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Topic: Game Programming / Experiences with cross-platform 3D Flash games?

$75 per month is actually a very small price to pay. It’s very unlikely that you’ll make $100k as a single developer unless your game is a cult success.

I have not used Stage3D or Away3D myself, but I do have some experience with Unity. Unity is very easy to pick up and learn. Heck, you don’t have to have any programming experience at all.

My suggestion goes to Unity.

In case you do want to go down the “Flash” route, but are worried that the language is not future-proof then have a look into Haxe. You can still use all the Flash APIs in Haxe.

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Topic: Game Programming / Ive always wanted to make a game

The only way you will be able to even begin to write your first line of code is until after you’ve completed a Computer Science degree. See you in three years!

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Topic: Game Programming / Which languages does Kong accept?

Kongregate accepts Flash (Actionscript 3.0), HTML5/JavaScript and Unity3D (C#, JavaScript and Boo). If you can host a Java Applet (or other web format) externally, then you can use an iFrame to submit it to Kongregate.

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Topic: Game Programming / JavaScript Good OR Not Good

Originally posted by truefire:

Pff, using a mouse, you filthy casual. EMACS-sama would be disappointed.

EMACS? Hmph, peasant. Vim is where it’s truly at.

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Topic: Game Programming / Seeking Help with text adventure game

What you really need is proper understanding of OOP design. You seem to know exactly what you want, you just need to represent these ideas as objects.

A Google search returned this which suggests you haven’t looked “all over the net”. Granted this is in C++, which if you don’t know… well you should. The tutorial should emphasise what I said earlier in the paragraph before.

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Topic: Game Programming / AS3 help with random spawning

I believe this is exactly what you are looking for.

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Topic: Game Programming / What is the best place to learn HTML5 for games


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Topic: Game Programming / Haxe 3 book?

A quick Google search brought up a couple of outdated Haxe books (from Haxe 1.x and 2.0), which is a shame.

I’ve had experience with quite a few other OOP languages so the transition to Haxe wasn’t very difficult. Whenever I had a problem I referred to the manual which is rather detailed, but you have to know what you’re looking for. Haxe is a relatively new language and as a consequence the documentation and available learning resources are thin compared to C++ and Java.

I don’t have any experience with any HTML5 engines because I dislike JavaScript. That being said I can agree that HTML5 is a powerful platform, if you can find resources for it go ahead and try.

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Topic: Game Programming / Looking for life advices.

Microsoft has abandoned XNA, so I wouldn’t suggest as a long term solution. However, my experience with XNA was rather pleasant and can recommend it for beginner game design/programming. There was another framework based off of XNA, but I can’t remember what it was.

What don’t you find appealing about Flash? Is it the language/syntax (AS3/ AS2) itself or the platform? I highly support Haxe/OpenFL which is closely related to AS3 syntax wise because it was meant to be. An adavantage of OpenFL is that you can compile to Flash/Binary/HTML5 with little effort.

Brushing up on OOP is important. Learn it midway during development and you have already missed the opportunities it provides. Any old C++/Java tutorial will give you a refresher on the important concepts.

I don’t have any experience with graphic libraries so I can’t help you there. OpenGL and DirectX are typically used in the industry.

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Topic: Game Programming / Any FREE game making programs

Yes, there are free programs such as Stencyl and Game Maker, but I would highly recommend learning a programming language. All you need is a text editor and a console (along with the language’s API) – did I mention these are free? It’s a lot more work, but gives you the power to create anything; game making software tends to be restrictive.

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Topic: Game Programming / Best game engine!

Originally posted by Aceeri:


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Topic: Game Programming / Removing Interactive Tutorial Listeners

All events listeners should be removed even if they are weak referenced. I don’t believe you can add event listeners to a vector, so you’ll have to create a seperate function to manually remove each listener. Create a listener that calls this function when the game is exited and don’t forget to delete the new listener in that function as well.

Just a heads up, AS3’s event listeners are extremely slow, try using a Signal pattern instead.