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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [SIGNUPS AND DISCUSSION] [ALWAYS OPEN]

What anime is that from?

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [SIGNUPS AND DISCUSSION] [ALWAYS OPEN]

Originally posted by gammaflux:

Alright, and vice versa can a transhuman kill a emblem holder?

…I just said a transhuman can’t kill an Emblem holder, as Emblem holders are important to Telerius’s plans.

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [SIGNUPS AND DISCUSSION] [ALWAYS OPEN]

Originally posted by gammaflux:
Originally posted by Knoob85687:
Originally posted by gammaflux:

Alright, more questions: Can we kill someone during the freedom phase with no repercussions (other than possibly losing our own lives) I’m not talking about emblem holders, but rather the meteorite characters. (Yes I know they don’t gain the power from a meteor anymore.)

I was hoping to create an evil character :P

[Don’t think Telephone micromanages the non-PC characters, but I could be wrong on that.]

Telephone? Also what I meant by this is that the evil “meteorite” character tries to kill emblem characters or other meteorite characters. (Though hurting npc characters to lure someone else wouldn’t be off the table for him.)

“Telephone” totally isn’t a satirical nickname Knoob has for Telerius, no. It’s not like he’s some kind of sarcastic dickbag who would do that kind of thing, right?!

No, you cannot kill Emblem holders. They are very important to Telerius’s plans, and he will kill you before you kill any of them. But you are allowed to kill other transhumans, provided that you work it out with whoever owns the character you want to kill.

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Topic: Forum Games / General Thread

Kong is not some dream land where every badge will please you.

W-What?! But I thought the universe revolved around me!

My mother wouldn’t lie to me!




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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [SIGNUPS AND DISCUSSION] [ALWAYS OPEN]

@crystalmask: Please read the signup posts more carefully. The game takes place in modern times, and if you want to be a modern pirate…

You also put Air/Chemical as your starting Emblem, but your starting Entity is Water/Electric. Make up your mind.

She can call up tidal wave with a single cry.

You do realize that a tidal wave is a tsunami, right? At the start of the game you’re nowhere near powerful enough to create a tsunami.

The ground bursts, and a wave comes out, which pushes all enemies back.

Another call attack, where this time she can summon water to shoot out from the ground.

She can send her magic into the ground, transform it into water, and cause the water to burst out of the ground, but she doesn’t have to do that. If the ground is made of something too tough for her to break, or if there is no ground at all, she can just shoot water out of her own body.

Can only deal attack damage if used in a water/ice dungeon.

This makes no sense. Water is water no matter where it’s conjured at. It’s always going to deal physical damage when slamming into things with great force.

If she is in an area where water is present, she along with her master can summon a cloud, which will shoot lighting towards their foes.

Why can’t she just create the water herself to make a cloud? There’s no reason why she shouldn’t be able to do that.

(Once I’m accepted, how do i join the main game?)

Please see this post.

Originally posted by gammaflux:

Question: Can non-emblem holders gain an emblem by defeating an emblem holder?

No. Only someone who is vastly more powerful than you and who has thorough knowledge of how Emblems work can remove an Emblem from you against your will. Currently, this only includes Telerius and his Entities. And Telerius will not give your Emblem to someone who isn’t compatible with it, even if said someone defeated you in battle.

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Topic: Forum Games / General Thread

Originally posted by AvidChristian:

Anyone want a moment to talk about our savior?

Your mother lied to you. Jesus doesn’t exist.

I’m sorry.

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Topic: Forum Games / Master Thread

May I have permission to make a second game? My current RP has over 40 pages now, so my capability should speak for itself.

A brief summary of my new game idea is here.

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [SIGNUPS AND DISCUSSION] [ALWAYS OPEN]

I’ve decided that, unless a better name comes up, my new RP will be called Seraphic Legacy. The name is somewhat related to the game’s hidden backstory.

I’m going to ask for permission for a second game now. The game may be up next week.

