade. Both are essentials to the Zycon Storm. They will take down the Darkness units that quickly replace the circling Goose units and will take out anything else that sticks the distance.

Neg. Voider – Need you ask?

Scorpion – I use a pair of these, just behind the wall of Aegis that I have. I use them to take out any units getting too close for comfort and they do the job reliably. And if they die, at least they don’t take anything else with it, unlike the Nuclear Terra.

ZAC Assimilator – Try to fit three of these towards the south of your base (Since the boss appears from north all the time) and give them a little bit of Dominance upgrade. I use these since they soak up damage, and can deal some considerable damage too. Pretty effective, goes hand in hand with the anti-darkness Zycon Storm units to hunt down circling units. After the Dominance up to about rank VI, try to give the Final Armada upgrades and a good deal of power.

I also didn’t choose a few popular units for a reason…

Assassin/Grand Blaster – These become close to useless as you realise that they will miss 90% of the time at long-range targets, which was obviously their intended job! Thus, avoid these in the late-game stage. In the early game, though, it’ll be handy to have a couple Grand Blasters with the shield-disabling ability to take out any shields from enemies.

Zakana – The Zakana is pretty handy, I give, but it doesn’t stand up to being a good, medium-range ballistic weapon. It has a sustained damage but for the amount of time I give it, it doesn’t give out as much damage as I want it to give. Not to mention, the accuracy of a ballistic weapon is unparrelled to a Nyon Exist.

Nova Turret – I never liked investing in long-term stuff, so nope, no Nova Turrets, no Galaxy Turrets.

Elson Demi – I don’t know. Don’t ask me, I really don’t like it. I feel the damage feels mediocre, and it feels somewhat useless.

Chargor – Probably will add these sooner or later, I’ve tried them before, they’re pretty handy with all those buffs. But it’s not my priority, eh…

Korazon – I have used the Scorpion. The Korazon is a great weapon, but not practical in the normal waves. It does tear through shit with damage along the way, but the AoE is somewhat wasted. I feel it’s too slow for the wasted stuff it has done.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Classes Guide and Links to Others

If you’re talking about Darkninja, believe that he IS old. But, the thing is, he is offline pretty often, as says the post above mine.

If you’re talking about me, no. Just no. I was the one who actually created the “Old classes guide that was outdated by a year” as mentioned in Darkninja’s introduction to the guide, so, eh, yeah. More than a year, but the reason why you probably haven’t heard of me (And vice versa too, btw) is cos I’ve been offline for 1000 cat years. And why I used Cat Years?… I dunno…

@Afk5, thank you. Pre-posting after a year and coming back, kinda like shooting myself in the foot.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Classes Guide and Links to Others

“The old classes guide is outdated… by a year…”



Anyways, just my two cents on this topic.

The details, I have to say, are a “little” lacking. You might want to address the difficulty of use for each gun as a statistic instead of a description, perhaps a personal rating out of ten? Like, say, the Assault Rifle being 8/10 with the lock-on and the Railgun being 4/10 since you can’t lock-on? Still, though, you’ve covered everything else. I was slightly disappointed that you didn’t add the armory weaponary too, but it’s fine – You’re rolling the ball very well.

Next, the format. My eyeballs were shattered the moment I started reading this – No, that’s not an insult. That’s a compliment. First, the HUGE FFT Banner was quite pleasing to the eye, followed by neatly arranged paragraphs of word after word, with underlines to seperate topic from ah-bla-bla-bla. To add onto that, there are appropriately placed images of each Class, and even their Icons/Symbols, which made it even nicer. Anybody who reads this guide knows how awesome you are, so… Keep it up! :)

And, probably an important part of any guide would be the content. Now, this is very generalistic, unlike Tank Orientated or Assassin Orientated or Whatever Orientated guides, and for a generalistic classes guide, this covers everything. You heard me right (Nope, not left, it’s right.), this covers everything. Ahem. As much as I tried to find mistakes in this guide, trying to search for patches and holes that needed to be stiched back up, no. Nothing.

And now, my three cents on the classes themselves and a little debate with your discussions, of course!

The… Gunner.

