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Topic: General Gaming / feudalism 3

Originally posted by Doriandoriac:

Suggestions is still not in the title? Terrific banter btw.

I think feudalism 2 was a good improvement, what I would like to see is a more end-based game. By that I mean still have your 4/5 races to defeat, but then have maybe a new harder culture invade and set up in part of the map which you then have to destroy to win. Also, the ability to drop more than one item at a time in the shop, I get a sore finger from constantly clicking just to get rid of all the rusty katanas and bandanas I collect from skirmishes.

Make sure you have everything you need from the loot, and then click sell all. D’OH! or if you have things you need, got to the bottom left, there will be a box saying “Dont ask amount just sell all”