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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Suggestion Box

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if you are smart enough you can kill tank without getting dmg-ed

Don’t make me laugh. Any decent tank would be able to deal damage to any class, whether using flying hammer or E it’ll get within range.

ha flying hammer wth is that,how does e get you in range when it isnt any faster than regular flying not to mention tanks fly lot less

Flying hammer is an ancient technique from the old days. :3 Most proficient tanks know flying hammer.

flying hammar is only known by the most ancient of the tanks and the smart ones its fun using it once a person learns HOW TO USE it. U CAN SMASH THE AIR WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You haven’t even been playing FFT long enough to even know what a flying hammer is.

It’s an old exploit that allowed players to infinitely swing a hammer with no CD.

Stop acting like you know things.

Also learn to spell hammer.

Can someone ban glock from FFT its hes annoying.

Would be abuse if they did that and not possible atm.

Also josh do you support ignorant retards like killergunz123?

I support he to keeping people who act himself is “mature” can show out inside he is only a guy who performed justice for freerange devs, can’t understand what am I saying? Glock you are a hypocrite