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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Starfighter: Infinity

Originally posted by 118damion:

this game has taken like 3 years and is still being made i understand he needs to raise money but has he abandoned the game the last post was in july 2012 it took halo 4 2 years to make but a flash game should not take like 3 years even if you need money i loved disputed galaxy and i cant wait for infinity

Read the FAQs:

a) its not abandoned, just on hold
b) halo have a huge team of people working for a salary to make their game in 2 years, try getting them to make a game without being paid for it

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Kongregate's Cancer: Ugly Pay-to-Win games

You talk like you know everything there is to know about marketing server based games, but you don’t seem to understand the concept of in game advertisements. This still generates plenty of revenue for the author, so there truly is no need for a pay-to-win system.

Sounds like you dont know anything about it either. Adverts dont make much at all, and the ad rates are at an all time low since kongregate has existed. Its very hard to earn enough money from a game to make it viable at the moment. I suspect that most of these MMOs fail

What it truly comes down to is greed, authors that release pay-to-win games are only looking to make extra money.

MMOs cost a lot to make and cost a lot to run, its a very tough industry, and you call game devs greedy for trying to cover their costs, and demand that all games are free and only funded by ads. I bet you use an ad blocker also. Ads alone are unlikely to cover the cost of an MMO, or indeed, most flash games

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / SFDG 2 Release Date?

Who here would support a kickstarter to fund the games development?

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Topic: Technical Support / Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy, Can't play it?

No, ive never said its cancelled, just that its pushed aside for a bit while I try to build up some funds

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Topic: Technical Support / Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy, Can't play it?

OK, the game was removed because the peopel that hosted the database were retiring a shared database thing that I used for it. To fix it, it would either cost a lot more per month or would have taken a lot of time to repair, and I cant afford either. The game itself didn’t cover its costs as it was.

I’m sorry it had to end, I did keep the game going for 5-6 years

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / SFDG 2 Release Date?

Originally posted by qazzaq123:
Originally posted by Zenick000:

so any more updates? This still on backburner? I was hoping to play before the world ends :D

Nope, No new updates posted as far as I know.

I’m considering doing a kickstarter for it

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Topic: Kongregate / Ending the tipping program

Originally posted by CROWnado:

tl;dr version of OP:

International tax laws are SO HARD ;_; so we are taking away the ability for most game devs to make money.

Not true.

Is there anyone in this thread who is actually a game dev and complaining about this?

I would think most game devs would see the difference between their ad money and the tip money and agree that this is the right thing to do. Cant expect kongregate to keep spending money on maintaining a system that make practically no money for kongregate or game devs

EDIT: Ive worked it out and tips account for 0.15% of my earning thats like being paid 250 for a days work and losing 37 cents

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Topic: Game Design / Want To Be A Game Designer? Learn To Code.

Originally posted by draganviper:

^ We had a ‘day in the life of a professional game developer’ panel today at my college game dev club. It featured 3 people from 1st Playable, and 2 people from Vicarious Visions and they had a lot of interesting things to say. For example regarding game designers, the consensus was it’s more often that an experienced artist or programmer graduates into a designer or project leader than they just hire someone who’s a ‘design purist’ who can’t code or create assets.

Right, in a big company, someone with lots of experience in the industry can become a designer. But as you say, its hard to do without having experience with making games already

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Topic: Kongregate / stop facebook style games

Originally posted by Pykrete:

The funny part is that those are professionally-made AAA titles with oodles of content and give you full access to it right away instead of obstructing their own mechanics to make you pay more, yet in many cases are cheaper than a handful of minor boosts in facebook-style games.

Well if player would pay for flash games, then devs could make them to be sold up front. If players wouldnt whine about extra content being sold in game, then your money would buy extra content. Players don’t complain so much about buying minor boosts or shortcuts, so that is what gets sold. Player have made games like this, because its becoming the only way of making money out of flash games.

You used to be able to make some money out of in game ads, but portals have stopped allowing games with ads, so it harms the games success.

