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Topic: War of Omens / Ritual Slaughter and Scrivener bug

Scrivener gives you one resource whenever a Ritual is cast, even if the thing has no effect. Are you sure that’s not what you’re seeing? It’d only be a bug if you’re getting more than one resource off this.

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Topic: War of Omens / A Funny Thing Happened

I would have probably died of laughter if the game hadn’t crashed. I can’t imagine what it’d have looked like to see that many attacks proc all at once!

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Topic: War of Omens / A Funny Thing Happened

Hey guys. Today I was playing Metris with Valdorian against some Master difficulty AI when I was shocked to find I had gone infinite thanks to a Charlatan my Lackey restocked. I had never thought about it, but Charlatan lets you go infinite against any Vespitole deck if they have resource production spells (it can take quite a bit of gold to get started, of course).

Anyway, I decided to run with it because another Lackey had also restocked an Apothecary, and I thought it’d be fun to kill the opponent that way instead of feeding a Militia. I went overboard with it because I was curious how much overkill I could get. You can see the results here:

One thing I forgot to show in that video is the back row is a row of Knights. In retrospect, I probably should have made my entire field either Knights or Arsenics because it’d look cooler. I’m not sure it’d have matter though. As you can see in that video, my game was lagging even while it was my turn. It couldn’t handle things when I ended my turn so the game crashed.

Still, I thought it was pretty cool. I know people could make decks to do weird things like this, but there’s something awesome about it just happening without you meaning for it to.

I’d still like to know how much overkill you can get though.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Weekly CP Bug

According to the game, I’ve racked up 4,931 CP in the last two and a half days. I’ve done this despite being VIP 0 (meaning I can’t donate gold). This is obviously a bug.

When the game was changed to stop resetting weekly CP with maintenance, things got buggy. Instead of simply not doing anything to weekly CP with maintenance, maintenance somehow rolled back everyone’s weekly CP to what it was prior to the Tuesday reset. This has happened twice now.

The effect of this is weekly CP values will rise and rise indefinitely (except between Tuesday’s reset and Wednesday’s maintenance, where they’ll act properly). By next week, I’ll be able to have seven thousand weekly CP. The week after that, nine or ten thousand.

I’ve been told each time the CP values get reset one’s total CP is increased by a corresponding amount. If that’s true, every week’s CP will count again for the total with each successive week. Donate now, and it will count this week, next week, the week after, the week after and the week after. Donating 250 CP now would mean increasing your guild’s total by 1,000 for the month.

Someone should verify whether or not that’s true. If it is, this bug is insane. If it isn’t, the bug is still horrible. Without a weekly reset of CP, the guilds who contribute the most CP in the first few weeks will never lose their weekly spot. My guild currently has ~60k weekly CP. The 20th guild in weekly rankings has ~80k. Even if my guild managed to generate 10k more CP than that guild does this week, they’d still be guaranteed a spot in the showdown.

As it stands, there are guilds who could contribute no CP at all this week and still wind up with a spot in the showdown. That’s stupid. And so is this bug. Instead of fixing a problem by having maintenance simply do nothing to weekly CP, you guys have somehow made maintenance break the CP system.

Even worse? You guys probably wouldn’t ever notice unless somebody complained.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Bosses and their tactics

I see you also fixed a couple errors I pointed out. For some reason though, you still have not gotten Shimmering Cave right. It’s kind of funny. deathvonduel is the one who specifically pointed out the error that still remains. That means you’ve still only corrected the errors I’ve pointed out, failing to correct the errors anyone else points out. Of course, you haven’t given me credit for anything you’ve corrected :P

To be clear, stage two of Shimmering Cave does not use any units with Counterattack or Poison.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Gold

Originally posted by GETH83:

activity rewards 15 gold a day x 7 days = 105g
ascension tower lvl 45 every week= 96g
50 PvP battles a week = 20g

= 221 gold a week u dont even have to be lucky to get

It may not take luck if you have the right decks, but clearing 45 floors of the tower is not easy for most players.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / High Lady Kuri Takes the Field!