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [MAIN GAME] [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

[I’m honestly surprised this game hasn’t died yet. My last few games died because of my depression, really… The inactivity in them made me lose motivation. But such a thing is less likely to happen now because of the antidepressants. Hopefully. So I suppose I’ll just let the posts slowly trickle in every few days or something…]

[Also, I have never played Dark Souls; I’ve just been watching a bunch of Dark Souls videos lately. So I apologize in advance if I get anything wrong in the post below.]



Draconis Rex stares at his screen in disbelief. A moment ago, his heavily armored in-game character was able to deal a finishing blow to Eclipsion’s thief-like character with his flaming greatsword. But suddenly, the game seemed to lag, and Eclipsion’s character was no longer standing where he was standing. A second later, Draconis Rex’s character now has a dagger between his shoulder blades. Then he sees the large “YOU DIED” message, as well as Eclipsion’s character spreading his arms wide in a commonly-used taunting gesture.

“…what was that?!” Draconis Rex turns to face Eclipsion sitting beside him, and demands.

“Come on now, D-Rex,” Eclipsion says with a few reverberating cackles, while having a lopsided grin on his mask. “I won, and you know it.”

“I was clearly winning, then you lagstabbed me,” Draconis Rex says through clenched teeth. “That is not… Wait,” he frowns, realizing something. “How can there possibly be lag in our network?”

“Because the network cannot take my sheer awesomeness, clearly,” Eclipsion gloats.

“Clearly, you were cheating,” Draconis Rex says. Now that his attention is no longer focused on the game, he can easily feel the waves of Dark magic Eclipsion has released into the room a moment ago to jam its wi-fi signal. “This was intended to be a contest of skill, yet you used magic to tilt things to your favor.”

“And you’re just a sore loser,” Eclipsion cackles some more.

“If such an honorless victory pleases you so much, then be my guest,” Draconis Rex huffs.

“And now, the loser will give the winner something he wants…” Eclipsion lets out a string of creepy-sounding giggles.

“No, I will not have homosexual intercourse with you,” Draconis Rex says with great annoyance.

“Tsk, you’re no fun,” Eclipsion grumbles. He thinks for a moment, scratching his chin with one of his many shadowy tentacles. “How about this. I won, so you give me a copy of your memories of that Entity you fought, Angeline.”

“And why would you want that?” Draconis Rex asks with a hint of suspicion.

“Oh, you should know why,” the mouth on Eclipsion’s mask splits into an evil grin. “That little bitch is like putting the best parts of you and Fury all together. Trolling her is going to be so fun, don’t you see?”

Draconis Rex sighs. “Very well…” An orb of translucent energy emerges from his forehead and floats toward Eclipsion. “Whatever you do with this, I have no part in it.”

“Thank you,” Eclipsion’s grin widens some more as he absorbs the psionic packet. “Heh heh heh heh… I’m just going to give Angeline’s master a little gift, that’s all…”

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [SIGNUPS AND DISCUSSION] [ALWAYS OPEN]

+1 to excessive self-criticism and struggling to not write (self-perceived) crap.

Also, I suppose I should announce that I may be making another RP soon. This one will not be crossed over with Emblems of Fate, since I’ve explained on the previous page that it’ll be almost impossible to keep the timelines of the two crossed-over games synchronized. So this game will be completely separate from EoF.

The game I’m planning also takes place on a fictional version of modern planet Earth. Its main premise is that when a person feels great emotional duress during death, he is likely to leave behind a ghost, a semi-sentient psychic imprint of himself. Normally ghosts cannot interact physically with the world. However, several months ago, a demonic miasma has begun to leak into the world from another plane of existence, corrupting the ghosts and allowing them possess humans who are also under great emotional duress. These possessed humans are transformed into demons, overwhelmed by negative emotions, and driven to wreak havoc. But around the same time, a group of humans have learned to absorb uncorrupted ghosts into their bodies, and use said ghosts to manifest supernatural powers to fight the demons. These people call themselves the exorcists, since demonic miasma is incredibly difficult to destroy without their magical powers. Furthermore, there are ten ancient mythical artifacts called “Sephirah Seeds” that have awakened and scattered themselves around the world at the same time the demonic incursions began; being chosen by one of those Seeds will allow a person to transform into a powerful angelic being. The exorcists are led by one such Sephirah Seed holder, and are seeking to find all the other Sephirah Seed users and enlist their help in fighting the demons.