I used to be able to make money out of having some portal exclusive content, making the game more valuable to the portal. But there was an uproar about that, because players had to go from one free site to another free site to play.

For these games to exist, money has to come from somewhere, and it seems like its getting harder and harder to get it, thanks to entitled players who think they should have everything for free.

Like has been said here, it you don’t like how a game works, then don’t play.

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Topic: Game Design / Want To Be A Game Designer? Learn To Code.

Originally posted by CuriousGaming:

Some bought sequel rights off me once. Does that count?

No cos, you still had to code for that to happen, and you didn’t design the sequel I would guess :)

Game designing needs more than a coding skill it needs to read gamers mind and play with them. I don’t know how many of you will agree with his but that’s just my perception.

Well to design a good game, thats what you need. But, a programmer can make a game even if its badly designed, a pure game designer cannot make a game by themself, thats the point.

The point is not that its not possible to have the skills to be a game designer without being able to code (although most of the time thats the case), but that without being able to code, nobody is likely to make your game for you. Whats in it for them? your amazing idea thats better than their own idea? Maybe thats the case sometimes, but ive never seen it

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Topic: Game Design / Want To Be A Game Designer? Learn To Code.

You dont need to be a programmer to be able to design a game, but thats not the point. If you want to make a game, then you pretty much need to be able to code, because its gonna be pretty rare that a game coder is going to like your idea over their own and make yours.

Its true that most non coders ideas for games are normally not good ideas and focus on all the wrong things – normally the story rather than the gameplay

EDIT: Has anyone here designed a game and had someone else make it?

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Topic: Game Design / 3D Flash games

Originally posted by Feffers:

Are you worried a lot of people don’t have FP11 to run stage3D games or are you going to be releasing it later? It looks great by the way. Also, did you use a stage3D library such as away3D or flare3D?

I used flare3d. I’m not too worried about people not having flash player 11, so far in testing, nobody has had that problem, and if they dont have the latest player, then a message pops up with a link to get the new one. I am slightly worried about those who havent got a supported graphics card, but again nobody has complained about that yet, and I normally have at least 1 tester who cant play a game for some reason. So far so good.

I hope all this 3D stuff is ok, because I have already started on 3 other 3D games

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Topic: Game Design / 3D Flash games

Originally posted by BobTheCoolGuy:

Awkward! (All in good humor)

Heh, well people questioning my martial arts knowledge makes a cahnge from people questioning my game design knowledge, although I guess he was kinda doing both.

More seriously though, do you think the extra time that 3D takes is really worthwhile?

Well it depends what you are doing. I have a 3d artist who can do stuff pretty quickly, and making a game like i did, it actually makes a lot of things much quicker. Drawing 2d sprites for a fighting game must take longer than making a model then moving limbs about. I think in general 3D will cost more. But i think its a matter of using the right tools for the job. What surprised me is that moving things about in 3D really isnt any harder than doing it in 2d.

I don’t know much about 3D graphic rendering, but also, how does Flash compare to Unity in terms of 3D performance? I was thinking that Unity still provides some advantages performance and capability-wise, but I may be wrong.

I’m sure its a bit slower, but if its fast enough, then its fast enough

Well, AS3 is run on a virtual machine, as opposed to Unity, which runs independently, so arguably Unity would run faster. But, in saying that, Unity can crash a lot. Unity doesn’t exactly optimize performance either, and it can be quite laggy on some computers. Flash is getting better at 3D thanks to programs like Pixel Bender, Alchemy and HaXe.

I think thats old information youve got there. As of flash player 11, flash has got proper gpu rendered 3D graphics. I’m amazed how not many people seem to know about it! Look up molehill, stage3d, away3d, flare3d…

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Topic: Game Design / 3D Flash games

Well i have been doing martial arts for 10 years, and have had a handful or other martial artists help me out. But, when animating hundreds of moves, sometimes a bit of the essence/accuracy can be lost, but i think in general the game feels satisfying. Perhaps the trailer doesnt do it justice

EDIT: BTW I dont think 3D games will be higher rated than 2D games, it will all just come down to what is most fun. On iOS there are both 2D and 3D games which have been big. Probably more 2D ones on average

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Topic: Game Design / 3D Flash games

Flash can support 3D now and it runs well, better than the old 2d in many cases. In fact a lot of new 2D games are being made with a stage3D engine, because its quicker.

