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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / UT ideas

Originally posted by sychooo:

Armor of kabam
-5 attack
+10 def
-500 hp
-500 mp
+500 greed

Also grants you the power to ban innocent players

Get out into the corner with you.
Wait guys I have a few more I want to try out just keep reading below
You’re embarrassing us people on Kongregate
you spelled psycho wrong.
and thats all I got
well I have a joke
what did the baby corn say to the mommy corn….
wheres POP-Corn hahahaha
what have I been talking about you’re probably not sure reread it again

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Ideas

All of these ideas as of now are stupid.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Worst combos.

Originally posted by agentwerewolf:

Any event + a few djiins is annoying, they always toss out their white bullets whether you an invis rogue or not

No, Djinns do not shoot when no player is in “sight”

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / RotMG Boss Ideas Thread

Originally posted by raziel11:
Originally posted by lols2567:

Cristack The Merciless God (Cry-Stack)
HP: 30,000
Def: 75
EXP: 1,500
Oryx’s Merciless brother Cristack rules the Dimension of Crystaria. He has been set free from the crystal prisoners being Slaughtered one by one. It is a 80% chance when killing a Crystal Prisoner that they will jup a Crystaria Portal.
Phase 1: He slowly wanders around shooting bullets dealing 20 damage each that pierce armour. 0-1,000 damage took.
Phase 2: 1,000 – 5,000 Damage. His speed increases immensly making him go the speed of an almost maxed rogue’s and he shoots bullets doing 100-150 damage each.
Phase 3: 5,000-10,000 Damage. He slows down but sprays shotguns of smaller versions of lord of the lost land death bullets dealing 150+ a very deadly stage. Knights may have to risk a shield shotgun.
Phase:4 10,000-20,000 damage. All of the previous phases combined immense speed 200+ paralyzing for 1.5 second red stars. 50+ damage black stars that blind for 5 seconds. and 1 damage stars 1.5 seconds dizzy.
Are you brave enough to fight this mighty boss? Reccomended classes: Trickster, Rogue, Assassin (Strongly reccomended) or Knights and warriors. CAUTION: KNIGHT AND WARRIOR DEATH IS INEVITABLE. TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

80% is way to much make it 40% or lower

Think hes little bit to op
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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / New class idea

Originally posted by T0pper:
Originally posted by gallon213:

i always make the ;=; face when i see topics like this, prease to stop with this nonsense

If you are mad that ppl are trying to be creative, go to ano

Originally posted by T0pper:
Originally posted by jack613:

Gallon, we are just doing it for fun, thinking of creative class ideas to think about. Geez.
(Ideas were made by Bethesda and TES Skyrim)

- Dragonborn -
Max HP 1000
Max MP 0
Max Atk 80
Max Def 50
Max Spd 40
Max Dex 40
Max Vit 100
Max Wis (This is only for cool down reduction) 100
Ability: DragonShout: You are Dragonborn! Dovakiin! You have the ability to shout like a Dragon! for every second you hold the space longer the more powerful the shout!.
Ability Item: Dragon Shout
T0 Unrelenting Force – Damage: 250,300,400 Also pushes back monsters Cooldown 5,10,20.
T1 Fire Breath – Damage: 500,750,800 also burns for 200,350,500 over 5 seconds. Cooldown 10,20,25
T2 Frost Breath – Damage: 400,600,700 also stuns for 5,6,7 seconds and slows all surrounding monsters for 5,7,10 seconds (and reduces DEX) Cooldown 10,20,25
T3 Slow Time – Damage: 100,200,400 to surrounding enemies, stuns them for 8,10,15 and are completely Immobilized but still takes damage 15,25,30
T4 Ice Form – 200,500,1000, to the first target it hits, stuns forever until death (Doesn’t work on bosses obviously, but godlands and stuff) and surrounding units are stunned for 2,5,7.5, and take half the damage, and after stun are slowed for 5 seconds Cooldown 20,25,30.
T5 Call Dragon – Spawns a friendly dragon that attacks enemies for you, and with it are 3 random Baby Drake’s to help too, the Drakes last until the dragon die’s and if you hold the shout for 3 seconds… You get 3 Adult Drake pets until they die and have 2k Hp each. The Dragon has 4k,5k,7.5k HP and has the same amount of stats the player has and fires at enemies and causes other disables. Cooldown 200,500,600 (NOTE: They also stick around when you change maps too.)
T6 All Shouts – All shouts (click Space and you select one, with 10 extra shouts that you figure out yourself,) and the main T6 Shout is Meteor Shower, all monsters take 2k,3k,4k HP and their drops are rised to 50% for you for 10 seconds. Cooldown (For M. Shower) 10,30,60 (a very powerful shout indeed)
Armour: Any
Weapons: Any
Requirements: Lv 20 in everything and 3/8 maxed all of the characters
Desc: This destructor probably deals more DPS than a wizard, has more survivability than a knight, and so on, easy to use, hard to obtain.

great job!