“Run and Gunner” – I wouldn’t say it’s wrong to use the Gunner for Run-N-Gun, but there is a reason the Scout was made. The Gunner, as my personal opinion, may very well be a jack of all trades, but bear in mind that it is a master of none. Each class excels at something personally and I feel that this is not the thing for the Gunner. It lacks the mobility of the lightning fast Scout, and it’ll be easily smacked down with only average armor.

“Long Ranger” – Now this is where the Gunner really shines. With an experienced player, the Gunner will wreck havoc on the enemies with devastating Railgun rounds from seemingly miles away where he can be left untouched. I appreciate the mention of the Bellrung status in the Railgun Weapon description, for that is what makes the Gunner more powerful then what it may have very well been. Also, since I started playing since 2012 (Last year), the Gunner was one of the four (Now eight) classes to be played, thus there was more limitation, and thus the Gunner was still more common, which made it alot more fun.

The… Tank

The tank, aah. The original, mighty, one-and-only tank. Particularly popular for it’s seemingly h-h-h-h-heavy machine gun. It has much, much more use than just out-buffing, out-shielding, out-tanking, out-lasting, out-damaging, and out-“Whatever-you-think-you-can-put-here”. The tank, UNLIKE the all-rounded Gunner, is a Class that comes with great advantages at the cost of great disadvantages.

And I quote, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Wait, heck no, that didn’t make any sense here! Anyways, the MAJOR disadvantage of the Tank is that it uses a burst-jetpack. Think of a kangaroo instead of a jetpack, takes a couple seconds to charge, and eureka – It launches you to the moon. It will be hard to use for new players who prefer a sustained jetpack, but you might even call it an advantage of sorts since it sends you faster than a sustained jetpack. However, that is not the end of it’s troubles. Every single one of his weapons are hellishly inaccurate. I mean HELLISHLY inaccurate. There is no need to ask… It’s obvious – Every player knows how infamous the Tank is for it’s weaponary. Even my old classes guide got some “Love-hate” on the Tank, particularly about the new Flamethrower weapon…

To summarise the tank, I’ll use a simple quote.

“A behemoth that can knock down buildings, but can’t swat a fly.”

The… Scout

Although I have to agree the Doped Saber rocks, it also basically sucks once you stall in the air and find yourself pathetically falling out of the sky from your aerial duel against another Scout. Nothing stops the duel other than your fuel in your jetpack, so be wise, and stop overusing, overratting, overloving, overhating, or over-whatever-ing this weapon. Give some love for the SMG. When I first played the Scout, I fell in utter love with it – It was fast, it was cool, and best of all it actually HURT better than your mom stuffing a wet cane up your ass at 100KM/H.

With the Assassin around, fudge it, I’m using the Scout for aerial F-Bombing.

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Topic: CS Portable / [Nova®] OFFICIAL SNIPING FORUM

Almost laughed myself to death reading the above stuff. Kept thinking about the fagget ballz being thrown around during my class time. Hehe.

And, that is one heck of a fun application above. It’s so cool. Just sayin.

Dammit, and how could I forget, another fellow trickshotter! Yey. :3

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Topic: CS Portable / [Nova®] OFFICIAL SNIPING FORUM

Originally posted by DavidL109:
Originally posted by probandit10:

Somehow I’m in, despite the UTMOST TERRIBLE K/D displayed by the application above. Ugh, sucks for me. Still, wish to see how much potential Nova has to offer, for I’m excited to see what will happen in the near future with Regret leading us. (Not that I know much of him… But yeah… O.o")

And, passionate trickshotter here. Just that I fail every time.

Edit – OH, and yeah, I’ll have fun! ;D

First of all Regret is female and second Nova is dead and third K/D doesn’t matter unless you’re Asianking :) .

Yolo left…
3 2 1
Oh well I’ll still be “trying” to kick some sniper @$$. Ooh yeah, feels good.

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Topic: CS Portable / [Nova®] OFFICIAL SNIPING FORUM

Somehow I’m in, despite the UTMOST TERRIBLE K/D displayed by the application above. Ugh, sucks for me. Still, wish to see how much potential Nova has to offer, for I’m excited to see what will happen in the near future with Regret leading us. (Not that I know much of him… But yeah… O.o")

And, passionate trickshotter here. Just that I fail every time.

