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Topic: General Gaming / Erasing

Can anyone tell me how to erase the status of a game. I finished Blackbeards Island. But I want to start over again. However, everytime I sign in it says I have finished and if I start at level one it will erase it. But once I sign off, and sign back on….it tells me that I have finished the game. I want to erase the stats so that I can redo the whole game again. Help??? Thank you :)

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

I played a game a long time ago on here. It was a pirate shooting – 3match – ball game. when you first got on the screen it had many different flags to pick. skull crossbones/guy standing/hearts in red. once you chose your flag you were sent to the first island. It was a blue background had some big islands and then little dots that showed you to your next island. when you finally get on the board to play you are a cannon at the bottom of the screen. The object is to match 3 same colored balls (cannons) at the same time. Once you accomplished that you moved on. I believe there were 20 different “islands” to go to. I thought it was Pirate- but I cant find anything like that. Can someone help please? Thank you!!!