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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Gem Combination.

Been playing this over on Armor games for a bit now, and the general consensus is yellow/red/white in towers surrounded by yellow amps. black/orange/Red in traps surrounded by orange amps. There are lots of in depth discussions over there about gem combinations. go have a look see for more

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Topic: Kongregate / Commercial games on Kong

good idea Zaminick, but even applying your own tags to a game doesn’t guarantee that you’ll see them before you start playing.

just got another “This is a demo, now pay for the rest of the game” splash screen at the end of Dungeonup. the utter disappointment is crushing

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Do you have ideas for AdCap? Share them here!

Originally posted by dogucan97:

“Buy all available” button for both upgrades and the buildings, please.

This! it takes me longer to click on all the upgrades than it does to buy stuff

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Topic: Kongregate / Commercial games on Kong

I’ve mentioned this before, but the number of would-be commercial games appearing on Kong that need real world money investment is getting stupid.

Redshift, Pool and now Bloon Tower Defense World have all been RUINED by microtransaction play styles. I don’t mind investing a few kreds to a developer to show mu appreication, but when developers expect a continuous stream of investment just to keep playing the game at a competitive level, its time to stop playing and go find something else.

I like Kongregate, but its slowly becoming a commercial flash game platform, and I don’t like that idea. I’ve played some amazing games here, but lately, there’s a growing trend of leeching money from players that I don’t like.

Can we have some sort of system of tagging these games so people like me who dont want to keep pumping money in peoples pockets can see at a glance that a game has commercial transactions?

Let commercial game developers put their commercial games on a platform like Steam.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Strategies

Boomerang 3/2 is legendary. several of those can take down endless ceramics, mind you, with a $1400 upgrade cost, you need to have something there to deal with camo (several Dart Monkies with a 2/3 can hold their own)

of course, if NinjaKiwi didnt make the game so difficult and expected everyone to invest real money in upgrades, it wouldnt feel like I am wasting my time so much as some levels are IMPOSSIBLE without bloonstone continues. I just did the sticky plant level and had to restart 4 times because at wave 16, the number of ceramics you have to take out are stupid! its simply out of anyones scope to be able to complete this unless you have 30+levels. Normally I wouldnt have spent so much on one map, but after playing this map for 3 days solid I got so fed up, I just wanted to get it over with.

The best strategy is not to play the game at all (obvious 80s movie reference)

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Ideas to improve the game :D

Balenced progression. Im bored now at the end of level 14 waiting for upgrades

Also, improved money per bloon with some sort of upgradable modifier, cos I keep running out of money mid game

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Full Screen

this game DESPERATELY needs a full screen option

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Topic: Kongregate / BORED!!!

The quality of games on Kong recently has been really boring. There’s too many grinding level up games that require you to spend money on extras to get anywhere and Idle games that dont work properly.

What happened to variety? Where are the decent puzzle games, tower defense games and shooters? we need some more variety.

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Topic: Redshift / Fleet raids and bases generally being much stronger than my current rating

this game will never have a longevity, and ive been jumping in and out a lot since it started to see int he matchmaking and balencing improvements helped, but to be honest, i have to say that the devs are going round in circles patching something that has a fundimental flaw.

If you are going to have a PvP game, you need to be able to rate players and match them successfully. The current system makes no sense even after the “improvements”. My 180k fleet is being defeated by 12k bases, yet I can happily take out 30k bases in other raids and 200k fleets in planetary raids. there is no way I should be losing to a base that has less than 10% of my offensive ability, but sure enough, it is.

Advancing in this game is tedious and forces you to buy your way to success. If you want to monetise a game, go do what Riot did with LoL. at least monetary investment in that game is worthwhile. with this, however, any investment you make is offset by the somewhat broken matchmaking system, so that even with a fleet of immortals, you are going to come across lesser bases/fleets that can destroy you.

the game drags since farming is pointless. its takes too long to do anything. the wheel of fortune is blatently weighted to avoid useful bonuses and you cant farm enough crafting materials to go past a certain level without weeks of grinding.