In the game, players will be able to play as Sephirah Seed holders, exorcists, and demons. Since there are only ten Sephirah Seeds, they cannot just be given to any player. I will judge players’ writing and roleplaying skills by the quality of their profiles, and give the Seeds to those whom I consider to be the best writers and roleplayers. So if you want one of those Sephirah Seeds, at least make sure you have nigh-impeccable spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Otherwise, an exorcist character may have profiles for his ghost companions, and a demon character may have profiles for the corrupted ghosts that have possessed him. A character’s supernatural abilities depend on both his own personality, as well as his specific Sephirah Seed (if a Seed holder) or the personalities of his ghosts (if an exorcist or a demon).

Here is a list of the ten Sephirah Seeds, their colors, meanings, and typical associated powers:
1. Kether (Crown): White, Light
2. Chokmah (Understanding): Silver, Space
3. Binah (Wisdom): Black, Shadow
4. Chesed (Mercy): Blue, Water
5. Geburah (Severity): Red, Fire
6. Tiphareth (Beauty): Gold, Sun
7. Netzach (Perpetuity): Green, Life
8. Hod (Majesty): Orange, Thunder
9. Yesod (Foundation): Purple, Moon
10. Malkuth (Kingdom): Multicolored, Matter
Those are from the Sephiroth (no, nothing to do with the Final Fantasy VII character), the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah. You can see a detailed picture here.

I already have a rough plot and backstory for this game planned out. I have to say that the Sephirah Seeds numbered 1, 5, and 6 are reserved; Kether is for the leader of the exorcists and the other two are for my own characters. Number 8, Hod, is most likely reserved for BCLEGENDS as well (yes, he is good enough of a writer and roleplayer to deserve it). FYI, these magical powers can manifest in a very wide variety of forms depending on the user’s personality; one of my characters will have a mecha suit while the other is basically a magical girl.

I’m going to go ahead and admit that I got this idea because of Date A Live, a Japanese light novel series that I’ve gotten interested in a few months ago (yes, I got interested in it because of the cute girls nice art). The series made heavy use of the Sephiroth and Kabbalistic lore, which intrigued me; and after mixing in some ideas from various other sources this game idea was born.

So what do you guys think of this idea?

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [SIGNUPS AND DISCUSSION] [ALWAYS OPEN]

Blood_Shadow, is ice counted as water?


And I suggest that the characters who got their Emblems during the first freedom phase can try to interact with characters who got their Emblems during the main phase. Should make some interesting scenarios (e.g. “Wait, you have this magic tattoo too?”). You can even get into fights if you want.

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [SIGNUPS AND DISCUSSION] [ALWAYS OPEN]

Honestly how longer till freedom phase ends?

No clue. It’ll end when everyone no longer has anything they want to do during freedom phase, at which point I’ll time skip to the next main phase.

I kinda like the excitement of battles at least.

Not all of this game is combat. The freedom phases are there for you to develop your characters more.

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [SIGNUPS AND DISCUSSION] [ALWAYS OPEN]

Is it Telerius-brand magic leaking through the universe or…?

Nope. All will be explained in time. If the game doesn’t die before then, that is…

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [MAIN GAME] [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

[Well, I’m going to make a post with Telerius, I suppose.]