Edit – OH, and yeah, I’ll have fun! ;D

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Topic: CS Portable / [Nova®] OFFICIAL SNIPING FORUM

Application -
1. Ingame Name: Probandit10
2. Kongregate Name: Probandit10
3. K/D ratio: Rank 13 (1.18) (There are no judgement on your K/D as long as you are good. I only need this info for a better understanding of you.)
4. Number of awards: 24 (Achievements?)
5. Flag Captures: 1
6. Bot Kills: 1528
7. What should I know: That Nova’s here to kick ass. Do things right, or die trying.
8. Previous clans: None. (Attempted creating a trickshot clan called FlaSh)
9. Sniper skill Level (1-10): I’d say about a 6/10. I’m keen to learn from “experts”.
10. Kills: 496
11. Deaths: 419
12. Favorite Map: Construction Site. (Trickshotter’s paradise)
15. How long do you play daily: Varies greatly. From 2-5 hours.
16. Feeder, Trickshotter, Editor: Newbie trickshotter. (Needs ALOT of practice)
17. What you would bring to [Nova®]: Pride and glory!
18. Country: SG (Singapore) -8GMT Pacific Time.

Thanks for your time reading this, hope that you’ll accept it. (Pardon any form of noobness)

1. What server does Nova operate on?
2. What recording software should I use?

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Topic: CS Portable / FlaSh [FS] - CS Trickshot Clan [Recruiting]

Originally posted by SUPERNUKENOOB:


Hey, long time no see. :) Are you joining FlaSh or what? Also, you just popped by to say Hi or are you actually playing CS?

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Topic: CS Portable / FlaSh [FS] - CS Trickshot Clan [Recruiting]

There are NO RANKS, but titles.
Example, Sharpshooter.

Members List
Clan Founder – Probandit10
Members -

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Topic: CS Portable / FlaSh [FS] - CS Trickshot Clan [Recruiting]

Post moar.

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Topic: CS Portable / FlaSh [FS] - CS Trickshot Clan [Recruiting]

A place to post.

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Topic: CS Portable / FlaSh [FS] - CS Trickshot Clan [Recruiting]


Here are the kinds of shots that can be done.

Drag Shot
Basically, looking through the scope or not, the mouse is dragged across and the aim is moved over an enemy. While the aim is being moved, the shot is fired and kills the enemy. Simple and easy.

Jump Shot
Simple enough, you just JUMP. And shoot in the air.

Quick Scope
With fast reactions, aim through the scope and fire at an enemy. Simple enough.

Strafe Shot
A shot taken while moving around. Usually, sideways is nicer.

Spin Shot
A shot taken while spinning. Less than a 360 is a Spin shot. If it’s more, congratulations, it’s a trickshot. :)

This is what every FlaSh member should be proud of – Trickshot skills. Jump off a high place, execute a minimum of a 360 and fire. Extremely tricky to do.

These shots can be combined! Therefore, you can jump sideways, scope super quickly and drag your aim over the enemy. That’ll be a Jump-Strafe-Drag-Quickscope-Shot. :) Trickshots can be more than 360! Spin twice, and you get a free 720. Double the fun! Maybe one and a half spins? 540? :)

Every shot needs practice!
With time, you’ll be a true legend!

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Topic: CS Portable / FlaSh [FS] - CS Trickshot Clan [Recruiting]

Hot Shots

I’ll list some of my shot techniques I like to do.

Air Slash
1. Set the Sniper and the Knife as your two quick-switch weapons. (Using Q)
2. From your high point, jump off.
3. Quick-switch knife.
4. Fast slash.
5. Quick-switch Sniper.
6. Shoot.

Speed Toss
1. Set Sniper and Grenade to quick-switch. (Q again)
2. Using grenade, click and hold such that the Grenade’s pin is pulled but the grenade isnt thrown.
3. While the grenade is still held, press Q to switch to Sniper.
4. Jump from high point.
5. This might get tricky Press Q to switch to grenade. Since the pin is pulled, it’s practically a “Instant” throw.
6. Shoot. (The sniper should be whipped out automatically after the nade is used)

0. Name of doom. ^
1. Camp at high point. Wait for enemy to walk by.
2. Throw a nade down (Flash, smoke, explosive, anything.) to confuse them/scare them. Careful, dont let your nade kill them.
3. Fancy jump off.
4. Shoot.

