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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent: General (Westeros Discussion) / 500 error

2 day of tryes.. on 2 diff machines…
alvays same ERROR 500 Our server is experiencing an error. We’ve reported it to the team.

somy question is…

first game on Kong that I got any problems with login :D

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Topic: Akaneiro / Bug Reports

Sorry created separate thread:

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Topic: Akaneiro / lvl20 sword from shopBUG

Originally posted by B10H4Z4RDX:

its limited lol, probably sold out, u should have seen that

was 9 in stock;)
anyways if it was sold out it schold not eat my shards;)

anyways will never return to that game;) so whateva
just bit mad i wasted 3 days to play that game;)

chcecked again.. inventory was empty couse i sold everything to buy that wep;P was 1k schards left;P

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Topic: Akaneiro / lvl20 sword from shopBUG

WHole day was farming that graking shards for lvl20 sword..
when i got 57k of em was happy…
and then…
i click end buy it.. and…. NOTHING IN INVENTORY and shards was missing!!!
i am mad.
rated game 1.

why u make schop tjht dont work;?