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Topic: War of Omens / What People Say In Chat

I’m back guys, will be going through the posts and updating the OP within a day or two at most. Thanks for the continued support of this thread even in my absence! Really glad you guys like it. =-)

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Topic: War of Omens / Terrible lag when setting up/loading Skirmish games

I experience this too.

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Topic: War of Omens / What People Say In Chat

Updated and a broken image was removed. Puush images seem to expire!!

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Topic: War of Omens / Vlad with lackey

Yeah I’ve noticed this too. A real pain in multiplayer.

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Topic: War of Omens / Speed League - or god give me patience but make it fast.

Get 100 other people to join and stay active for the long haul and then we can talk.

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Topic: War of Omens / What People Say In Chat

That sort of thing happens every day in chat. =/

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Topic: War of Omens / What People Say In Chat

Added and quoted lol. Nice one :)

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Topic: War of Omens / What People Say In Chat

Originally posted by Llanvon:

notabot999: my alimony lawyer must have a “boar fetish” because he ****ed my pig of an ex-wife

Basically, anything this guy has to say makes me feel at LEAST 10x better about my own life.

Not gonna add this just because that left more of a sour taste in my mouth than anything. This also explains why I have him muted.

Note: If you really want this added to the OP then just private message me on Kong and you can persuade me to add it. At present, however, it just doesn’t fit well in the thread to me. My opinion, of course. Others may feel differently, again, private message me if you DO really want this added with your reasoning.

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Topic: War of Omens / What People Say In Chat

Haha I wish I had Listrata too. :)

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Topic: War of Omens / What People Say In Chat

Fixed:  photo merc5435.jpg

edit: And putting these in OP from now on to be updated periodically.

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Topic: War of Omens / What People Say In Chat

Taking an idea from the card game Elements that I used to play as much as I now play WoO: It’s the WPSIC thread! Post any funny, hilarious, weird, awkward, or just plain strange chat conversations/segments in here for people to see and I’ll add it to the Opening Post! Enjoy reading through others as well as we feel nostalgia together over how hilarious our little community here can really be!


Starting off with: Captain Betrayer’s Storytelling!

A Lucky Knight’s Tale
By Captain Betrayer

CaptainBetrayer: I don’t bother trolling. People just end up trolled by the things I do.
CaptainBetrayer: Collateral trolling.
tribaltroublelol: @Captain great quote right there
CaptainBetrayer: Take it, and do good works.
CaptainBetrayer: Be a force of right in your e-community.
CaptainBetrayer: I’ma derail this chat like the plot of a Tarantino movie.
tribaltroublelol: Hack at it Cap
CaptainBetrayer: So, there I was. Rope in one hand, princess in the other.
CaptainBetrayer: Swinging across the chasm. Sorcerer casting spells at me left and right, missing on purpose to prolong the joy.
CaptainBetrayer: Pet hydra snapping at my heels, as I push off stalactites and hope to God the rope doesn’t slip.
CaptainBetrayer: Now, I like healthy women, but right then I wasn’t so happy with the princess’ curvy physique, along with all that armor I was wearing. Heavy as hell.
CaptainBetrayer: Eventually, the Sorcerer got bored, and decided “Welp, screw it, I made a promise” and slew the Hydra with a spell.
CaptainBetrayer: After I hear the sounds of gears and pulleys, the floor opens up, and the Sorcerer’s… ‘pool’ comes into view, kraken and all.
CaptainBetrayer: The kraken feasted well that night on salted hydra, and decided to play with the shiny object swinging above the water.
CaptainBetrayer: So, with ‘oh, shit’ echoing in my head, I shove and push and slip farther down the rope till the kraken snags my boot.
CaptainBetrayer: Luckily, I didn’t secure it well enough. And with how high up I was? Terminal velocity became my bestest friend. Right through the… head, I guess?
CaptainBetrayer: And in the kraken’s death throes? Snags the Sorcerer, with screaming and pulping. I could have put some magic jelly on bread, if I hadn’t been screaming in fear of the dead kraken.
CaptainBetrayer: So, after everyone stopped dying and screaming, I managed to put the princess down, retrieve my boot and wash it out, because I wasn’t leaving without my new best friend boot.
CaptainBetrayer: And sloshing my way out of the cave, with the exuberant princess on my arm, and the roaring sounds of the cheering peasantry outside.

itztaytay: why is the peasantry right next to a deadly cave with a sorceror?
Indy5000: Poor civil planning
Antysiw: because where youre goign after smoking pot yoiu dont need no logic

CaptainBetrayer: I wander out into the light, and the commons rejoiced. “You’ve saved us! Our village will forever thank you!” And the princess was rather enamored of me. “Oh, my hero!”
CaptainBetrayer: And while I tried to get them all calmed down and keep the princess from stripping me nude and taking me on the spot…

CaptainBetrayer: My wife showed up.