Phew, Swag
0. Ensure Sprint option is turned on.
1. Tap Sprint (Watch out for sticky keys) repeatedly quickly. Sprint animation makes your weapon move about
2. Jump.
3. Shoot.
Can be combined with other shots

Reload Shot
1. Set Sniper and anything else to quick-switch.
2. Fire off at least one shot with sniper such that you’ll be able to reload.
3. Jump from high point.
4. Reload the Sniper (Turn on “Fast reload” option)
5. The reload will probably take too long, quick-switch back and forth.
6. Fire.

Air Shot
1. Set Sniper and Desert Eagle to quick-switch.
2. From high point, fire your D.Eagle into mid-air a couple ’o times.
3. Jump the bump.
4. Switch to sniper.
5. Fire.
With fast reload, you can do a reload for the D.Eagle. Interupt if needed.

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Topic: CS Portable / FlaSh [FS] - CS Trickshot Clan [Recruiting]


I’m Probandit, and ever since SaKe clan ended, I thought I’ll carry on their spirit.

It’s been a while, and perhaps I could do something about it…?

To join the clan, you don’t need a good K/D or anything. Just some skills with the longest barrel on the battlefield. (As of now, duh.)

FlaSh (FS) specializes in using that AWP sniper rifle and doing some cool things with it. Mainly trickshots.

Dragshots, jumpshots, no-scopes and strafe-shots are included too. (Since trickshots are pretty hard, even I started from these basic shots.)

If you’re interested to join, hey, leave a comment down there and I’ll see you around.

Thank you!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Crush The Castle 2] Share Your Made Up Projectiles And Castle Pieces

Beehive – When coming into contact with any surface, the hive itself is destroyed, but lets out a swarm of 8-12 bees which seek towards the nearest human target. Bees will survive 10 “strikes” against any surface, damaging it to a certain extent per “strike”. Useful for inaccurate players.

Implosive Potion – Technically sucks any moveable object inwards. (Even other projectiles)

Bunch O’ Arrows – Aha. It’s in the name. I know there are “multi-shot” projectiles, but these arrows come in large numbers (I’ll say 15-20) and spread extremely randomly over a large area. However, these arrows are completely unable to even damage or destroy any surfaces, but kill exposed enemies in one shot.

Teleportation Potion – It’s a special projectile that teleports through the first layer it comes into contact with and appears on the other side, retaining it’s velocity. May have multiple variations. (Teleportation Acidic Potion, Teleportation Explosive Potion, Teleportation Fire Potion etc.) Different variations which differs the amount of times it teleports. (Through multiple surfaces via multiple teleports)

Enchanted Rod – Similar to a call-in of a airstrike, but instead of a flare/laser marker, we have this “enchanted rod”. Having jets fly over is too “modern” for the game’s era, thus let’s try a meteor. :D The rod will call-in a meteorite in 3 seconds of coming into contact with any surface. This “meteorite” is relatively strong, about twice the blast radius of normal bombs.

Enchanted Staff – Similar to the Enchanted Rod, but calls in multiple weaker meteorites (4-6 meteors) These weaker meteors are about half the strength of normal bombs.

Pieces for the castles?

Arrow Turret – Fires a single arrow per swing o’ da catapult. Extremely fast arrow, incredibly accurate. It will attempt to hit a projectile away from the defending position. However, the arrow has very little density and the pusk-back will be weak. Projectile’s density will also affect. If there are multiple projectiles, the arrow turret will hit the nearest one.

Catapult Turret – Similar to the arrow turret, but fires small rocks instead. One rock, with medium density. Less accurate, but more “push”. :)

Sling Shot Turret – Launches heavy logs (Pretty small ones) at projectiles. Inaccurate, and only one log. Incredibly heavy and will push away projectiles easily. (Also, since they are logs, the length of the logs are long and IS definitely a larger surface area.)

Spread Catapult Turret – Similar to the catapult turret, but it’s rocks will shatter on contact with any surface and will split into 3 small pebbles. (Good – Has chance to hit other projectiles. Bad – Can possibly damage the castle.)