All in all, this game is not really worth investing time in. sad, but true

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Topic: Technical Support / Games won't work at all

Kong had an outage earlier. I dont know if its specific to a certain ISP (im on BT Infinity and having problems) but it could mean theres a server issue they are dealing with.

can someone from Kong confirm the current status please?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] What a MASSIVE Disappointment the upgrade has been

I am sooo disappointed with the updates to this game.

Where the game had flow and gave opportunities before, it now has nothing to make me want to come back and play it. The games are now harder, often giving you no opportunities to score for an entire game. Lag and server resets disrupt the game flow and require refreshes more often. having a goal saved by a keeper leads to a “shot off target” score. IT WASNT, IT WAS ON TARGET BUT SAVED.

Ive spent Kreds on this. I wont in future…. Not happy

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] Training / Shooting 02A

Im finding this task and some of the higher training tasks difficult/impossible because the ball seems to want to go in a completely different direction from where I am kicking it.

I can understand if the ball was dropping too early and bouncing, but no…. for some obscure reason, the ball refuses to go where I tell it to go.

I wondered if the angle of run up would effect it and played this numerous times… but no, the resulting shot seems utterly random. I shoot what I believe is straight yet the ball decides “Well… Tough luck son. I’m going over there!”

Its not like theres a variable wind speed involved to push it in the wrong direction, so I dont get it. Is this just because of my lack of skills since I am so new to the game? I would have thought someone playing at League level could kick a ball straight.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [I AM PLAYR] Promo codes(updated 22nd March)

todays code (DOGSEDAFRE6) seems to have expired already, even though this thread says it will be available until March 13th.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Cheating Shadow £$*!$£&!

Shadow Clash at level 20 and it sits RIGHT ON TOP OF MY ORB AND BOMBS IT WITH BLACK CREEPS!!!!!!

I bloody hate that cheating bar steward!

On a serious note tho, shouldnt the shadow be restricted from killing you in this way? I know its just doing its job, but seriously?

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Topic: Technical Support / Ethernet sucks ass =...=

Thanks adv0catus :)

You know what… Ive lost interest. Go fix your PC yourself.

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Topic: Technical Support / Ethernet sucks ass =...=

Theres hundreds of problems that could cause this. THe most likley from where I am is that if you cant connect to the internet, its probably not got the correct driver installed for the network card. Right click on MY COMPUTER and select PROPERTIES and you will be able to access the DEVICE MANAGER for that computer. If there is a yellow icon next to the NIC/NETWORK CARD, it isnt working. If the Network Card section is missing, its probably listed it under Other Hardware/Unrecognised Hardware. A quick visit to the emachines website with the model/serial number of the computer will be able to get you the information about what the network card is in your machine, and you can probably download the right driver for it.

Otherwise, you will need to do some work to find out why it isnt connecting to the internet. Basically…

1. does the computer have an IP address that is valid? Go to a command prompt and type IPCONFIG If it doesnt, it isnt getting IP address details from the router, or it needs you to put them in manually

2. If it has an IP address, Can you ping something like If Not, its probably something to do with your gateway/DNS settings. Again, this could be the router/DHCP settings

3. Use Google. Theres plenty of forums and help sites for network problems.

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Topic: Technical Support / Can't play games with firefox

Pretty much every game I had problems with now works in all browsers! This is definately a problem with spybots being installed without knowing its been done and this will prevent games from running. Not sure why its site specific unless the Kongregate files were somehow damaged by the bots.

Back up your Flash Local Storage directories regularly. I lost over 1000 levels in Gemcraft Labyrinth :(

Look here for details of how to find them.

Make a backup copy of the directories on your hard disc somewhere else and date them. That way you will be able to make regular backups. A shame there isnt a simple way to automate this

Spybot: Search And Destroy is available from

This works for me. It May or may Not work for you, but its good practice to have a tool like this one. I would suggest anyone who is having trouble to try it and see what happens AFTER YOU HAVE MADE A BACKUP!

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Topic: Technical Support / Can't play games with firefox

Right, I have a solution for my problem. People might want to check these things because I had no idea this had happened

First, Check that something hasn’t enabled a proxy in your internet options. Something had changed mine and I was unaware I was using a proxy. This resolved the Chrome issues as they seem to use the built in system internet options

Secondly, I ran something called Spybot Search and Destroy. Its a trojan/spybot killer and it found several things that shouldn’t have been there. You pick these up by just surfing the internet and one of these was preventing some games from running. I haven’t checked them all, but GCL started working immediately.