Telerius Logian

The Synthesis Chamber looks like something out of a mix of science fiction and fantasy. Much of the room is composed of some austere, silvery white metal, inlaid with myriads of complex geometric patterns of glowing purple and other colors. Crystals of varying sizes, shapes, and psychedelic hues can be found everywhere in the room, some jutting out of the walls, ceiling, and floor, and some simply floating in midair. Some of the crystals are translucent, pristine and clear; some radiate an intense inner light as though they are multicolored torches; and some appear to house a dark and bottomless abyss within themselves that glitters with tiny starry motes of light. Regardless of their appearances, each crystal unmistakably hums with power, and resonates with one another and the complex magical circuitry surrounding them.

Telerius stares at the futuristic computer screen in front of him, takes a deep breath, and presses a key on his keyboard.

For a moment, a number of glowing magical lines along the walls become brighter and change colors, reaching the glowing crystals in the room. And out of these crystals pour torrents of multicolored energies. The prismatic hues in the energies swirl and blend into one another, but do not appear chaotic in the least; careful observation would reveal that they have an intricate structure all within themselves. The streams of energy are splashed onto a few particularly large translucent crystals floating in the room. They sinks into the translucent crystals, causing the crystals’ colors to shift and distort. Several beams of psychedelic energies are then shot out of the translucent crystals, the structures within their colors appearing even finer than before. Some of these beams are shot into more translucent crystals to be refined further. Eventually, all beams are directed toward the dark crystals in the room, sinking into the dark crystals, causing the ephemeral sparks within the dark crystals to become brighter and more numerous. When the dark crystals become almost as bright as the glowing crystals, the energies within them begin to drain out, and travel through several especially complex magical circuits to gather in a crystal sphere located at the center of the room.

For a few seconds, the central crystal sphere steadily gains color and brilliance. But just when things are looking good, a small crack suddenly appears on the sphere’s surface. Immediately after, the iridescent energies in the crystal sphere begin to flash erratically and increase uncontrollably in intensity, creating more and more cracks on the sphere’s surface.

Telerius grimaces, and mutters a curse word under his breath. A flash of purple energy later, he has teleported into the Synthesis Chamber, except there are now ten of him. A split second after the crystal sphere finally shatters and explosively releases all of the energies it stores within, waves of bluish purple energy streaked with gold emanate from each of Telerius’s clone’s hands to engulf the explosion. Before it can spread out further, the entire explosion has been preserved in stasis, resulting in a surreal, freeze-frame-like scene. The ten copies of Telerius then disappear, merging back into one outside the Synthesis Chamber; at the same time the preserved explosion is teleported away for further analysis.

He looks at the results of another failed attempt before him, and sighs, a look of frustration and fatigue on his face. Even though his body has long since stopped being susceptible to something as mortal as headaches, Telerius still feels the urge to rub his temples.

Then he feels a pair of slender arms wrapping around his waist from behind, and the soft, feminine presence immediately makes him feel much better.

“You should take a break,” he hears Cynthia’s gentle, soothing voice murmur.

“But…” He begins, knowing that she’ll probably end up having her way regardless.

“Today should be a day off, shouldn’t it?” He can feel her leaning on him, her breath a pleasant breeze against his neck. “Take me out on a date, all right…? Take me somewhere nice…” He can feel her little conspiratorial smile more than he sees it… and feel her curvaceous body press more tightly against him. “If you do, maybe I’ll give you something nice in return…”

Telerius’s expression relaxes considerably, and he lets out a little laugh. “Yes, yes, of course…” He turns around, so he can see her lovely face, look into her clear eyes, and stroke her silky hair. “Where would you like to go?”

“Isn’t it usually the guy’s job to figure out where to take his girlfriend on a date?” Cynthia smiles. The smile then becomes a devilish little grin. “Or… Do you plan to take me somewhere improper?”

For a second Telerius’s heartbeat speeds up a little. “Doesn’t that, ahem, come after the date?” He coughs.

“If could come before, if you want…” A wild and adventurous spark shines in her eyes. Satisfied with the reaction she’s getting out of Telerius, Cynthia giggles, and returns to a more reasonable expression and tone. “But really, anywhere is fine… As long as it’s with you,” she speaks the somewhat cheesy-sounding line with utter sincerity.

