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Topic: Viking Clan / Official Add-me thread!


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Topic: General Gaming / New Monsters Den Godfall (3) releases soon

what about actually being able to see your characters attack instead of “choose attack-click a monster”

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Topic: General Gaming / Free Rider 2 Tracks

Roller Coaster Auto :) 29 -1g 2d 1s,26 -1f -2d -1l -2e 1q,11 1p 11 2i f 2g,j g1 c h3 3 i3 -b j5 -14 js -2c k7 -3o k6,-8h p5 -8e q3 -84 r3 -7e s7 -6d t0 -55 th -40 tt,-17 vf -19 vs -1k vs,-h 13f 4 144 15 14q 2h 15g 3t 166 5f 16p,5b 16p 6d 178 7h 17o 8s 18a ab 191 bm 19p d2 1al eg 1bj fu 1cj,fu 1ck g0 1dj,g0 1dg gt 1c3,k1 1mk kb 1nu ks 1p8 lr 1qd n1 1ra of 1s3 pt 1sd r8 1sd sg 1s8,1ap 264 1an 26r,1ak 26r 19v 26r,146 2ld 155 2ma 16c 2na 17r 2oe 19g 2pf 1b7 2qe 1d3 2re 1ek 2s7,1mi 3at 1nk 3bh 1ot 3cc 1q5 3d6 1rf 3dv 1sq 3et 1ub 3fu 1vv 3gu 21j 3hv,1to 5sd 1ui 5tg 1vj 5uh 211 5vp 22q 615 249 625 25n 634 279 640 290 64o 2an 65a 2cc 65o 2dv 662 2fu 66c 2hn 66i 2jb 66m 2l0 66r,2ce 43m 2cu 44v 2dj 46d 2ee 481 2fn 49p 2h0 4b2 2ig 4cc 2k2 4dm 2lm 4ev 2n9 4g6 2or 4hb 2qc 4ie 2rt 4jg 2td 4kc 2ur 4l3,3b9 5dv 4em 5e5,4eg 5no 4f0 5of 4fr 5p2 4gq 5pc 4hp 5pf 4io 5pg,4q2 76a 4q2 77s 4p4 77s,4cu 8dc 5b8 8dc,4ns 8dm 4ns 8gq,4ns 8dm 4qm 8dm,4ns 8eu 4qc 8eu,4qm 8f8 4qm 8gq,4rk 8dm 4rk 8gq,4rk 8dm 4t6 8gq 4t6 8dm#454 5e2 454 56s 4eq 56s 4eq 5e2,46m 59m 46m 5bs 4d8 5bs 4d8 59m 46m 59m,46m 5bi 4di 5bi 4di 5bs 4d8 5bs,46m 5bi 462 5bi 462 5bs 46m 5bs,47k 56s 47k 59m,47k 56s 496 59m 4ae 56s 4b2 59m,47a 5a0 47a 5ak 47u 5ak 47u 5a0 47a 5a0,47k 5ak 47k 5au 488 5au,47k 5au 47k 5bi,47k 5au 470 5au,46m 5c6 46m 5de 47a 5de 47a 5c6 46m 5c6,47k 5cq 47k 5de,47k 5cq 47u 5cq,488 5cq 488 5de,496 5de 48i 5cq,496 5de 49q 5cq 49q 5de 4ae 5de,49q 5d4 4ae 5d4 4b2 5d4 4bc 5d4 4bc 5do,4ae 5d4 4ae 5cq 49q 5cq,4ae 5c6 4ae 5do,4b2 5c6 4b2 5do,4bm 5d4 4bm 5do,4bm 5d4 4c0 5d4,4ca 5d4 4ck 5d4 4ck 5de 4ca 5de 4ca 5d4,4cu 5cq 4cu 5do 4d8 5do 4d8 5cq,4a4 5bi 4a4 5b8 4ao 5b8 4ao 5bi 4a4 5b8 4ae 5b8 4ae 5au,4a4 5b8 4ao 5bi,48i 5a0 48i 5b8 48s 5bi,48i 5a0 48i 59m 470 59m,4bc 58o 4ca 59m 4d8 58o 4cu 58o 4ck 58o 4ca 592 4c0 58o 4bc 58o,4cu 58o 4ck 592 4cu 58o,4bm 58o 4c0 592#T 4p4 76a,T 4fo 5n4,T 3hq 5cj,S ha 1c0,T 1o5 3al,T 23g 5tf,T 18m 2m5,T n 13g,S -4i jn