Again the promotion for this event lists the wrong ring. The ring actually gives Hero Crit, not Hero HP.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Bosses and their tactics

Hard bosses are different, including having more cards, but that’s not relevant here. The cards and stats listed make it clear this guide is for Hard difficulty, not Normal.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Bosses and their tactics

Another error for Dark Forest:

Special Units Virulent Bat King (+5 poison dmg if unit is dmg by normal attack when that units turn ends)

The Virulent Bat King in Dark Forest has Decay 7, not Decay 5.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Bosses and their tactics

I was doing Dark Forest earlier, and I noticed this is wrong:

Storm Lizard King (Stun+AOE+Armor 4)

It has five armor, not four.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Bosses and their tactics

Originally posted by Destructible13:

Stop your complaining about the post above yours and get on with life!

Why in the world would you tell someone who hasn’t posted in almost two weeks to stop posting certain things? To stop doing something I’m not doing, I’d have to start doing it. That means you’re not just baiting me, you’re demanding I engage in behavior you suggest is bad.

Originally posted by XxSirCarlosxX:

Can we also have all of zz1000zz’s condescending posts deleted as well? Everything about this thread is awesome. Except him and his childish behavior.

It’s funny you’d claim the only childish things here are my posts while asking for my posts to be deleted. It’s hard to imagine much more childish than censoring people because you don’t like what they have to say.

Out of curiosity, how do you people complaining about my behavior feel about the fact my behavior is the only reason a mistake in this guide got fixed? fg109 pointed out the skills listed for Shimmering Cave were wrong. The topic creator responded to him, saying he’d look into it, but never did. I pointed out the same problem, using a combative tone, and that led to it getting fixed.

deathvonduel pointed out the units for Shimmering Cave were wrong. The topic creator responded to him, but he didn’t comment on the issue. The mistake in the guide hasn’t been fixed. The use of a nice tone didn’t work. While you can say whatever you want about me and my posts, they’re the only reason any mistake in the guide has been fixed.

Originally posted by Destructible13:
Originally posted by ddsw1b:

I found the guild nice, as a quick overview of what each boss has.
You could add that sanguine tribe stage 2 and windy cliff stage 2 have ALL physical damage

Sanguine Tribe Stage 2 does not have all physical damage, fire damage is included in some of Clamour’s spells.

She was referring to damage dealt to player units, the only damage anyone would really care about. The only skills that deal fire damage in that stage are buffs put on the enemy units. They have no affect on player units, meaning Dread Phantoms will never take more than one damage from a skill in that stage.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Walls

Originally posted by Gambaro:

Seizan: Noob is an abbreviation for newbie, which mean just newcomer.

No, it’s not. Noob is distinct from newb, and it is used as a pejorative the way Seizan_7 used it. Every time you use the word “noob” to refer to someone, you are insulting them.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Game Mechanic Change Suggestion

Originally posted by shin89:

Wow….I make up things, but you take a sentence out of it’s contest to answer me….when you critic me, I explain myself, when I critic you, you answer that I make up things and you don’t explain what I ask you to explain….I can be a child, I can be wrong, but I tried to add something to this topic, accepting critics and thinking about new ideas. You proposed 1 thing and then defended it to death, giving no further explanation when I asked you about block. You don’t explain your ideas: you just want to attack the others: it’s pointless to discuss ideas with a person that, be you smart or not, doesn’t want to find solutions, but only more arguments.

I have no idea what you just said. Maybe this made sense when you were writing it, but most people know if you want people to know what you’re referring to, it helps to quote it. Or at least describe it in enough detail they can readily spot it. As it stands, I doubt there’s a person alive who could figure it out.

Enjoy your attitude, I tried to speak your own language, now I will ignore you.

You say, immediately before making another comment to ask me:

Try it at home: how long did it take?

Interesting behavior. Normally when one says they’re going to ignore a person, they don’t immediately ask that person a direct question. Also, when one says a “fork must be added,” they usually don’t write pseudocode that doesn’t involve a fork at all. Then again, when a person says a routine must be added, they usually provide code for a routine, which you didn’t do.

To answer your question, I have no idea how long it takes to implement code that is neither a fork nor routine yet claim it is both. I suspect it would take a bit of time to either consume enough alcohol or bang your head against the wall enough times for it to make sense.

Originally posted by kevinke6:

Pure entertainment: the 2 people who agreed on me being an idiot in such discussions are now quarrelling against each other and accusing each other of being a child

I never called you an idiot. I said your posts in a topic were stupidly written to the point of being incomprehensible. While you might find that insulting, it is only a comment on your posts, not you.