During this little exchange, Telerius’s stress has already melted away. “Very well. Do you want to go right now?”

Cynthia’s futuristic-looking bodysuit dissolves into purple energy, deliberately allowing Telerius a glimpse of her naked body before coalescing again to form a purple dress made of some satin-like material. It hugs her body, showing off her lithe curves without seeming too tight, and reveals quite a bit of shapely leg and smooth skin without looking too revealing. The design is casual enough to be worn in everyday life, yet still exudes an air of fluid elegance that allows her to easily stand out in a group. Her cybernetic boots have transformed to a pair of strappy silver heels, fit to be worn on a warm summer day. Her hair is now a shade of very pale platinum blond, almost silver, and her eyes are a shade of blue that is as close to violet as humanly possible. Her stunning beauty remains, but she now looks indistinguishable from an ordinary human.

“I’m ready when you are,” she says, with a bright smile that completely erases Telerius’s earlier stress and worries.

Telerius’s appearance changes as well. His yellow eyes become a far more human-looking amber color. He transforms his form-fitting futuristic armor into normal human clothes, but all he manages is a simple dress shirt and pants; he’s never been confident enough in his appearance to develop much of a fashion sense. But he knows that Cynthia doesn’t mind. “All right,” he smiles to her back, a rare expression coming from his usually-stern face. “Let’s enjoy our day off together, shall we?”

And they disappear together in a flash of magic.

[So yeah, for this freedom phase I suppose I’ll show bits of Telerius’s life when he’s not kidnapping people and forcing them to fight, or something.]

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [SIGNUPS AND DISCUSSION] [ALWAYS OPEN]

Very well then, I will not start the transhumans thing during the first freedom phase. During the second freedom phase I’ll ask the same question.

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [SIGNUPS AND DISCUSSION] [ALWAYS OPEN]

Well, the game seems to have fallen to inactivity once again… BC has has about half a post done, but is a lazy unreliable fuck apparently too busy to finish it. Knoob keeps saying he wants to post, but is also a lazy unreliable fuck can’t get around to it. So if someone could make a post to make the game look less dead, that would be helpful. A short post would suffice.

Why aren’t any of you interacting with one another during freedom phase? That should give you more things to post about. Telerius suggested that you exchange contact information before leaving, didn’t he?

On another note, I probably won’t actually make a second RP and do a crossover between it and this game. That’s because it will be very difficult, maybe even impossible, to coordinate the timelines of the two games. If the progress of one game stalls, I don’t want it to slow down the other game. Besides, making a crossover of two games would make both games effectively one game, except in two threads, which is just more cumbersome.

So what I think I’ll do is that I’ll still do the spreading transhuman mutations thing, except it will be strictly a part of Emblems of Fate, rather than its own game. You can still make transhuman characters if you want, and the character sheet for transhumans will only be given to those who are truly interested. Transhuman characters will technically be NPCs, so you can control them in addition to your main character, but they should not have as large a role in the story as your main character.

Knoob suggests that the transhuman mutations should start during the second freedom phase. What do you guys think? Should I start it during this freedom phase, or the next?

Also, I worked a bit on the Thaumaturgy transhuman powers; you can see an incomplete document here. Those are roughly 2/3 of the Thaumaturgy powers, though none of them have descriptions yet.

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Topic: Forum Games / General Thread

Originally posted by jerenator:
Originally posted by SypherKhode822:

So. In other news.

I Just figured out how you link sites and how you can hide it behind pretty words like this

You aint getting past my plugins though ;)

What if I make a TinyURL link that redirects to another TinyURL link that redirects to the real thing?

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [SIGNUPS AND DISCUSSION] [ALWAYS OPEN]

Originally posted by BCLEGENDS:

BC, I wonder what would happen if Thor where to meet Angeline whilst in Direwolf form… XD.

Fun. The Dwarf Fortress definition of “fun”, of course, but…

Add Fury into the mix. Fun for me, “fun” for everyone else.