Try that! if nothing else, it will clean your system up a bit!

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Topic: Technical Support / Can't play games with firefox

OK, this is odd

I updated Adobe, and now “Cargo Bridge” works although it tells me it cant save to the local machine so will not be able to save my progress

“Gemcraft Labyrinth” still falls over at the Armor Games logo and wont play it (works on the armor games site tho)

I installed Opera as well for the first time ever and It too doesnt load GCL!!! It has no cookies, I did not log into Kong, I installed it AFTER the latest Adobe. If this was a browser specific problem, It should work.

Chrome will not load GCL either. I use Chrome for specific websites so my cookies are separate. That way I can log onto the same site twice as a separate person (mainly for managing facebook profiles for my band)

I have a feeling that this is more than any one thing, but a combination of issues that have accumulated. It seems like a cookie/Adobe/browser behavior problem.

I have 61 cookies that are associated with Kongregate in my firefox profile!?

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Topic: Technical Support / Can't play games with firefox

Im having the same symptoms but not with all games. The confusing thing is that its only just started doing this on Kong but doesnt do it on other sites, for example, Gemcraft Labyrinth wont load past the “Play” button on Kong, but works fine on

I havent added any add-ons recently, tho there have been a few updates to Java and Firefox.

I am loathe to remove my cookies since I cant be sure what info is being removed and its destructive to my other website info I have stored.

Any ideas?

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] How to make Lv12 gems?

I found that Orange/Yellow/Lime is just as effective in traps and also qualifies for the triple gem bonus. Obviously, Lime adds a multiplier to the gem hitting X number of times, while Yellow adds a damage multiplier. With an orange gem, this equates to massive mana gain per hit!

The only other colour I used was a purple/lime/yellow gem to demolish armour before the tower took it out. Eventually, a level 20/21 l/y/o gem surrounded by level 18 gems was all I needed to be able to demolish each wave. I could probably refine the process so im not wasting time and mana,

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] How to make Lv12 gems?

Level 349 to 542 in one field! nice!

Ok, I’m getting the hang of this now – thanks guys!!

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] How to make Lv12 gems?

Thanks guys. Some good points. Makes total sense as well! :)

After swapping to Triple gems, I have to say that I’m finding it harder to establish a decent defense early in the game because of the extra Mana cost for upgrades, so my Amplifiers tend to be weaker early on and this is having devastating effects on mana pool and the later waves just over-run me. I’ve just passed Lvl 300. This sounds like a lot, but Im beginning to see that it isnt :(

Building: I took it to reduce the growing cost of Amplifiers to try and save mana in early game setup. I guess youre right about building being a waste. I now have Violent Explosion at Lv 15 and Max Flexability. Ill see how that helps! :)

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] How to make Lv12 gems?

This has probably been addressed somewhere, but search isnt bringing up anything useful and a lot of the threads on here are saturated with posts that go off topic (I’m not really complaining, but I cant find a straightforward answer so….)

I am playing Premium and currently i’m up to level 271. My skills layout is basically like this

Im finding it practically impossible to make enough mana to create level 12 gems. Obviously im doing something wrong. I have been playing through all the fields with maximum difficulty (4x monsters/10x hits/Giants Only/+20 waves/Armour/faster/Heal banish and higher banish cost) and im about half way through the map. Currently, the most EXP ive earned is 431172 on field A1 using a combination of Lime and Yellow gems.

When playing endurance however, I find it impossible to go further than about 130-140 levels before monsters start to swarm over my defenses and hit the orb. I’m not getting enough mana to make level 12 gems. Ive been concentrating on raising my Focus skill to have more initial mana, but even if I dedicate all my points there, I dont have nearly enough to make Lv12s

What am I doing wrong? Do I just need to concentrate on triple colour/YLO gems? Again, I dont think I have enough mana to comfortable make a solid gem to begin with.

Advise please? (trolling optional)