It’d help your case if you took the time to get the little things right.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Game Mechanic Change Suggestion

Originally posted by shin89:

Wow…man, you are acting like a child. Ok, you can have one more big answer.

I noticed you say this about a lot of people you disagree with in this forum. Either you’re way more mature than people, or you make this accusation more than you should. Given the pettiness of some of your comments, I’d wager it’s the latter. For example:

I said that your idea can be implemented in the same time than mine. But then you have to fix blocks, so I did not contradict myself, read better.

Read better? Seriously? There’s no justification for a comment like that unless you’re trying to be petty.

Not only that, but the insult is based upon a total misrepresentation. You randomly claimed “you have to fix blocks” to implement my idea, and I responded that there is no reason for such – my idea doesn’t require any change in blocks. You responded, saying you “did not contradict” yourself, but nobody ever claimed you did. That means you’re telling me to “read harder” while responding to things I never said. You continue to make things up by saying:

Unless you give me a solution that you have ALREADY explained in this thread and that I did not understand, you are just wrong according to your own criteria.

I never gave a criterion for what is “just wrong.” Of course my system doesn’t just cancel out blocks. I never said otherwise. I never suggested the fact it can do more than cancel blocks is a bad thing. You’re fabricating a claim for me just so you can say I contradict myself and my system is bad.

A new function….man, I was bullying you, fixing a 100% crit is soooo easy….you don’t need a new function, you just call the damage function giving it 1 instead of the random number. A fork takes less than 20 seconds, so you did not contradict me….

First, it’s funny you said I’m acting like a child but here you flat-out say you were bullying me.

Second, you now randomly claim the damage function accepts a random number as input when there’s no reason to believe it does. There’s no reason to think a damage function would calculate the chance of critical hits. That would make the function more bulky than is necessary.

Third, I did contradict you. A fork like I described would never be coded in just twenty seconds. You’re randomly saying I didn’t contradict you on a point when I explicitly contradicted you on the point. Similarly:

About the weaker part. You did not even read what you cited….that’s lame….

You’re just making this up. You have no way to know what I did and did not read. Short of telepathy, you have no basis for this comment. All you’re doing is saying I didn’t read it because I disagree with you. And you follow this ridiculous pettiness with the time honored tactic of running away:

Anyway, since you prefer to argue instead of proposing new ideas, I’m not interested in giving you further explanations. Use those energies to find a good improvement instead of doing the same mistakes that you say I do.

Your behavior has been consistently petty, involving repeated rude remarks, constant misrepresentations and total fabrications. All the while, you’ve attacked people for nothing more than disagreeing with you. The best part is you repeatedly refused to provide any justification for a claim, but then you decided to right before leaving. Because apparently you were only willing to show your work when you knew it wouldn’t be challenged. Except, you knew someone might challenge it so you preemptively said it didn’t matter if you’ve been wrong:

Let’s say for 1 minute that I’m too optimistic and that a good team cannot put up this. In this case, your idea helps the spike finishing the kill….so, basically, we have 2 cases: I am right, or I am wrong and your idea changes nothing while ambush→crit would make the difference……

In other words, it’s okay if you completely hand-waved your way through the argument and were really just making things up all along. You’re still right!

Since you said I’m acting like a child, let me give a time-honored retort. “It takes one to know one!”

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Bosses and their tactics

Originally posted by Dreams_of_Fury:

you do realize that this was your first post in here that actually explained stuff, rather then just be an condescending person. It was a quick guide, written from the top of my head, so forgive me ooh mighty lord for making a mistake or 2, especially for stages that most people just auto.

I specifically said you combined the two stages of Shim to some extent, pointing out you listed skills from both classes. The exact same issue had been raised in the manner you suggest I should have raised it, a month earlier. You said you’d look into it, but didn’t.

Before you act like I’m being unreasonable, you made an obvious mistake, and you waited over a month to address it. Then, when you did address it, you made up a wild idea that bosses could use skills from more than one class in order to not admit you screwed up.

Mistakes happen, but that does nothing to justify petty behavior like yours.

You could have all saved us time as well by immediately stating "boss 1 does sunder and decay, where as boss 2 doesn’t "

fg109 did exactly that. It didn’t accomplish anything. There’s no reason to think me doing the same thing would have generated any different results. In fact, one could reasonably believe the only reason you admitted your mistake was because I’ve been critical of you. You sure didn’t admit it when people were kind with their responses.

