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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monstermind] Bug Reports

Ive got a couple of bugs Ive seen so far ranging from the minor to really major.

1) Item deployment glitch. When trying to place something on a clear green tile, the items glow will be red as to say you cannot build here. For me, if you toggle min max screen mode the error fixes itself. Could not find a trigger for it.

2) If an item ie: building, defense item, landscape etc… is destroyed, if you store it broken then re deploy it broken and try to repair it, the repair time will be increased by what seems like 2 zeros to the right. Example. If the repair time is 1 minute (1:00), it would instead be 1 hour (1:00:00). The fix I have been doing is to re-store it once it is in repair phase and redeploy it. When redeployed it will already be in repair phase and the time will be correct.

3) Friends. If another kongregate member adds you as a friend in kongregate, they will show up as a fan and not a friend in your kongregate account. However, in Monstermind that person can see your city and attack at will while you will not be able to see them unless you accept their friend request and change them from fan to friend in your kongregate account.

4) I recently used “powerup rewards” to acquire “kreds”. I used these kreds to purchase one of the deals in the monstermind menu; “city breaker: 2 snails & 2 birds”. I then proceeded to attempt an in game mission where I did in fact see the 2 snails. The 2 birds was not confirmed because the mission did not require them. After the ingame mission I went back to my city where I then proceeded to check my monster inventory for the 2 birds. They where not their. I did not use them and I did not see them. The kreds where taken for the purchased item though.

Some suggestions…

1) It would be nice if there was a “store all” option. Granted it takes away a little from the building and reorganizing process but if it could be implemented with a limited amount of use feature it would be nice.

2) Defense. There are many items in place for this purpose. It would be nice however if monsters from different players actually fought each other when contact or in this case, overlay happens. This could possibly tone down some of the multiple team ups on one player from happening.

Thanks for listening. This game is really one of the gems that I have seen online and that is why I took the time out to post what I have seen.