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Topic: Game Programming / arraylist help.

AS3’s Array Class is essentially an Array List.

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Topic: Game Programming / Moments

I’ve just spent the last 2 hours wondering why my Priority Queue was unsorted. Turns out that on the head of the queue is sorted and the rest of the queue is unsorted. facepalm This just goes to show you should fully understand a concept before trying to implement it.

Feel free to share your embarrassing moments.

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Topic: Game Programming / Looking for resources to learn how to develop a game

If you still have your heart set on making an RPG then maybe this might help you:

Make sure you read everything.

EDIT: Here’s another (although it’s text-based and in C++):

EDIT: Forgot another one which provides insight on how to structure and RPG which can be transferred to a Tactical RPG:—gamedev-6676

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Topic: Game Programming / Looking for resources to learn how to develop a game

Originally posted by EndlessSporadic:

Starting with an RPG is a recipe for disaster.

As always check the stickies first. Since you are posting this on a flash game portal I assume you are interested in publishing a game here, so you will need to learn AS3. Kongregate also supports HTML5 (I believe you need to host it externally and submit it in an iframe) and Unity (C# or JavaScript).
How to make Flash games

You mentioned you have been doing coding, what language are you using? AS3 is an excellent beginner language and was my first too (disregarding AS2). Plus, this forum is biased towards AS3 meaning it will be easier to get help with any language related problems.

EDIT: This post is also sited on the the sticky page I listed, but here you go: Flash Game Tutorials.
I forgot to mention HaXe which is becoming a popular alternative to AS3.