That’d fit your behavior well given you just make things up whenever criticized. Before it was that bosses could use skills from multiple classes. Now its:

yet you come in here and just start shouting that everything in this guide is wrong based on an initial skim.

I never said everything was wrong with this guide. I said there was a specific problem that had gone unaddressed for over a month, and as such, the guide was suspect. That’s it. You’re massively exaggerating what I said in order to paint me as unreasonable. Given you’re doing this while downplaying your own mistake, it’s clear you’re just trying to refrain from admitting fault.

Or at least, I’d say it is when you start saying crazy things like:

Guide may not be perfect, may contain mistakes, but most people would at least be willing to enhance it (and have done) , instead of just outright blaspheming it. That will be the last I will go on about this, as this petty arguing doesn’t belong in a thread where not only me , but others as well are trying to help people.

Blaspheming, really? Blasphemy requires disrespect for a holy object or entity. Not only are you elevating your guide to the status of “sacred,” you’re painting me as some sort of heretic, all because I pointed out stupid mistakes that go unfixed make their source suspect.

By all means, take your holy symbol and go home so the evil heretic can’t hurt your feelings with his horrible blasphemy.


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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Game Mechanic Change Suggestion

Originally posted by shin89:

First, I said that you were right about my sentence ‘we are all happy’, so I see no point in using it against me. It just shows that I admit when I do mistakes, so it actually helps me.

I used it to show a trend. The fact you acknowledged something that was part of a trend does not stop it from being part of a trend. The same is true for when you say:

Second: your idea and my idea are both easy to program (I program in C, C++ and Java, if you want more explanations just ask),

Previously, you responded to my idea by suggesting it would be more difficult to implement than yours. That claim was baseless. You now agree my idea would be as easy to implement as yours. This is the exact same behavior you demonstrated with the previous issue. It’s a disturbing and annoying trend. You basically just make things up. Sure, it’s good you’ve acknowledged being wrong, but that doesn’t solve the problem that you keep doing it. That problem is especially bad given you say things like:

but yours doesn’t solve the problem, since a buffed mif can still deal a crazy amount of damage critting.

Previously you’ve claimed, and refused to justify, saying a spike rush will automatically kill a player it attacks. I challenged that, and you ignored me. I challenge the notion that Mifzuna’s damage would be too high with my proposed change, and again, you’ve relied upon nothing but a bald assertion for it. I have no idea how you’d justify this claim, and for all I know, you’d back away from it like you have others (and seem to have about not needing crits in spike rushes).

Even worse, you say things like:

It makes it less overpowered, but it also affects the other creatures, changing the balancement a lot. So, before implementing it, you should consider a lot of factors, like the other affected abilities and block system. If you don’t change it also, making it addictive, crit and block won’t cancel each other.

Which are just wrong. Under my proposed change, crits and blocks will still cancel out. The only thing blocks won’t cancel out is the additional critical effect caused by things like Ambush, something it has never canceled out. For another example:

Also, you state that changing only ambush would make the system overly complicated for no reason, but you didn’t explained why. Since you are torturing me for explanations, don’t do the same….
I will explain why it is easy.
Different abilities are coded in different lanes, even if they can call the same functions. But developing an automatic crit chance on first attack is really easy, instead of calling the normal random function, you call another that gives you back 1, a low skilled programmer can do it in more or less 20 seconds.

This explanation is bogus. The way Ambush works now, it is a simple flag which, if set, causes the damage value to double. It does not touch any future steps, such as the one determining critical hits. There is no entryway for your proposed function. That means a fork would have to be inserted into the code to check to see if a new function should be called. That’s not something which would be done in 20 seconds.

You’re not suggesting a minor, comprehensive change to the system like I am. You’re suggesting a special case branch to the code pathway involving a new function. My change keeps the system as a single pathway with the only additional complexity being a single variable. Yours involves as much, plus an additional function which has to be maintained. That’s why it is more complicated than my idea.

When I said that the card is not weaker, if you have a higher stat, I’m in the right. With 0% crit chance, you deal X damage, with 30% crit chance you deal X damage, with 75% crit chance you are still dealing X damage. The card is not weaker at all, it’s equal. You said a right thing to state that my (different and right) statement was wrong. I choosed the words accurately.