Ive nearly finished my first 3D game and it can run fullscreen at 60 frames per second, which is a first for any of my games. Heres a trailer:

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / multiplayer games

The problem with making a multiplayer game is you spend 6 months making one, and then the day of release it gets hammered, and everyone goes “too much lag 1/5”, then by the time you’ve fixed the lag, you game has a rating of 1.2 and nobody is playing it.

An offer of artwork is not gonna help with any of that.

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Topic: Kongregate / Microtransactions - What's your take on this?

Originally posted by Yawgmoth:
So you don’t think that there are smokers out there who enjoy it?

Funny that you mention that. Let’s ignore for a moment that smoking leads to a painfull death in many cases. One of the things that make smoking so “fun” is that it relieves you from stress which it creates itself.

Well this is not an argument about smoking, but the relief from nicotene withdrawal is not where the pleasure from smoking comes from, and I was merely using as an example of something people get addicted to because they enjoy it (rightly or wrongly). So I feel there you are arguing against a point I didn’t make.

Originally posted by Yawgmoth:

Addiction is the problem here… not microtransitions. Some of the games are specially designed to be addictive. They are not designed to be fun or challanging.

Completely agree, and in those cases it seems a bit immoral to try and take peoples money. But, as you said, that’s only some of them. A game being “addictive” used to be a positive term, and i think if a game is addictive because its a lot of fun and people enjoy playing it and paying for extras, then I see nothing wrong with it.

A feel a bit like you were making me out to be the bad guy there. I didn’t say everything that is addictive is good. I’m certainly not arguing that everyone should take up smoking. Just that not everything that is addictive is bad all the time.

if you aim for addiction, you are fine with the people who will suffer and maybe even ruin their lives.

Here i was, just trying to make game for people to enjoy, and it turns out I’m ruining people lives…

There are lots of things that are moreish, I dont think that everything you could describe as addictive has evil people behind them trying to destroy peoples lives. If a company makes a chocolate bar, and someone gets addicted to them and gets obese, you could blame the maker saying thats what they planned to do. But maybe they just wanted to make something tasty for people to enjoy.

Do you know why smoking, alcohol, gambling and even drugs (in some countries) are legal? Because some poeple enjoy them? Nope. Because they produce a huge amount of tax income and create a lot of jobs. Laws are not the ultimate answer, when it comes down to morality.

I’m sure thats part of it. But there are plenty of other reasons, one relevant one being that banning alcohol would be very unpopular (because people like it). I dont know which country you are in, but can you imagine a party on their way to election saying: “We will ban all alcohol, because its bad, and nobody really enjoys it, they are just addicted”

So let’s sum this up. If a game is symbiotic, I’m fine with payment. Even with those “whale” payments. I think it would be a better choice to get a ton of “real” games with that amount of money. But as long as people can decide on their own, without any tricks, they can spend as much money as they want. This is called a hobby. But if the intentions are parasitic in the first place… I’m not a money bag. Nor am I a variable in an equation, which needs to be maximized for profit.

I completely agree with that, but I think there is a whole grey area inbetween. A game might try and manipulate you a bit to make money, but thats the same with lots of things in life, are advertising, sales, marketting, PR all immoral? i guess its the same, sometimes they are, sometimes they are not. But its not black and white

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Topic: Kongregate / Microtransactions - What's your take on this?

Originally posted by Senekis93:
Originally posted by DJStatika:
People spend the money because they enjoy what they get. If they are happy, then I think its probably ok.

That’s really naive.
People don’t become addicted to things because they enjoy them or because they’re happy.

