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Topic: General (Westeros Discussion) / Game has gone down this evening

Does anyone have any thoughts, information or advice for why the game has stopped loading for some UK users this evening? We all seem to have lost it within the last hour. The rest of Kongregate and theinternet are fine, just not GOTA.

This doesn’t seem to affect the whole country, either.

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Topic: General (Westeros Discussion) / How do I make fast silver

If you have done a few sections of chapter 1, you might be surprised how much stuff you have acquired that you don’t want / need. Go to the store and click “sell an item”. I did this in Chapter 3 for the first time and got about 37,000 in silver.

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Topic: General (Westeros Discussion) / Friends wanted

I’ve made a decent start on Ascent, but could use some friends to make it more interesting. Please add me. If you are not sure how, click on my name to go to my profile and click “+friend”.
See you soon!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why not suicide?

It’s a bit trite, but this quote from The Hose and His Boy works for me and I have trodden a fine line a few times:
Do not by any means destroy yourself, for if you live you may yet have good fortune, but all the dead are dead alike