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Topic: Kongregate APIs / API strange message: [Konduit] [Game->Service]: hello: {"":0,"client.ver":1}

Thanks for the response, UnknownGuardian (and for QuickKong!), but it seems it’s not working – we’re still only getting 25% revenue after a couple days of my implementation of the API. :/ It’s strange because in offline (shadow) testing everything looks just peachy. Btw I see the string got cut off for some reason in my post, so here it is again:

hello: {,client.ver }

Does the kongregate API team monitor this forum by any chance, or should I try contacting them directly?

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / API strange message: [Konduit] [Game->Service]: hello: {"":0,"client.ver":1}

Hi, I’m hoping some of you more experienced kong api’ers can help me…

I tried adding the stats API to our game using QuickKong, and it seems pretty straightforward, but when I look at the game’s java console output (after adding ?debug_level=4 to the game’s path), I see this instead of a clear success message:

[Konduit] [Game→Service]: hello: {"":0,client.ver

Anyone know what I could be doing wrong here or what this message actually means? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Premium Games

Sorry if this has been asked already, but I haven’t seen it yet…

I have a question on IP rights for concepts-what are the protections in place for both Kong and the submitter to govern how IP submissions are handled? For example if an idea is pitched and Kong passes on it, what happens?

does Kong own all ideas submitted, used or not?
is there an NDA or similar agreement to ensure that the rights are retained by the creator?
some other arrangement?

thanks for any info