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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Do you have ideas for AdCap? Share them here!

A Moon station would be a great idea!
It will bring profit by rich guys that wanna go to the Moon and/or Moon mining and that will give you boost to some investments but decrease some others…
Oh, and an option to switch to text mode that will increase greatlly the performance in old PC’s and it sould e.g change the progress bar from this to 0/100%
and change the Upgrades,Managers and Achivements screens to smaller images or do it purely text like “Eazy squizzy” Aquire 25 Lemon Stands. unlocked (green) /locked (red) or so…
That will be a good idea for porting the game to Android/iOS to weak/old devices but keep a textured edition too!

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Mobile Version?

Originally posted by Zucadragon:

I don’t think it’d work, the problem with mobile games is that you have to dumb everything down in terms of performance, otherwise you’ll have a portion of your users unable to play. The code, the way it works now, is really intensive (Hence the slow downs people have been complaining about). Porting it over to a handheld will require a lot more work than people think, simply because the code is so heavy, and there’s no phone or tablet that’s close to the power most desktop pcs have.

yeah thats right but i dont think that is TOO hard,i mean it sould be relatively easy to port a game like this… the real chalenge sould be porting a heavy 3d game,at the time it needs small-med optimazation and sould be fine to release…

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / fast parts

Every time you restart lol