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Topic: Star Era / Compensation of sign in activity

S17 Arkreuz

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Triviador] Dumb enemy answers

How many square centimeters is a sheet of A3 paper? (FYI, it’s twice the size of a standard piece of paper)
Opponent: 15

What country is Jeanne dArc from?
Opponent: England

How many calories does a single gram of Carbohydrate have?
Opponent 1: 100
Opponent 2: 105
Me: 4
Answer: 4. Am I the only one to read those little labels on food boxes? XD

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Topic: Dream World / Wiseman Sometimes Isn't So Wise...

I just got a trivia question from him, and it went like this:

“Which software company makes Microsoft Windows 2000? (hint: m_______)”

…to which my verbal reply was simply, “…Wow.” Has this kind of thing ever happened to anyone else, and if so, did you get fooled by over-thinking it? :D

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Topic: General Gaming / Name as many OTHER videogame Characters as u can!

Originally posted by PsychoticSalad:

FF XII: …-Ba’Gamna-(Dunno how you spell it)…-Matues-…

Just for the record, it’s Ba’Gamnan and Mateus.

Kirby enemies en masse—ready go!

Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Sir Kibble, Pengy, Gordo, Blipper, Kabu, Bronto Burt, Poppy Bros (Sr. and Jr.), Sparky, Shotzo, Squishy, Scarfy, Glunk, Rocky, Flamer, Floaty, Burnin’ Leo, TAC, Spikey, Blade, Butch, Masher, Biospark, Plasma Wisp, Gim, Birdon, Knuckle Joe, Wheelie, Capsule J, Blade Knight, Chilly, Simirror, and bosses: Whispy Woods, Gruff & Nruff, Lolo & Lala (in a cameo), Kablooey, Dyna Blade, Bonkers, Bugzzy, Wham Bam Rock/Jewel, Fatty Whale, Chameleo Arm, Kracko, Meta Knight (and the Halberd…and its crew), Dedede, Dark Matter, and Marx. Anyone I left out isn’t important was because I don’t remember literally everyone, so it’s not a complete list by any means.

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Originally posted by iezza:

Also a game where your scientists and you have to build up a super-cell/bacterium and you have to build actuall cell stuff that make defences etc.

Since this one wasn’t answered, I think the game you’re thinking of is Cellcraft.

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

I’ve been wondering for a long time about this one and can’t seem to find anything online about it.

I played a game in an arcade once, back when they were popular, and one I remember in particular. It was a beat-em-up like Streets of Rage, but I can’t remember the details about the characters or most of the enemies. Two pieces of stand-out information, though—one, the main characters had a sort of ‘soul shift’ ability, where if you critically injured an enemy, you could become him for a time and fight in their body until the time ran out or the enemy died. The second thing was an appearance of an “Amoeba” enemy that could jump on you and do a bit of damage, before jumping back off and taking your form, forcing you to fight yourself; these became very common later on. Anyone have any ideas what the name of the game was?