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Topic: Game Programming / Recommendations for Statistic Submission

Max Type-Replaced if higher
Min Type-Replaced if Lower
Right now I have a game with a highscore that I submit upon on game submission.
And I actually send your highest score when yous start the game and end the game and replaced the saved statistic incase you can’t submit your score. But iKongregate doesn’t replace it unless it is what I submit is higher which is what I want, I think. I am literally saving the highest score acheived and sending it to kongregate. I set the score of the game to highscore amd submit that which should replace the statistic. Not sure if thats clear or how its supposed to be used.

Add Type-Additive
I think I completely understand this one only and it’s mostly for fun.

Replace Type-Replaces Statistic
So should I use this type to show scores so you can have several scores show up per person?

And for example, if you made a game that had the game complete statistic like the example, would you make it a maxtype submit a 1, and just have it not show on the leaderboards? And if I said anything that sounds blatantly wrong I would appreciate a correction.
Please and thanks guys.