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Topic: Game Programming / AS3 help with random spawning

I believe this is exactly what you are looking for.

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Topic: Game Programming / What is the best place to learn HTML5 for games


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Topic: Game Programming / Haxe 3 book?

A quick Google search brought up a couple of outdated Haxe books (from Haxe 1.x and 2.0), which is a shame.

I’ve had experience with quite a few other OOP languages so the transition to Haxe wasn’t very difficult. Whenever I had a problem I referred to the manual which is rather detailed, but you have to know what you’re looking for. Haxe is a relatively new language and as a consequence the documentation and available learning resources are thin compared to C++ and Java.

I don’t have any experience with any HTML5 engines because I dislike JavaScript. That being said I can agree that HTML5 is a powerful platform, if you can find resources for it go ahead and try.

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Topic: Game Programming / Looking for life advices.

Microsoft has abandoned XNA, so I wouldn’t suggest as a long term solution. However, my experience with XNA was rather pleasant and can recommend it for beginner game design/programming. There was another framework based off of XNA, but I can’t remember what it was.

What don’t you find appealing about Flash? Is it the language/syntax (AS3/ AS2) itself or the platform? I highly support Haxe/OpenFL which is closely related to AS3 syntax wise because it was meant to be. An adavantage of OpenFL is that you can compile to Flash/Binary/HTML5 with little effort.

Brushing up on OOP is important. Learn it midway during development and you have already missed the opportunities it provides. Any old C++/Java tutorial will give you a refresher on the important concepts.

I don’t have any experience with graphic libraries so I can’t help you there. OpenGL and DirectX are typically used in the industry and I’ve seen Qt used a lot in Linux applications.

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Topic: Game Programming / Any FREE game making programs

Yes, there are free programs such as Stencyl and Game Maker, but I would highly recommend learning a programming language. All you need is a text editor and a console (along with the language’s API) – did I mention these are free? It’s a lot more work, but gives you the power to create anything; game making software tends to be restrictive.

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Topic: Game Programming / Best game engine!

Originally posted by Aceeri:


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Topic: Game Programming / Removing Interactive Tutorial Listeners

All events listeners should be removed even if they are weak referenced. I don’t believe you can add event listeners to a vector, so you’ll have to create a seperate function to manually remove each listener. Create a listener that calls this function when the game is exited and don’t forget to delete the new listener in that function as well.

Just a heads up, AS3’s event listeners are extremely slow, try using a Signal pattern instead.