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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / General Suggestions Thread

idk anything about bloons TD 1-4 but i guess they had difrent tracks, maybe they could be included for fun and nostalgia, maybe they could be solf for monkey money and offer small monkey money rewards when you beat them (enough to refund the price or something)

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Topic: Elements / Ideas for Elements CCG (Destructive criticism will be ignored)

since there’s a thread like this, why not post, made this card dyring class out of boredom

time bomb 8 time quanta
ability: place 1 counter on time bomb, when time bomb is destroyed inflict dmg equal to the amount of countes X3 to both players, when time bomb has been on the field for 5 turns detonate it and only the oponent wil recieve dmg
ability costs 3 fire quanta
might be a bit op

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Topic: Off-topic / Favorite song?

try lordi, always makes my day^^ except when my phones batery is dead lol