This doesn’t address anything I’ve said at all. You’re simply ignoring my explanation, in which I even gave a specific, mathematical proof. As such, it’s cheeky to say:

Sometimes explanations are required, but usually people can catch the ideas. Long posts are boring.

Explanations aren’t required as often if you refrain from making things up. They also aren’t required as often if you address what people say in a direct manner. Just now you flat-out ignored an explanation of mine, said I’m wrong anyway, then said explanations aren’t usually required. Clearly, they are.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / maths are wrong...

Originally posted by Gambaro:

VIPs only get better packs in the shop and a higher crit/block rate. Apart from that, they are like free players with lots of gold. ^^

Maybe not in a single game. But after playing like 20 game you will see how much it matters…

No. So no. Crit and block rates are determined entirely by hero stats and reputation levels.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Game Mechanic Change Suggestion

Originally posted by shin89:Well, using the addictive damage instead of the multiplicative one does not solve the problem.

Given this is the primary point of concern, I’d think you’d spend more time on it than a single sentence. For example, perhaps you’d explain how it does not solve the problem. This is akin to how I disagreed with you that a spike rush will automatically kill a player without a crit, and you said nothing further. It’s also related to how you said if a change got made, “[W]e are all happy” even though it’s a change some people would not be happy with.

Put simply, you’re stating conclusions without doing anything to support them. You do the same thing again when you say:

If we need a solution that doesn’t impact much normal decks and is easy to develope without changing many things, ambush→crit is the best solution.

Of course, if you want a perfectly balanced game you should just look for another one.

I understand your concern, but if we propose things that are hard to develope or that require many changements, it’s better to close this topic.

There is nothing about your idea that is inherently easier to code. An automatic critical hit system could easily involve as much effort to make as a change in how critical effects stack. It could easily involve more effort. You have no basis for this comment.

Things change a lot for spear/longbow damage, but I don’t find those ones overpowered. I’ve never seen someone using multiple encourages to double the damage on a cavalry/flying unit, so there’s no need to change their mechanics too.

Huh? You want to change Ambush to be an automatic crit, but you don’t want to change any other critical effects? That’d make the system overly complicated for no reason. Why would anyone want to create two different code paths just so one ability could work differently?

Anyway, when you say that a card should not get worse as your stats increase, I agree. And my suggestion does not make cards weaker if you have high stats, so I cannot see your point. Many other good games, like League of Legends (even if it’s a radical different game) have abilities to crit 100% on one attack, but people don’t complaint and still stack crit chance and like those abilities.

An automatic critical hit gets weaker, proportionally, as your reputation level (and Valour stat) increases. That’s basic math. As for League of Legends, when designing builds that involve the situation you’re referring to, people discuss how automatic crits make critical hit chance less important. I’ve participated in such discussions. While people may not “complaint,” they are aware of how it works.

It’s basic math. Suppose a unit gets two attacks. If it has a 50% crit rate, it’ll average one crit. Make one an automatic crit, and it’ll average 1.5. If that unit instead has a 0% crit rate, it’ll average zero crits. Make one attack an automatic crit, and it’ll average one crit. That means the difference in 0% and 50% crit rate goes from an average of one crit to an average of half a crit.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Bosses and their tactics

Originally posted by deathvonduel:
Originally posted by zz1000zz:

Yeah. The topic creator is just full of it. Bosses are limited to a single class just like everything else. They just get access to unique cards. The topic creator screwed up, and for some reason, he made things up rather than admit an obvious mistake.

As for the Meteor Shower, or whatever the cross-shaped spell is called, it does a set amount of damage. Lightning Tempest does random amounts.

Errr… tempest isn’t random, at least not completely. It does a fixed amount of dmg in total to units within its AoE
But I’m not entirely sure how Meteor Shower works, could be fixed per unit or something, didn’t really pay that much attention considering how ez the boss is.

Oh, right. Sorry about that. I was thinking of the other Lightning skill players get. Now that I think about it though, it’s in a square, not a cross shape. Anyway, the point is Meteor Shower does a fixed amount of damage to each unit. I think it was somewhere around eight, but I’m not sure offhand.

