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Topic: Battle Dawn / How to enable 3rd party cookies on Firefox

i cant play,i’m del cookie but i can’t open today.I use google and wait 1 hour but can’t open game,help me please.I can see i always wait and won’t open

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Why Banned?(admin plz read this)

You have been permannently banned.I already spam in forum and got banned,but me used new account( no multi World),im got banned if two colony of my account in one server sure i’m get banned.Joe banned me with reason:spam.Sure you spam in forum and never use this accounts again,‘’please contact to more information’’.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Can't log in but not banned.

You may change your profile and’’Active_Error’’.Please try again or wait few hour to admin fix the problem.You not get banned,verify your account or contact

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Topic: Battle Dawn / conquered colonies

If you want attack a target,click your squad and click a target you want attack.You can move your troop for alliance.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / how to post image

I see few people post image.But in Kong,im can’t post image.How to post image if in Kongregate forum.Thank.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Happy N00b Year!

today is a old topic if you add this topic.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / 1 tick world

In kongregate world very fast:
Fantasy:3 tick/1h,Mar:6 tick/1h and Earth is 6 tick/1h.
But now in Earth,im caught 10 relic.What the happened.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / need a help if got banned

I already got a banned from admin with reason:Multi Earth 1 and spam.But me cant get unbanned.Please help now.Thank.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / The Battle Dawn Rules

Originally posted by Senatus:

The rules of Battle Dawn.

1. Multiing – You are only allowed to have 1 colony per world. Having several accounts on the same world is therefore NOT allowed*
2. Account sharing – You are not allowed to have multiple people log in on your account. Your account is yours only, having other people log in on it to play Battledawn is unfair, as you can be much more active this way.
3. Bug abuse – If you happen to stumble upon a bug or glitch in the game, report it. Don’t abuse it.
4. Hacking – If you in any way try to hack people or try to get their password, you will get banned. Admins don’t need your password, never give it out.
5. Flaming – When communicating with other players, or with the admin, keep it nice. No discriminatory remarks, and no flaming. Respect others.
6. Farming – you are not allowed to place a colony on a world for the sole purpose of benefiting another player (such as by feeding resources to them)
7. Griefing (previously Trolling) – You are not allowed to place a colony on a world for the sole purpose of harassing/annoying another player (eg, constant suicide attacks)

*: Two people may play from the same location (same house, same computer, etc) subject to special restrictions; same location colonies cannot join the same alliance or conquer one another. Such colonies may also be asked by an administrator to produce for reasonable evidence to prove that they are both unique people.
It is the responsibility of people playing from a single location to contact an administrator as soon as possible when they begin playing.
Administrators will ban any unexplained same-location colonies, which could cause unnecessary delays to the players involved.

By playing BattleDawn you are bound by the following termsa nd conditions:

These rules have been updated as of 19/12/2011. Follow them, and you won’t have any problems :)

and you can’t spam to not want permannently banned from forum.I will be got banned and you,i’m want good for you.Don’t spam,there no unban.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Battle Dawn on Kong

battledawn in kongregate is very fun,the world fast and 24 power to get crystal…etc.But i’m don’t know email of admin.
You can send me a message if contact

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Topic: Battle Dawn / How to contact the admin.

if you want contact admin,contact or …. I don’t know admin in kongregate.Sorry mate