Followed By: Itz’s Advice to every Metris player: itztaytay: need to steal more ointment

Add-ons from Thread to be updated as I can Below!

 photo merc5435.jpg

CaptainBetrayer: Hey, look, I’m allowed to be penised AND LIKE IT.

 photo GFJuAcO.jpg

Auron1221: That poor soul, tricked by the allure of a shiny coin over two significantly better heroes.

BuddyPharaoh: OBAMACARE

 photo E1UPvHJ.jpg

omerbey: phone
BuddyPharaoh: could be
LanfearsBane: cops
BuddyPharaoh: a better guess!
BuddyPharaoh: a WoO player on the lam

Originally posted by Jordann:

Often notabot (he is not a bot, not a meme, but a human being!) is trolling about marriage, but here he was actually funny:

notabot999: @DCW1114 would you mind just letting me win? I’m going through a difficult divorce and I need this
Indy5000: lel
notabot999: it’s not a joke
notabot999: I’m at the end of my goddamn rope
DCW1114: soooo, I’ve drawn 0 cards that I actually need…haha
notabot999: thank you thank you jesus christ thank you
notabot999: pity is all I have left
notabot999: pity and vaping
DCW1114: ummm
DonavonWhitehand: so stop clinging to your God-damn rope and let God carry you?
notabot999: I’ll have you know I’m a devout Vaishanist
DeS_tructive: hugs notabot You can do it, mate.
notabot999: I relate to Rama because he had his wife cast into the flames to prove her purity
notabot999: something I foolishly never did


MeMagicalPie: why are people so slow
Zace: They are stunned that you are a talking pie.

Like a fish in a pool of sharks

And another! :D

The Loading Screen vs The Players

Omnobo: getting stuck at the 5th column games screen now doh haha
tribaltroublelol: Use Deceit on it before it finishes Undermining you
Omnobo: load time is forever wow
tribaltroublelol: @Omnobo maybe its using Infiltrate and Stratagem :o
Omnobo: went from 71→ 72 in the time between my messages lol
Omnobo: 73 now
tribaltroublelol: For all you know it could be Ransacking you
tribaltroublelol: Or this could all be a Misdirect
Malz_Gaspard: yo mom got ransacked last night =0
Omnobo: it’s just a pain in the ars..on
tw54: No, no…they’re all giving you minsiformation. don’t listen to it.
tw54: misinformation*
tribaltroublelol: No, no… tw54 is just trying to Seduce you.
Malz_Gaspard: guys, stop infighting
Malz_Gaspard: it is causing mayhem
tribaltroublelol: I am here to Sabotage and Sabotage I will!
Malz_Gaspard: let us consolidate to not be undermined by framing jimmy for the robbery
tribaltroublelol: Malz has the Stolen Plans!
Malz_Gaspard: ya dig?
Hermis0: framing the lackey for the robbery
tribaltroublelol: Malz just wants to Impersonate Malz. He’s actually a Cutpurse!
Malz_Gaspard: that is what my informant has told me
tribaltroublelol: See!
tribaltroublelol: We need an Assassin!
Malz_Gaspard: with levels in wizard
shocman: way to ruin it
Malz_Gaspard: <——is a metris player, it is our thing
shocman: i would like to congradulate you on the ability to play metris
Malz_Gaspard: tha k you
Malz_Gaspard: I also run a mean war pocchi and bounty ysa
shocman: pocchi doesnt run
Malz_Gaspard: true
shocman: its more like a quick hobble
Malz_Gaspard: a quick waddle

GabeTheAlmighty: don’t you hate when you go infinite but all you have is gold producers and your bounty has been missingno’d?
nate451: more than life itself
GabeTheAlmighty: …that implies that you hate life…?
nate451: naturally.
nate451: what is the single greatest cause of suffering?
nate451: life.
GabeTheAlmighty: mosquitoes
GabeTheAlmighty: oh
GabeTheAlmighty: yeah, living mosquitoes

collusion: will dire boars sac the hero if he has fewer than 5 health and dire boar is the only other ally?
Malz_Gaspard: yes
Malz_Gaspard: auto loss

Note: BuddyPharaoh’s post will be put here soon. This is a placeholder to remind me.