So you don’t think that there are smokers out there who enjoy it? or gamblers that have fun? and you think that nobody enjoys playing games with microtransactions? I’m pretty sure most people get addicted to something that they initially enjoy, even if they don’t enjoy it later

You are making out that games have no fun involved with them and people only play and pay money because of their addiction. I would agree that if a game is just addictive and there is no fun, yet it gets people to spend all their money, then that isn’t a good thing. But if they do enjoy it and it does make them happy, then I see no problem with it. I know some people who spend loads of money on these games, but they are completely happy about it. So I don’t think there is a problem there.

With lots of these “addictive” things, they are not so bad most of the time. Blowing all your money and getting into debt gambling is bad, but someone spending within their means and enjoying the experience isn’t

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Topic: Kongregate / Microtransactions - What's your take on this?

Originally posted by Dever:

I wouldn’t call it complaining but stating the reality. It’s like saying explaining to others that the odds of winning in a casino are against you and you’ll lose on average is hating on casinos because they’ll lose gamblers.

That’s not really what’s happening though is it? People aren’t just stating that MTX will mean less players, and developers aren’t unaware of that either.

Originally posted by Dever:

You have to understand where the hatred is stemming from. MTX games are usually intentionally crippled, so that free users will have a subpar experience.

I understand that is perceived like that, and in many cases it is like that. But when I find a game like this, i normally just stop playing. Its like with anything, if you decide its worth paying for, then pay for it, if not then go elsewhere. I do think that players will assume a game is crippled, even if extra things that give no advantage have been added in specifically. It seems now that the safest way to not get complaints is to just offer time saving methods for paying players, rather than any actual advantage. But people will still see that as an unfair advantage, im sure.

Originally posted by Dever:

You just have to accept the backlash with MTX. Though I’m not sure why you care so much about the complaints. Money > Opinions.

You are right that there is gonna be a backlash. But I don’t see why that means I cant put forward the other side of the coin.

As for Money > Opinions… As I mentioned I don’t think anyone goes into it because of the money. I think they all want their games to be loved and when you release a game and get 1000 messages telling you that you suck, then sometimes it doesn’t feel like its worth the money!

There’s always a conflict. I think most indie devs would ideally like to be able to release their games without ads, sponsor branding, mtx etc. But most devs would also like to earn some money for their efforts, especially if the game has cost money to make.

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Topic: Kongregate / Microtransactions - What's your take on this?

Originally posted by BobTheCoolGuy:

What do you think though about the purposeful targeting of the $500+ spending group?

Edit: On an semi-related note, I’d rather mtx be for cosmetic things as a consumer, although I’m sure this isn’t as effective for the dev making money.

I’m in 2 minds about targeting people who want to spend more. I think getting people addicted and then taking as much money as you can, is kind of a bit like slot machines. But, on the other hand, these games aren’t tricking you into thinking you may win more back. People spend the money because they enjoy what they get. If they are happy, then I think its probably ok. But i realise its debatable

Originally posted by Captain_Catface:

I do believe this is the core of the problem. People have a terribly romanticized view of being an ‘indie developer’, and allow themselves to believe that it is a job and that any mediocre game will be successful simply because it’s an indie game. They fail to realize that the Facebooks, MineCrafts, and FarmVilles in the media are (literally) one-in-a-million shots.

One of the first things that crosses my mind when it comes to flash developers is: If your games aren’t good enough for you to live off of, find a real job.

Well that’s fair enough. But, if they can make a living off it through microtransactions, then their game is good enough to live off. Its not them thats complaining about it, its you. What you are saying is “make a living in the way that gives me everything I want for free, or go and work in mcdonalds”, which I don’t think is fair.

Originally posted by Captain_Catface:

no one ‘owes them’ the money that would be earned from a real job.

I never said that. What i said is that people shouldn’t complain about them trying to earn a living, and that you should just either pay or not. If nobody pays for microtransactions, then they will cease to exist. Nobody is saying that you owe them money. But I think complaining about them trying to make money while you play their games for free is a bit much.

