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Topic: CS Portable / HACKERS!!!

2 things, unless you turned off grenades, he can buy and throw as many as he wants, and he probably has a extremely high ping and teleports due to lag. Its happened before, and the shoot through walls was probably him lagging up behind you and killing you.

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Topic: CS Portable / CS Portable Guide

Originally posted by finishhim123:
Originally posted by Terminator75:

I Activated voice chat, held ‘H’ and talked but couldnt hear my voice in the game?? Does this mean that u cant hear ur own voice???

Yeah. I found out with some friends you can’t hear yourself, but you can hear others.

Do you have a mic?

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Topic: CS Portable / What happened with the lantern?


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Topic: CS Portable / What's your rank?

Mien is 21 yay me