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Topic: Serious Discussion / If you were asking to go to mars. Would you?

Do I get to populate the colony? ;)

On a serious note, I don’t do well in small spaces for a long time with other people… Yeah. So no for the sake of everyone on my teams sanity as well as humanity.


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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Sound barrier related

You can’t travel faster than the speed of light in the traditional sense dealing with acceleration and such. This is due to Einstein’s E=mc^2 equation. Basically as your speed approaches the speed of the light you gain mass. The closer you get the heavier you are. And you would then need more energy to go faster. So, if you reached the speed of light you would have infinite mass and would need infinite energy to propel yourself. That’s why traveling faster than light in the traditional sense is impossible.

Now you can get around that through worm holes and time travel and things like that. Now, because speed is distance over time and through a wormhole you can get a very large distance over a short amount of time you technically went faster than the speed of light.

So, No using standard propulsion and Yes using wormholes and such.


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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is Religion Dangerous?


This is a SERIOUS DISCUSSION forum. You attack the IDEA not the PERSON. Now back to the original topic.

I do not believe that religion itself is not dangerous. It provides a very important service to millions of people the world around. It provides meaning and an understanding of the world as does science does for others.

Now people talk about wars being caused by religion such as the crusades. I do not believe that religion itself caused the crusades. I believe that religion combined with extremism caused the crusades. I find that most bad examples of religion can be traced back to extremism.

Now before anyone says “see the world would be better with science not religion” may I point out that science can also be very dangerous when combined with extremism, the key example being the application of eugenics.

So in summary I guess, No I do not believe religion is dangerous. I believe extremism in any form is dangerous.


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Topic: Serious Discussion / Who should Obama choose as VP?

Biden is actually a very good choice for Obama. He brings much needed experience in the eyes of the public with 30 years in international affairs. He is also for lack of better words an attack dog. This is advantageous to Obama who wishes to stay on the high ground and not personally sink to attack ads, Obama can simply let Biden do the attacking while he stays comfortably separated. Biden is also an independent thinker who doesn’t always stay within party lines. Many people think that Biden will help Obama because they will now have two independent thinkers who can play off each other.


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Topic: Serious Discussion / Rules about the internet...

Definition #3.

Always check Urban Dictionary first. It’ll make you seem smarter and hip.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Communism

The thing with dictators and Communism is that the leaders come up and say “hey guys we’re gonna have this great place where everyone is equal, everything is shard, and it’s gonna be great but first we need to have a dictatorship so we can get everything in place and then I’ll step down.” The people say “OK!” and then the dictator never steps down. Cuba for example.

Now for Communism to work you do have to have some sort of conditioning over generations. But here is how it usually works. Communism is set up, everybody cares about everybody else. Everything is grand but then some people start to think, “Hey! I work harder than Fred but he gets the same! That isn’t fair!” That idea spreads and downfall. It never tends to last long enough for the conditioning to set in.

The problem is the high proliferation of western ideas/capitalism. Now in a “vacuum” Communism could work, but the world is not a vacuum.

Communism works on the short-term not the long-term.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / People forget manners on the internet

Me and some others were having this same discussion in a chat room.

The internet is like beer. Some people can handle it, other it makes stupid.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why did the US lose the Vietnam War?

The main reasons that the United States was forced to pull out of the Vietnam War/Conflict were political not military. The North Vietnamese played a very good game of politics getting other countries to believe that the U.S. was bullying around the little guy. The other reason was the growing dissent within the U.S. over the conflict.

Now militarily we were losing because the U.S. was used to fighting on open fields like in the World Wars. We had not yet developed the tactics and strategies for fighting in jungle and guerrilla environments, something that we are still developing. Now a little known fact was that when the U.S. finally did pull all of its troops from Vietnam the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) and the VC (Viet Cong) were on the verge of destruction. This was due to the Tet Offensive in which the NVA and VC moved from guerrilla fighting to open warfare where the U.S. was strongest. This decimated the NVA and VC troop numbers but unfortunately Nixon and the generals were unaware of this fact and this combined with the mounting political pressure, the U.S. was forced to withdraw from Vietnam.