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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Kabam, relase ninja everywhere, PLEASE

Originally posted by Slaveforhire:
Originally posted by gallon213:

is english your first language?

THat irrelevant, but yes


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Topic: Off-topic / Twilight: The Reasoning Behind Why This Series Sucks

Thank you for FINALLY stating what must be stated.. this series is f*cking disgusting… These idiotic characters couldn’t be more flat if the author didn’t mention their names, the sparkling thing when they step in sunlight.. dude.. vampires DRINK BLOOD, fool humans into a false sense of calmness and ambush their necks.. they’re f*cking brutal, they aren’t supposed to sparkle like fairy-tale princesses or unicorns.. And if the author wanted to change the original “cliche” of vampires die in the sunlight, he could have made them fall sick with something .. or explode.. any of this would have made the twilight series something to watch!!! Right now i can’t stand the talk of this damn horsesh*t anymore.. even my girlfriend wanted me to go watch the new moon with her.. i gave her the cash for her and a friend, but there is no way i’m going to get arrested for breaking the f*cking projector ..