Sand Layer – Wooden surface that is layered with sand on the outer side. Sand will absorb heavy projectile impacts very well, but weak against light projectiles.

Glass – Made of, well, glass. Glass will soak up light projectiles easily, but shatter on impact by heavy projectiles.

Some Glass – Made of low-quality glass. Similar to the normal glass, but upon shattering, will create sharp shards that kill enemies on contact. (However these shards can possibly block projectiles)

Chainmail Layer – Wooden surface that is layered with chainmail. (Like some armored horse o.o) Highly effective against all projectiles and can only be destroyed by elementals.

Blast Shield – Soaks up explosive damage easily, but relatively weak against other projectiles.

Enemy Characters?

Magician – They create a small shield around a medium distance that acts as a weak wooden wall. Neutral when taking in elements.

Priest – They have the ability to revive the fallen around them in a small proximity. These should be placed as a first priority target.

Spearmen – They have spears, dont they? Their spears will rotate in the direction of incoming projectiles or collapsing walls, trying to hold it up.

Shieldmen – Similar to the spearmen, but they are properly equipped with tough shields.

That’s all for now guys! Please comment.

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Topic: CS Portable / Hackers...

Classic doesnt mean it’s not custom. By custom, he meant if the server’s host decided to fiddle with the settings. Those settings include the speed of players and the speed of which players can run with certain weapons. 150% player speed + 200% weapon run speed is pretty fast, so clarify and get back. :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battalion: Arena] New Units!

WOW, a amazing forum buried under 110 pages of text! Wonderful. Time for me to add something as well, then!

By the way, some units are taken from other games. :D

Cost: $160
Health: 40, light armor.
Movement: Foot, 4 spaces.
Attack: None.
Abilities: Contruction, stealth detection.
Contruction: When engineer is double-clicked, The list of availible actions will appear, like levithian pick-up etc. There will also be a CONTRUCTION button, and when clicked, up comes a menu of units.

The contruction menu

Deployable turret
It is much weaker than the standard, stationary turrets! Dont start screaming yet!
By the way, all buildings take 1 turn to complete.
Only 1 turret can be deployed at a time. Other engineers cannot build turrets until it is destroyed.
Cost: $150
Health: 50,light
Attack: 30,light, fires from 1 to 4 spaces away.
Movement: N/A
Abilities: Stationary, Skysweeper, does not withhold defeat. (forgot the ability.)
(Don’t forget to comment! Pretty excited about this. XD)

Not going to include deployable barricades. Not much of a reason why not to. But if you can help me with this, sure. ;D


Fires with his gun against light armored opponents, fires with his anti-tank rocket launcher against medium or heavy armored opponents, and plants C4 when facing enemy buildings. But dont think its overpowered just yet.
Cost: $250
Health: 80, light
Attack: Firing gun – 25, light
Firing rocket launcher – 40, heavy
Planting C4 – 60, heavy (Only detonates the next turn, multiple C4 can be planted onto the building at 1 time)
Movement: Foot, 6 spaces
Abilities: Skysweeper, swimmer (Able to swim on water, but only able to move 3 spaces. Uses rocket launchers.)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Flight Guide: ANT Mk. I, with your pilot, Sinead “Hestia” Kirce

Originally posted by Laurence00:

Landerz, the level and the upgrades are completely irrelevant when it comes to the respawn timer.

No, you’re wrong! For each level you level up, it adds 5 seconds to your respawn timer. How you distrubute your upgrade points however… Does not matter. Once you level up, 5 seconds are already added to the timer, even if you dont use your upgrade points. :D So level 1 is quick, but in the late game, everyone has a long timer and you can sneak in while your opponents wait to respawn… slowly… And start SMASHING away at their structures already!

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Unfair Teams

Basic just made me scared of hordes of techs.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Gunner team!

Count me in. You’ll need it. Well, although i still kinda like that Great Tech Defense team better, but still, hey. And, not a spy. _

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / The Great Tech Defence

Hold on a second, you guys starting a flame war just as i was away for a couple of days? Sigh.

Yea, place tha suppresors on tha roof! Not only will snipers have a hard time touching them, those fly-by scouts can’t F-Bomb them that easily. Cos they usually aim for the ground. :D

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Daily Dose of EPICNESS!