Topic: Realm of the Mad God / New class idea

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Your rotmg FUNNIEST moments!

Originally posted by delta132:

This dude kept calling all of us noobs because we had tier 9-10 gear and he had WC tops, but he was a wizzy with 1 star meaning he bought the stuff.

</blocthat does not mean he bought stuff it could but he could have also transferred accounts wanted a new ign but was not going to pay 1000 gold for it.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Treasure Room - drats!

Originally posted by buckethead:

i agree with hider…but me and my friend went in COMPLETELY unprepared, and we died horribly.

how the hell did you die

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / worst thing that happened in rotmg

My 5/8 archer died due to oryx lag had no ammys left and you guys can see the rest … 2174 fame after death :(

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Your RotMG Luckiest Moments

Originally posted by Attaboy104:

My luckiest moment was when someone was selling a planefletter for 1 def, and no one had traded him until I got there.

To bad planetfetter is worthless …

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / What should I use?

Ancient stone sword

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / You're owned. Don't cry. :3

Originally posted by Helius250:
Originally posted by xavierlowenxiang:

apprently this is an auto message by auto looters that tp to you when you drop something

Wow! Well thats nice to know :3 thats never happened to me though :D

actually it’s also when you trade them too i’ve just traded random “noobs” to give them free stuff and they pm me the same message.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Vouch Topic - For Gigaimpact


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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Decent sets that don't cost too much!

Originally posted by Yankee2012:

Well, for a knight the set is

Sword: Sky Spllitter (D blade optional)

Shield: Mitheryl shield 2-4 def

Armor: Abbysal 2-4 def


Why must people say mitheryl? it’s mithril

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Noob Attack

Originally posted by Gspeed:
Originally posted by firewolf1231:
Originally posted by mfs_hume:

Is it just me or are there to many noobs on rotmg so many that you stop playing so noobs pls stop being a noob

Dude thats not So true Noobs what make the game better ( same as this guy Named Tarvis61 i agree with your post )

Yup. Ofcourse every game is only for experienced players, you will not play any new games, because you’re new, because you’ve just started.
Dude, click ignore and continue playing. Arrogant crap-fag.

Wow, I came into this thread expecting to end up being the one to tell you everyone starts out as a noob but Gspeed summed it up perfectly. :)
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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / funniest moments in nexus

Originally posted by Icybreath:
Originally posted by monsoonman:

i had a death in nexus a hacker brought in all of theese gods and what not lvl 20 and pissed off……. no one likes hackers

If you’re going to lie, at least be smart about lying.

lol, I hope he was talking about a gm

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / New Ideas for New Monsters

Originally posted by LiFeOdEaTh:

NAME: Guardian Cerberus (Three headed dog)

It can be found at randoms spawns like Sphinxs/Skulls.
HP: 15.000 HP per head
Defense: 20

Special: You have to kill each head to get the loot and kill him (like a penta)
Each head has his own special attack:

-Left one: Shoots random shoots like the bulwark wand, with fire animation, each shoot makes 75 dmg and set you ‘’In fire’’ (Like bleeding)
-Right one: The same as the left one but he sets you ’’Dazed’’.
-The middle one: is the more powerful, it can focus its fireballs to the players. Each fireball does 50 dmg and sets you ’’Dazed’’ and ‘’In fire’’


Underworld Slime
HP: 3000
Defense: 10
-It shoots fireballs (30 dmg each)


The same as other events in tiers, and a new UT:

- Staff of Hades : A magical staff crafted by the own Hades to prevent the entrance of light powers in the Underworld.

Shoots: 2
Dmg: 250-350
Range: 6.5
-35 % of Dexterity


10% : The Underworld (As Cerberus is the guardian of Underworld’s keys)

Boss: Hades, uknow…

Dungeon has to be improved.

Say if you think is OP or sumthing.

The staff is just a little tiny bit op

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / New Ideas for New Monsters

Originally posted by swordrush:

Sooo many OP ideas…

Originally posted by GojoHero:

Common enemy
HP: 5
Its a moose
fires laser beams
drops antler swords

I’d love this.

Why must he be black?