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [SIGNUPS AND DISCUSSION] [ALWAYS OPEN]

Originally posted by gammaflux:

Question: Am I allowed to have one of the character’s that appears in the freedom phase be part of the crossover rp? (They’ll be affected by the meteor)

Yes. That’s the whole point of the crossover.

Although, I don’t think the cause of the transhuman mutations will be a meteorite anymore… I still need to work out the details. But no, I am not looking for suggestions. I need to figure out how to make the various pieces of backstory in both games be consistent with each other, so new ideas will probably just make things harder.

Blood_Shadow: Please can you create a Google docs page with links to the character’s individual entities, It will make it easier to remember the entity’s individual personalities.

The character list document already links to each player character sheet, and that should contain links to all of that character’s Entities. If some people didn’t do that, well… I’m occupied with other things at the moment. You can ask them to include links to Entity profiles in their character profiles if you want; tell them that I asked them to do it.

Also, when Will is taken into Telerius’ realm I would like his second emblem to be Darkness/ Chemical. Thanks.


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Topic: Forum Games / General Thread

I totally don’t feel out of place for being the only person who have never played Pokemon.

Originally posted by SypherKhode822:

I’m back after being gone for a month, had a whole lot of fun.
Is Dungeon Master’s over?
Did Feline start her game?
Tell me whats what.

Facebandit banned you from all of his games because he’s butthurt over your apparent attempt at modkill evasion a long while ago in Outloved. We tried to convince him that you meant no malice, but seems like he ignored us.

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Topic: Forum Games / General Thread

Originally posted by RaceBandit:

Then why didn’t he just delete the post from after his death flavor had been posted?

Because clearly he left the post in as a sign of defiance on the injustice done to him and a reminder that he will return to wreak vengeance on TheBastardBrasta for daring to modkill him.

Gee, I don’t know, maybe he just forgot to delete it or didn’t think it was necessary? No one asked him to do it, as far as I can remember. Do you really think this is a reason to think that Sypher was lying for some reason when he said he didn’t mean any malice?

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Topic: Forum Games / General Thread

Guys. I feel that I must point out that Sypher did not intentionally evade a modkill, nor did he actually want to disrupt the RP in which his character was killed.

Originally posted by SypherKhode822:
Originally posted by Helltank:

You blatantly ignored a modkill warning? Consider this a probation for your Sypher. If you play in one of my RPs or one of the RPs I’m in and do something like that again I’m leaving/kicking you.

No… I had written this while I had been reading the rest of the actions, I had LEFT the laptop, returned a hour later, finished writing it then posted it, then reread that BastardBrasta decided to kill me off…

Originally posted by Meistheman:
Originally posted by Kadleon:

The worst part is you’re encouraging another player to specifically try to ruin the RP.

Meant as a joke, then I later realized that it was of poor taste, for that, I apologize.

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [SIGNUPS AND DISCUSSION] [ALWAYS OPEN]

If you guys don’t know what to post during the freedom phase, post about how your characters try to adjust to life after having gained magic and Entities, and what they think about this whole thing. This is not something that can just be glossed over. I expect at least one post about this from each person.

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [SIGNUPS AND DISCUSSION] [ALWAYS OPEN]

I finished the explanations for the elemental strengths and weaknesses. I’ll be adding this to the signup posts.

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [SIGNUPS AND DISCUSSION] [ALWAYS OPEN]

It feels unnervingly familiar to another type effectiveness chart I remember. No not Pokemon, but I’ll give Internet cookies if anyone can figure it out.

I pretty much worked out the whole thing myself, so I have no idea what it’s coincidentally similar to.

On another note, charting aside, are we considering the zone Telerius owns as a sort of Narnia? The sort of “time inside /=/ time outside” deal?

Nope. Time passes at the same rate for everyone. No relativistic effects in this universe. As for how that affects Einstein and the related fields of science on Earth… Best not to think too hard about that one. I’ll work it out if I absolutely have to, or something.