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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / New class idea

- Viking -
Max HP: 730
Max MP: 170
Max ATK: 55
Max DEF: 20
Max SPD: 16 <- Yes yes i know… This is very slowy
Max DEX: 24 <- Slowy too….
Max VIT: 60 <- WUT???
Max WIS: 30
Ability: Make a lot of damage to the monsters. Ability Item: Axe
T0: (Wooden Axe) 200-300 Damage
T1: (Steel Axe) 250-350 Damage
T2: (Golden Axe) 300-400 Damage
T3: (Mirthil Axe) 350-450 Damage
T4: (Axe of death) 500-600 Damage
T5: (Colossus Axe) 700-1000 Damage +1 DEF +1 VIT
T6: (Skull Axe) 1000-1200 Damage +1 SPD, DEF and VIT
T7: (Fire Axe) 500-750 Damage, Bleed monster for 5 secs
T8: (Ixirnea Axe) 1500-2000 Damage +3 DEF
T9: (Dark Axe) 2000-2500 Damage +5 DEF
T10: (Axe of storms) 3000-3500 Damage +7 DEF
UT: (Axe of infinity power) 3500-4000 Damage +9 DEF
Armour: Heavy
Weapons: Sword
Requirements: Lvl 20 Knight, Trickster and Necromancer
Desc: Its the best class… And very strong for attack