Originally posted by PALMISANOLDR:

Highest kill steak was 14,

Highest kill… wait, steak? Hungry.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / The Great Tech Defence

Yo basic, shadow and all space fighters out there! Release that hot air in your power-suits and lets rock!

Ahem. No wait, dont mind what i said earlier.

Anyways, thx basic for signing me up and stuff.


Originally posted by shadowex1650:

Basic…Suicide-charging means I don’t expect to win anymore. :D

Heheheh, good for you. :D

Originally posted by prepkunow:

This sounds like fun… to beat! :P I’d like to invite shadow and djinn to join me in forming a team to counter this defense whenever it is ready. I’ll make a new topic on this shortly, and anyone else who wants to join the offensive side is welcome to sign up, but be warned that attacking will be significantly harder than defending. Whenever clans are ready, I’m hoping that there will be at least two clans ready to duke it out on the battlefield :)

P.S I think it’s possible to beat this 5v5 with all scouts. I’d love to try

Of course its gonna be fun to beat! Yea! Cos you’re gonna beat it on your 999th try! Which is a nice number for you to celebrate! Enjoy! Fun to beat, huh?

And that 5v5 scout idea sounds chaotic. I bet the laggers are gonna get owned. And newbies are gonna crash to the ground. And ragers are gonna change class. And quitters are gonna… well… quit. And pros are gonna pwn those others.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / The Great Tech Defence

Hello basic, i have seen you on other threads and forums and whatever not… Hehe, nice idea here.

I believe i am not the only one who has realised how pathetic the tech is when it is alone. Yup, they get completely pwned. Totally, utterly, completely. Especially those gunners, and fly-by scouts. Grr.

And of course, your best friend is… No no, not your scouts, those steal kills. No no, not tanks, they block your way and cant even touch enemy scouts. No no, not your turret, they are easy targets for enemy gunners. Obviously, your best friend is another tech! Obvious, hey?

If more people would take a peek at this thread, you stand a chance. Sign me up for Tech, you’re gonna need it. Trust me. Oh, don’t try to be funny by placing my name under gunner, you will REGRET IT! I am a horrible rifler, nevermind sniper. :P

I have a few questions, if i may ask?

Scenario based

1)If there are too many enemy gunners (Like 5? OMG), and our own gunners get countersniped and our techs are pushed back, do we retreat? Or hold ground and fend them off?

Suggestion: The techs should first take cover, reducing casualties, then pull them back like a atomic bomb is coming our way. Return to the safety of our base, request every tech to change to gunner class at spawn point, and give them that counter they are asking for! Maybe keep 2 techs at least. Then the snipers have good defense.

2)If there are too many tanks and they step into our Great Tech Defense, shield up and ruin the whole tech thing? What will our techs have to do? Pull back? Or hold ground?

Suggestion: Team morale is important, when we group together, we feel braver, like a shot of arenaline went into our blood. I think the techs should pull back, regroup with the friendly snipers and deploy turrets beside the snipers. Enemy snipers have to be counter-sniped. By that time, the enemy tank’s shields would have faded (yay, 10 seconds only, woot!), and F-bombs away!

(Although i give suggestions, you must be thinkin’, why in the world ask? Well, you’re the founder, or leader, or master, or whatever, the choice is yours. Don’t fret, imma not gonna crumble.)

General scenarios, tactical response

1)In normal battles of a 5v5 or more, the opponent will think of ways to counter the Great Tech Defense. If they do, how do we respond? Even if you have a plan, it will be hard to communicate to our comrades as the in-game chat suks to a extent. Solution?

Suggestion : I am outta them. Whoops. Maybe a edit soon. :D

2)What if those silly enemies coop up like chickens in their base?

Suggestion : Ask me, ME, yes, i volunteer to do this, to return to our base, change into a scout class, and fly around their base, luring them out. Request friendly snipers to prepare a chokepoint, ambush on sight. Techs should all prepare a suitable defense, either around the capture point, or around snipers. Meanwhile, i will fly around their entrance and lure em.

Okay, imma typed enough. lawls. Remember to count me in, you will need it!

Adios pal!See you in battle!

Until then.