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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Biggest Accomplishment of the Day in Anti-Idle
+5 pyrabow at rank 164. If anyone cares, here’s what I used. Ring of speed, large master potion, built up some rage at Mystic Path beforehand, full zerker enhanced with crit damage/attack, revolution earrings with light element and attack speed, strange box IA. I managed to get about 4.9m without using mystic path.

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Topic: Redshift / Bug? Or unforseen mechanic limitation.

You can use ships to give other ships exp, you know.

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Topic: War of Omens / Thought on Jesmai & suggested change

Restrict her to a certain number of feeds per turn, or require her to pay 1 health in addition to/instead of the magic.

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Topic: War of Omens / *Suggestions*

Originally posted by BuddyPharaoh:

Battle log. Battle log. Battle log. Battle log. Battle log. Battle log.

You mean like the one you get when you type “log” ingame?

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Topic: War of Omens / Sister Isadora deck

I’ve tried that deck and it doesn’t work well for me, since I don’t have enough fully upgraded cards. It takes me too long to get an economy going. Does someone have a deck that works with once-upgraded cards?

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Topic: War of Omens / Stupid journeyman AI

Journeyman isn’t supposed to be perfect AI. That’s what Master and Grandmaster are for.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

Originally posted by jonath1901:

i have lost my savefile and do not have a refound code=(

Sucks to be you. What’s your question?

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Topic: General Gaming / Pathfinder campaign looking for players

I’m currently running a Pathfinder campaign over Skype with some friends of mine, and we’re looking for players. Pathfinder can be summarized as Dungeons and Dragons version 3.75.

If you’re interested, contact me.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy 4 discussion thread

Originally posted by LeeLeeN:

Does anyone know where to get the Alchemy staff? I am kinda stumped right now .____.

Whitefall town. A secret near the guy with the quest for batteries. Middle bottom edge of the screen. Watch out for the sparkle.

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Topic: Off-topic / I had a pony once...

Originally posted by Minnakht:
Originally posted by AlextheGreat13:

I must confess that I have never had the opportunity to dine on an equine. I have made some speculations on the matter of what it would be like to have one on a platter. Would taste just like a bovine? What would be a compatible wine?

Apparently, it is said to taste similar to beef – a leaner cut of beef.
Which really makes me wonder why is finding horse meat being used such a scandal. It’s meat! It tastes okay! It could be sold properly instead of being shunned.

Italians have the right idea.

Because it’s advertised as 100% beef. The false advertising is the problem, not the horse. Also, if the horse is given Bute, the meat is tainted and can screw up humans, so horse meat has to be regulated. This horse meat wasn’t regulated. It’s mad cow disease all over again.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by mickey2010y:

Rank 275, lv 3000

I got some Crimson and Knightmare armors in mining. Their bonuses (poison damage/stun power) seem to be unique.
Is it worthy to keep these unique bonuses and even build a skill set for them?

Those aren’t unique.

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Topic: General Gaming / Anyone interested in joining a D&D campaign?

Either PM me or come to Chaos Theory. I am willing to DM if no one else is.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Six Stages of Moral Development

Originally posted by Captain_Catface:

Not sure if alt of Somebody; or I should lose faith in internet.

You should never have had faith in the first place.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / How Far Should We Go To Help The Disabled?

As a disabled person (deaf), I hold that all other 7,499,999,999 or so people on Earth should be my slaves and wait on me hand, foot, and forehead.