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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battalion: Arena] Thop Wars: Combat, the game inspired on Battalion Arena being made by Thop Team!

Do you have any idea when it will be released. I can’t wait for it

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Topic: General Gaming / Strike Force Heroes

How to get the secret achievements are.
Water wings: Crouch in the murky water in the village place by the sign (some other places work but that one is easy to tell where it is) after a little bit then you will start losing health. If you die by that you get the achievement.
Embarrassing: On the Foundry stage activate a killstreak that lasts (like surge or combustion) then die by the FALLING lava while the killstreak is in effect to earn the achievement.(Note you must die by the falling lava, not just get hurt)
Human Plug: stand on the fountain in the caverns for a while to earn it. Don not jump just stand there. You can shoot.
Detective/Investigator(Whatever):On the campaign Siege Under right when you start instead of going to the left go to the right into the blackness and enter the tube. Crawl through the tube into a room to get the achievement. I do no no how to get out so I just restart the level.
That’s all the achievements that come to mind so enjoy the solutions