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Topic: Tyrant / [Discussion] Which card would you upgrade?

Hephatat a 0-drop? Dude, your mind really shat a nuke there…

Now then…
Anvil → 3/7/3, Armor 3, Pierce 3, Crush 3
Zerbur → 4/10/4, Weaken 3, Disease, Jam All on Death
Barrier → 2/8/3, Protect All 1, Strike 3, Tribute
Dozer Trololol → 3/7/3, Refresh, Counter 3, Regenerate 4
Mech Aid → 3/12/4, Supply 4, Cleanse All Imperial
Infected Trooper → 6/6/3, Immobilize, Crush 6, Berserk 2
Soot Launcher → 2/6/2, Siege 3, AntiAir 3, Disease

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Topic: Tyrant / What about 0-wait?

Behold. Devs will probably upgrade Predator to 0-wait seeing this.

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Topic: General Gaming / Which is your fav Grand theft auto?

San Andreas, very closely followed by Vice City.

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Topic: Tyrant / Checkmate, Dakota337

Originally posted by synapticon:

how the


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Topic: Tyrant / Post your sealed decks, let people guess

structure draw ftw?

guess: vengar, 0/3 berserk flier, falcon, pinion, reaver, scrapwing, rust, zarak, warpgate, keep, (armadillo)
10% +, really unsure where to put but nice structures.

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Topic: Tyrant / post your tyrant drawings~~

Originally posted by dangercide:


Jotun, Svetlana, Atlas, (I think) Undertaker, DNA Assimilator, Tremor Wyrm

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Topic: Dream World / How mad is the Girl in Red

Very mad. Why do you keep on saving her? She’s a masochist… she wants to be humiliated by beasts and aliens.. :P

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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant Card Image Generator

Originally posted by loki3:

Wow, this is awesome.
I used Silvicon’s template in GIMP to create a card for Hoschisack, in IFS:


The fonts are amazing, too.
They seem perfect.
Almost too perfect.

Yosei ftw. +1