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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battlestar Galactica Online] Bug thread

Originally posted by jananarefferal1:

wait till you get ur gunz to lv 15 before you fricking go for ur frickin merits N.O.O.B.

It’s not the guns, it’s the pilot.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Champion Pros and Cons

The champions represent different play styles; Got it?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] The Milita's barracks

Hello. I am theweirdgenius. Level is at 24. Whisper, please.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / MASSIVE Multiplayer Online Gaming

I am assuming You are factoring a realistic resource system, like EVE, for weapons/vehicles/super-weapons/medical gear, all requiring knowledge/training.

Then there are logistics to worry about; Example : Most infantrymen can pack at least fifty pounds of ammo/spare uniforms/ et cetera, with medics/hospital corpsmen holding that, on top of IVs, Splinters, medicine, and anything else that said medical personnel would be issued, weighing in at one hundred pounds.
This is not factoring commo gear, fuel, or other stuff that i could not think of as of this posting.

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Topic: General Gaming / If Caravaneer 2?

Caravaneer played with the idea of a “pseudo” grid (I.E., a network of routes/supply lines).
Here is what i like to see:


1. the ability to start or expand a power grid in a town; buying/selling electricity; for example, building a solar farm in the Negev of Israel.
2. relating to #1, maybe some off-grid buildings (I.E., not depending on a power grid, because it makes it’s own electricity, or simply doing without)
3. The ability to look for resources, like water; however, you need to ‘learn’ how to find, extract, process, and sell the appropriate product (say, using sonar to find fish, or whatever the oil conglomerates use to find oil).
4. The option to hunt (and not the bargain type) animals (I.E., bears, wolves, deer, wild pigs, et cetera)
5. With the talk of factions, there should be a government structure type setup (like real life, complete with tax codes of all kinds). Said taxes could be as simple as cutting a check under a flat tax, of a frustrating monstrosity. forms of government and policies matter in the sequel, as in real life
6. Different terrain is a bonus (at least to the extent that one cannot confuse Florida with Ontario)

In regards to hiring characters:

1. Backgrounds of every type for each potential employee/contractor, with pro and cons for all descriptors (like royalty would cost more, but could potentially improve your image). This would allow the player to pick and choose whom he wants to hire.
2. More jobs than just guard/carrier there are all sorts of jobs in real life (watch dirty jobs for some ideas). the most important job classes could be: Resource production/sales, security patrols, like the national/coast guard (and their offence oriented brethren, armies* and navies*), accounting/tax work, manufacturing stuff (vehicles, weapons and ammunition, and medicine)

*I would assume that the army and navy could have an aviation component.

There may be holes in my suggestions; if you find one, let me know.
Here is one thing i would like to ask, though: If one could build a town/outpost, how wold it be organized? would there be a town square?

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Topic: Off-topic / The Worst Animated Show

there is some really funny anime out there. like Azumanga Daioh;it’ s so flipping funny, it hurts.

A.D.D. moment : except for that guy who won’t shut his face at all. being a dirty old man (and somehow averting termination) does not help.