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Topic: General Gaming / Book of Mages 3 suggestions

You guys are saying “no earth/air/x clans”, but we could make up a plot for them. (Example)
In the year (x), Shiverhorror, the Great Mage, while was working on some powerfull ice magic, accidently caused a earthquake, all the mages revealed interest in that newly fond power of his, and everyone tried to get some of it.
Shiverhorror teached nobody, he was afraid that power could be too much to handle, so he only teach the ONE person he relied on, FROSTBURN.
But then Frostburn was exiled,(Like Blood said)and he started teaching earth to wanderers at the Dark alleys/wilderness.
Later, those wandererers became very powerfull and tried to kill Frostburn, but coulden’t becase of his Lighting/Air magic.
So they went talking to the Great Mage, and begged for The Great Mage to forgive them.
Shiverhorror(The Great Mage) accepted, and then, as a token of his reliability, he created a new clan, the earth/ground clan.
That consisted in 3 magics.
Life Magic
Plant Controll 20mana/20 special Deals moderate damage to the enemy and freezes him for 1 turn (Plants grab enemy)
Animal Controll 150mana/100special Wild beasts Destrooy half of the enemies health and give it to you

Ground Magic
Earthquake 90mana Makes a powerfull earthquake that freezes the enemies defense and hurts him a little bit
Rock Spikes 100mana/70 special Rocky Spikes appear from the ground and severely hurt the enemy

Swamp Magic
Drowning 40mana/10 special freezes the enemy for 2 turns
Quick Sands 100mana/100 special (needs swamp liquid stacked up to 20) kills enemy
Swamp Liquid Stacks up to 20