Originally posted by godofwar245:

Black King
Found in The Battlefield dungeon (chesslike thematic), which is dropped by the Lord of the Lost Lands at a chance twice higher than the Tomb.
HP: Evaluated by the number of players entering the dungeon. 1 – 50k, 2-3 – 75k, 4-7 – 100k, 8 or more – 150k. Def is always 50.
Looks like Oryx a bit, but more wide-boned. Holds a scepter crowned with the light blue orb. Eyes are white.
The room in which the encounter will occur is slightly larger than Oryx’ Chamber and is round.
First stage: BK is HUGE (twice times larger than Oryx 1 during final phase). He spawns 5 Black Bishops (5k HP, attack is Beholder-like, but with twice the rate and no blind star) and 15 Black Pawns (1k HP, Skull-like double shots with low range). All of the minions have def of 40. King himself shoots a 120-dmg 6-blade shotgun with the range of a bow. Like most of the dungeon bosses, his invulnerability fluctuates. He goes to the next phase 5 secs after all of the minions are dead
Second stage: Same as the first one, but he spawns 5 Black Rooks (10k HP, Red Demon-like shotgun) and 5 Black Knights (10k HP, Prisoner horses-like movement and 80 dmg single shots).
When half the HP is left: Black King goes invulnerable and spawns the Black Queen. She has 75% his HP, but just 20 def. She is mostly stationary and is the size of Oryx 1. She shoots thin red slow 100-dmg bullets in a continous barrage of 2-4 bullet shotguns. She drops para rings and has a low chance to drop an UT “Ring Fourfold”. It looks like a gold ring with no gem, but with 4 pearls on it and gives +80 HP, +80 MP, +5 att and +5 vit.
After Queen is dead: Black King gains the Armored status, but loses all the def and invulnerability. He raises his scepter, and low-AOE, 100-dmg bombs are tossed from the tip of it at a high rate and 5 at a time to the random places of the arena. They turn the floor they hit into the lava at a chance of 1%.
When 5k HP is left: The scepter is broken in half, and King shrinks to the size of Oryx 1. He spawns 5 Bishops, 5 Knights and 20 Pawns. He has 30 def and is fully vulnerable. He does not attack.
Drops: Pots, inc, not sure about the rest. Also the realm portal he drops leads to the new realm, created indefinitely of the number of players on the server.

Everyone who got the reference get the cookie.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Your Biggest Ragequit Moment

Originally posted by swordrush:
Originally posted by Yankee2012:

I was cloaked up next to o2 then some dumbass knight ran up too me… hope that ****** died. Bye bye emmy, ghostly concealment, hippo griffon and exa def.
(I lost 4 ammys on the char)

Ouch. Four ammies in the inv? _

And ghostly concealment…damn. Always, ALWAYS wear ammies at O2 XD

Learned that lesson the hard way…

me too i lost my wizzy cause i ran out of ammys and I was being an idiot I died I got hit with a confuse star and thought i could make it not really… (from o2)

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Your Biggest Ragequit Moment

Originally posted by iamevilman:

Two 4/7s in three days. One to O2 lag, one to the Stone Guardian sword lag insta-kill.
I SMH’d for a while after that, made me broke.


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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Your Biggest Ragequit Moment

Originally posted by DDUU11:
Originally posted by SergeantSledge:

I just finished massacring a cyclops god with my level 20 wizard when a Cube God quest appears. I was too lazy to walk there, so i teleported to a group of players trying to kill it. In a split second, i was 3 inches from the cube god and died instantly. I just leveled up that day and i had a robe of the master+staff of destruction.

A few days later, i was summoned to Oryx’s chamber as a priest. Feeling cowardly due to being a level 16, i tried to flank him while he was busy shotgunning my group. Just as i felt safe, he shotgunned directly AT ME.

After that, i reached level 20 priest and then decided to go for a necromancer. In a few hours, i was a level 20 necro.I was being all cocky and stuff when i teleported to Godland. But then, a group of 3 medusas showed up. I tried to run away, clicking the nexus button. But it was too late. And that is why i have a phobia of medusas

The only medusa group that once killed me where 6 medusas as trickster.

With the oryx shotgun you move slightly to the left brah not that hard /:

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Your Biggest Ragequit Moment

Originally posted by staw:
Originally posted by Stryk123:

4 life pots in inv as soc, then I got def pot from medusa, picking it up, then this one guy just brought a huge god party with like 3 levithians, I got destroyed there. I lost my inv, I just started crying right there

sorry your lying

Either your lying or your the stupidest person ever (obviously lying medusas don’t drop def

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Your Biggest Ragequit Moment

Originally posted by tum0ppi:
Originally posted by 4123441234:

When 2 slime gods got rid of my archer. Gbow, elvish quiver of mastery, Drake skin armor, superior vit. I said “Aw” and made another archer.

why u had gbow and elvish? you should sell elvish and buy gquiver and bloodbow

but my rage moment was yesterday when i died 2 times in row in da fkin godlands and broke my only 2 ammies… need to farm with necro again to get more ammies for my 3/8 archer….

Why do people lie? I hope you mean elvencraft (t3 quiv)

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rushing

Originally posted by pooppoo:

so i dont care i sit back relax and let them do the work i once did nothing to a shpnix and i got 2 dex pot and a UT item it was a doombow

your such a freaking liar lol.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Epic battle you would like to see( should be possible)

Originally posted by LUIGIYOSHI11:

Clocking vs Kalle

lol, The battle would be over in like 5mins cause of them having probably a meax of like 750hp each.