I was also trying to get across that we are not all just greedy and living in yachts. And that asking for money is not being “money-grabbing”

I make a living out of flash games, and yes it may be less than I would make as a general flash developer, but that wouldn’t be as fun. Don’t hate me for trying to get paid for a job I enjoy.

If kongregate was a coffee shop, they would give you a cappuccino for free, then when they offer you chocolate to sprinkle on top for $0.10 everyone would accuse them of selling out and not being about the coffee anymore – just the money

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Topic: Kongregate / Microtransactions - What's your take on this?

Its a tough life being a flash game developer. Its very hard to make money. But you can see by this thread that people think its easy, we are being greedy and that we are all rich. Flash games is the only industry where we don’t charge for games, yet if we charge for anything then we are being greedy and making it for the money.

I doubt many people go into making flash games for money, because its such a hard way to make money.

You may think $20k per year or whatever is good, but you forget that that money isn’t guaranteed, and often one game where it flops, or people rebel against it because it tried to sell something, can put an end to someone’s job as an indie game dev. Imagine doing a job for 6 months and not getting paid for it. Often a reality for flash devs. Ive done it myself, but because other games have done better ive managed to carry on.

To those who say its easy, where is your game? Getting started programming is one thing. Actually finishing a game is another. Making a successful game is another skill alltogether. Ive had loads of people patronising me about my games over the years, but none of these people yet have made a successful game.

One other thing, people aren’t consistent (if they were it would be easier). This thread is against Microtransations and people say a game need to be good enough to make money through ads and donations, yet there is another thread on this forum that Ive just been reading that is complaining about ads and talking about how to use ad-blockers. This is a stupid argument anyway as its much harder to make money out of microtransactions than it is ads and sponsorship. Also people in this thread are inconsistent about what MTXs are acceptable. People saying that timesaving purchases are not good, but cosmetic purchases with no advantage are good… but ive seen plenty of people arguing the opposite, because they dont want to feel they are not getting all the game for free…

I wish people would just not buy things if they are too expensive, and realise that kongregate and devs have to make money somehow. Devs making money is in your interest as it means that they can spend more time and money on making better quality games. Rather than whining about how devs attempt to make money, it would be more helpful to suggest how they should

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / SFDG 2 Release Date?

Originally posted by placebo99:
Originally posted by DJStatika:

Probably sometime in 2010. I havent really got very far with it yet

lol that didn’t happen but it’s ok

Hehe, yeah I know. That’s why im gonna stop giving even vague dates. It is progressing though

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Topic: General Gaming / Achilles 2 Trailer

Let me know what you think

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Topic: Kongregate / I just emailed hasbro about the Kong+ brony background

Caaaaaw: Why do you care? and why is it any of your business? Why would you do that other than out of spite?

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Topic: General Gaming / what starfighter:disputed galaxy 2 should contain

Originally posted by Magmathrower:

I’m just worried about one point in this game: overcomplication. It would be really difficult for players who never played SF:DG to get used to the game and feel comfortable with it. It might be difficult even for the people who did play SF:DG – please keep this in your mind while you make it. Other than that, everything is going to be awesome.

Well i think one of the failings of SF:DG was that it was confusing to newcomers. SF:I i hope to make much easier in this respect. I don’t think the game will be much more complicated than the old one. I think the game universe will be more interesting and there will be more stuff to do, more weapons etc, but as far as controls etc go, it should be pretty much the same.

*bq*Dark Orbit: Build your own space station, 3rd race, Drones

You don’t need to play dark orbit for those ideas, they are all pretty obvious. Especially a 3rd race, when you have 2 races, coming up with the idea of a 3rd is as simple as increasing a number. Here’s a ground-breaking idea: 4 races! In the game though, there will be the 2 normal races: humans and Araliens (formerly aliens) + there will be a handful of smaller non playable, less developed races, who you may come across on your travels. They will be inhabitants of planets who have mastered space travel, but dont have the same level of tech as humans/araliens