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Topic: General Gaming / WarLight Strategies

Well. Getting Gold in Europe Challenge is actually very easy and can be completed in way less than 24 turns… I just did it in 14 turns and I am very positively sure that 13 is also very doable if you wanna push the limit. The key ingredient is to actively go out and kill your stupid ally yourself. Would you rather take those lands while they are all 1’s and won’t react to your aggressiveness, or else? The whole Scandinavia area is also rich with resources and can be easily defended in a handful few bottlenecks (Denmark etc.)

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Topic: General Gaming / Pootris

Weirdly fun and addictive! This game isn’t getting the attention level it deserves! I especially enjoy watching the poor guy turns from green to purple to white!

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Topic: Kongregate / Giving "Typing Ninja Hunter" Badges Is A Mistake

I remember reading it inside the forums some time ago that only games with ratings higher than 3.5 will be given badges. The game “Typing Ninja Hunter” currently has a not-so-high rating of 3.12 and appears to be still falling due to its staggering amount of crooked bugs and unforgiving game mechanism during boss encounters. Perhaps it’s time for Kongregate to seriously consider some amendments on badge issuing for games that have been proven to be below the average yet were falsely considered to be good and thus granted badges at first, like “Typing Ninja Hunter” and “Draw-Play 2”, etc.

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Topic: General Gaming / What is the Game of the Century? My Top 5 Picks. Post yours!

There’s still 93 years ahead… I won’t conclude it this soon.

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Topic: General Gaming / Warp Forest levels



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Topic: General Gaming / What are your thoughts on 3D Logic 2?

According to the introduction on jayisgames, both 3D Logic 1 and 2 are not original but just some cheap copy from a Shockwave game in 2005 or so.

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Topic: General Gaming /

I just happened to bump into a site called ‘’:

It presents some really nice and interesting games with lots of black humor; the most recent creation called Via Sol 2 is what I found to be the most enjoyable to play. Unfortunately the creator and his games has yet to come to Kongregate, it would seem.