SirDoom: Holy shit I killed a goat outrider with two shots.
shocman: this should be writen down
delta6421: i dont believe you
Malz_Gaspard: pics or it did not happen
SirDoom: lol seriously I am writing a bug report right now

ImpossibleDream: How do I feed Empowring Seal magic? I can’t do it.
DrZomboss: click on it?
ImpossibleDream: ah ok. Doesn’t work first turn it seems
ImpossibleDream: And you can’t use it twice it seems
SirDoom: lol
Blackshine: No. But you can’t use it if there are no more Anima to empower.
SirDoom: and they have to be in play not in your hand\
ImpossibleDream: ahhhhhhhhhhhh it only empowers Anima
ImpossibleDream: **** I don’t know what that is
SirDoom: /faceplam
Blackshine: Anima, as in creatures.
ImpossibleDream: +1
ImpossibleDream: ow ok. DAmn. I need to change this deck then :)

More will be added very soon.

Now, why don’t you guys add some more funny quotes you find throughout chat to share with the community? ^^
Note: puush images expire!

Last Update: Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

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Topic: War of Omens / Comment Trollz

Please. Just stop feeding this troll. It’s beyond obvious he isn’t worth anyones attention. Just leave him alone with his spam for a while.

edit: @Daikoru Nope, just Zarby, who is now banned from this forum. :)

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Topic: War of Omens / how to be a douche pirate 101

Originally posted by Daikoru:

Oh, so it’s a legit link? I thought it was spam with a suspicious link, and thought about reporting it. is used for screenshots by some people.

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Topic: War of Omens / Stupid journeyman AI

If you want something stupid the AI will hold Malediction in hand waiting for you to play a character whether or not there is ANY evidence that your deck/bank has even 1 character. What a waste of $10.

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Topic: War of Omens / Oak pack (and others) chances - come help Overall stats, best I can do. Probably been around since beginning of March, haven’t used every day so I think it would be best to say that 2 rare are oak(since I remember that from Oak) 0 Epics from my Oaks.

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Topic: Elements / PVP SERVER IS DOWN.

Originally posted by SnakeNinja:

It takes money to fix these kind of things, but I’m sure they are aware of this issue and will try to fix it.

Just really want to note that ‘they’ is one individual developer, and ’they’’s name is Zanzarino.

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Topic: Elements / Elements - 10 Million Plays

Oh my! I wonder what’s next? Oh, that’s right! :3
Now where are those 10 million playERS!

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Topic: Technical Support / Stupid chat glitch

Originally posted by brainisdead:

Can we get that looked into as well then. Whatever is causing it is as annoying as hell.
Guessing it’s a windows 7 related issue as I recently upgraded and it didn’t happen before when I was using XP.

I’ve never had that issue using Mac. :)

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Topic: Technical Support / Strange pop-up from Adobe Flash | broken link;srid=last

I went to my profile, to my highly rated games list, and then ‘last’ and was redirected to the broken link shown above. :(

Also, this keeps coming up when I am loading pages on Kong.

“Adobe® Flash® Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation. The following local application on your computer or network:


is trying to communicate with this Internet-enabled location:

To let this application communicate with the Internet, click Settings.
You must restart this application after changing your settings"

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Topic: Technical Support / Kongregate has stopped paying me my revenue.

Any update on this? :/

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Citizen Grim] Bug Reports - The Extermination Thread

You could mouse over my name to see the full name pop up :P

No problem. Also, what are the keyboard controls? I never seem to be able to find any with my random hitting of buttons :P

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Topic: BattleCry / Newbie Experiences Guide

Ahha thank you! Great guide btw. :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Citizen Grim] Bug Reports - The Extermination Thread

If I log out and log back in, any mercenaries that died in a previous mission(s) are revived.

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Topic: BattleCry / Newbie Experiences Guide

In spells section you said “Also the cast time can be increased by your opponents items (though they are often very expensive).”

How is it increased by my opponents items? o.O

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Topic: Kongregate / What caused the down time?

There are multiple decent ones like Miniclip, Armorgames, etc. but only one Legendary Kongregate. Calling it ‘decent’ is an understatement. ;)