Originally posted by Dreams_of_Fury:


- Make a better guide, if you are so against this one, as I’ve said before

Uh, no?

- Skimming a topic doesn’t make you an expert on said topic. Read before you reply.

Why? Everything I said was completely correct; a point you now acknowledge.

- Why the heck do you bring up lightning tempest for shimmering? refer to previous sentence.

You tell me to, “Read before [I] reply,” yet here you show you didn’t read what I said. I didn’t bring Lightning Tempest up. deathvonduel did. I responded to what he said. If you have a complaint about it being brought up, take it up with the person who brought it up. Don’t blame me for what someone else did.

- I do admit my mistakes if someone actually properly tells them, as for example deathvonduel did. The difference between you two guys is that deathvonduel actually gives advice to people wanting to learn more if i was wrong, where as you just say “you’re wrong” without even going into detail.

I explicitly stated an error in the guide. You denied it was an error, fabricating a wild claim about boss’s not being restricted to a single class. If you’re saying the reason you did this is you don’t like the way I pointed out your mistake, that’s funny. And pathetic.

For the record:

Checked and indeed b2 does no sunder armour nor decay, as for meteor storm it does 8 fixed dmg (unless block ofcourse) in cross-shape form it seems, but he can and often will hit his own units with it also.

I was right. You could have saved us all time and effort by not coming up with wild ideas to pretend an obvious mistake was anything other than an obvious mistake. And when I say “obvious mistake,” I mean anyone who has ever played Shimmering Cave should have known you were wrong. And when I say you came up with a wild idea to pretend you didn’t make a mistake, I mean, anyone who has spent any real amount of time in this game should have known you were wrong.

But by all means, complain more about my tone. And say I don’t have the room to point out obvious mistakes from a person who makes things up because I don’t write guides of my own. It’s a great way to handle criticisms.

If you want to look like a fool.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Game Mechanic Change Suggestion

Make Ambush and such abilities auto-crit instead of increasing damage separately, and all you do is weaken players with higher reputation levels and stats. A person with a 25% chance to crit will benefit far less from Ambush than a person with a 10%.

A card should not get worse as your stats increase.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Bosses and their tactics

Yeah. The topic creator is just full of it. Bosses are limited to a single class just like everything else. They just get access to unique cards. The topic creator screwed up, and for some reason, he made things up rather than admit an obvious mistake.

As for the Meteor Shower, or whatever the cross-shaped spell is called, it does a set amount of damage. Lightning Tempest does random amounts.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Bosses and their tactics

Originally posted by kevinke6:
Originally posted by zz1000zz:

Thanks for demonstrating my initial impression of your work was fitting. Stage two of Shim uses Decay and Sunder? And what, stage one uses nothing?


hehe, hopefully now you feel that tide of “omfg why u so dumb” emotion, as i did with shin :)

Uh… maybe I do? I don’t know. Your posts in that topic were so over-the-top and stupidly written I didn’t bother figuring out what you were trying to say. I could be pass-out drunk, and in my last moments of consciousness, I’d still write more coherently than you did. And short of being that drunk, I don’t think your posts there would ever seem meaningful to me.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Metagame is getting stale

Remember folks, if you don’t agree with the premise of a topic, you aren’t welcome in it. You shouldn’t even click on it:

Originally posted by APMover9000:

It’s good for you if you think this meta is entertaining, then obviously GameFuse doesn’t have to do anything to keep you happy, and you shouldn’t have entered this topic in the first place,

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Bosses and their tactics

Thanks for demonstrating my initial impression of your work was fitting. Stage two of Shim uses Decay and Sunder? And what, stage one uses nothing?


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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Game Mechanic Change Suggestion

Originally posted by shin89:

spike rush doesn’t care at all about crits: when a spike rusher is attacking, one player will die, crit or not.

If you’re referring to matches in 4v4, I don’t think so. I saw people survive attacks from spike rushes in the showdown two weeks ago. If you’re referring to matches outside 4v4, definitely not.

Just remove crits on heroes and we are all happy. Spike rush won’t disappear, ranger rush (sadly) will be only slightly affected, warrior rush will need some skill and not only luck. And normal decks will be improved!!

When you say, “[W]e are all happy,” you mean, “Everyone who agrees with me is happy,” right? I mean, you wouldn’t have the audacity to speak for everyone, including people who disagree with you, would you?