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Topic: The Arts / Want an avatar? Get one here!

I am not a sketch artist, you don’t explain something to me and I draw it as we go, that’s not how it works. Give me a letter, element, and a backround color. Objects are also accepted. I do not have a transperency program. Well, I do, but it doesn’t work for my laptop, it won’t allow me to open it, it keeps crashing. The objects are shaded, along with everything else INCLUDING the letter. Look at my avatar, think it’s nice? You can have it if your username starts with an E! I basically do anythin but that “Sketch artist” thing, and people. I’m okay with people, look at the person on my profile, if that’s just a bit decent to you, then look’s like you have a person. I have no idea who said it but somebody wanted a “Demon Avatar”, sure why not. Post here i’ll see what I can do.
Cost: Free!

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Topic: The Arts / I Need Help.

@rawismojo, I love your Bone avatar! Now add whats his name… That greedy guy with the star on his purple shirt… It’s been a while… Draw the Gramma’ lady maybe.