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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Awakend Fragment

Pray to the luck gods.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 【Event】Dragon Master’s Pack II

Originally posted by blindlight36:

my hope is that the new dragons would eventually be released 1 by 1 through lair boss for all

Or Daily Login.

Or putting them in a special Event pack available for Silver or Gold/Rubies (depending on rarity of cards).

Or make a quest in which one has to defeat City Defences, which give points, allowing a player to turn the wheel (similar to Dragon lair events).

Or make a quest that forces people to do Normal difficulty bosses and reward those cards.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

If I got Godlike Ragnar, I couldn’t use him. That is how much he sucks.

Rebel or Bloodseeker are much better at challenging whale decks. Templar is more versatile. Less good against whales but better against rush, but his Cure and vig will be handy against whales too regardless ^ .

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

Well Blind, why not check all these lists?

Maybe we should make a short reasoning behind each card suggested so the troll suggestions (ie, Goblin Bandit) are out.


Originally posted by Stratocumulus:

Outside of 1.0, this is the non-unique Godlike I think that’s the best option.
1. Elven Rebel – not 1.0 but a good stop to Khnum. Also prevents a part of Zeus’ damage and some other of the recently appeared powerhouses. It’s one of the few things that Khnum-users despise the most. And, even without these things present in an opposing deck it is still useful, Nimble, immune to Terrorize and capable of taking many hits.

When 1.0 only, this is my list of non-uniques.
1. Templar – Templar is versatile, can fulfill a lot of functions and tank a hit. At 4/12 a Warrior needs two skills to remove it regardless unless they have a Godlike Slash.
2. Feles Swordsman – A quick damage dealer, cutting the health of Zeus and Khnum in half cleanly, potentially finishing it off.
3. Tengu Bloodseeker – Just generally a good card. Helps against rush, and stops healing which can be effective, as it makes Khnum and Abbesses much easier to wear down/kill.
4. Elven High Priestess – Versatile, at 3/8 it’s a lot better than at lower ranks. Similar to the Templar in that it is never the best at what it does, but it does a lot of things at once.
5. Battle Drum – A quick blocker that helps to get powerhouses out faster. Helps somewhat against Spike too. Not available in any packs, making it more useful.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Event] Master of Alchemy, 22nd OCT

It is only after Maintenance, isn’t it?

Because it isn’t up right now ^ .

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / what makes you frustration and suggestions

Originally posted by Baerk:

One difficult suggestion to make server merges more effective. It often ticks people off that they greatly lose chance to cross server rank when server merges happen. Is there any hope of making the ranking prizes based on percentile prizes (based on how many people are above the reset score)? This way a server cluster could actually realistically support stable more than 200 people. We can’t have large servers with only 200 pvp prize slots.

This. However, the PvP reward system is flawed anyway, but sadly that’s the case with all CCGs that I know of.

Because the PvP rewards, as they are, allow only the stronger players to get stronger and don’t really reward weaker players (and players that started late) for their efforts, and make up a significant percentage of a player’s income in both Gold and Medals, latter even for the paying players.

That being said, the PvP rewards should be overhauled completely. Gold can easily make up a third of a f2p players gold income which is probably just too much already, and Medals are 50-90% for all players that make it to top 100 local, and you don’t need a brain to see that is way too much.

PvP Medals should be obtained through other means, and no, Sealed doesn’t count because it either costs Gold, and free Sealed tickets are mostly given through PvP rewards to begin with…

In other words, rewards should be made less significant in percentage. There should be other ways to get Gold, and especially PvP Medals. Otherwise people will keep complaining about medals and stuff being too hard to get.

There should be a timeframe be made in which one should get X (a PvP Medal Legendary in Rise of Mythos, like Ryli or Maia), without PvP Season rewards, and with PvP Season rewards.
This timeframe should be both months and number of Y (Sealed/Equalizer) partaken in, as well as time invested into PvP battles (not the raw number – a long battle should have a bigger weight than a short one, and also regardless of the result).
Generalized because it goes for all games if we take away the RoM terminology.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / no fire opal another week

@Mush: Stop whining. It’s getting annoying.

We have plenty of strong VIP 0’s on our server that could go toe-to-toe with whales for a long time, and even a few that still can – one of which has been your guild president for fairies sake.

However, there is a gap that is growing fast, and within a month or two there are or only one or two VIP 0’s left that still stand a chance.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Calling Dungeon Masters! Boss Design Contest!

The more good suggestions, the better, imho. I do not think one new event boss keeps the players occupied long enough XD

Just have a look: One new event boss keeps us occupied for one or two weeks. We should not recycle these events, I think because recycling is boring.
So we need at least ten of these bosses. At least.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / State of current meta

I agree mostly with his reasoning, though I never had problems with Gabriel.
I haven’t seen Pan much though, and prefer Inspiration Elves myself, but I can see Pan being very threatening. Also, same goes for the 3cd Nid, which can take a hit unlike Pan and pretty much does the same thing and is probably even better in full decks.

But yes, we really need a new card with Dragon Slayer and that one needs to be a non-unique too. Sadly I couldn’t find time to properly design one myself as I’ve been thinking about this past few days as well.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

Originally posted by KurokoY1:

i’m vip 0 and i got khnum from the bonanza event, how i did ? i saved rubies for a long time by selling many cards in AH, i had like 7k rubies, and when i’v seen the notice about khnum on this topic, i didn’t left any comment about me sad or anything, i did sold even more cards (even those i used in my main decks) until i got like 10890 rubies, i opened the 20 packs, got 1 legendary card (zeus, was lucky to get him and unlucky in the same time for only getting 1 single legs), i combined many normal epic/legendary mythos cards and i sold them along with my end of season legendary cards, and i’m now at 14/20 in the “buy 20 mythos I get 2 lunar chest” bonanza.

All this just to tell you that even vip 0 could get this khnum if they really wanted to.

It still requires one to save up rubies for a long time, which the VIP 0’s may have used to get Odin or Zeus instead. Or just to buy Event packs, if they needed El or something still.

Outside of 1.0, this is the non-unique Godlike I think that’s the best option.
1. Elven Rebel (not 1.0 but a good stop to Khnum)

When 1.0 only, this is my list of non-uniques.
1. Templar
2. Feles Swordsman
3. Tengu Bloodseeker
4. Elven High Priestess
5. Battle Drum

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

Caitlyn doesn’t solve the issue regarding facing those monsters for VIP 0-8, and neither does Cain. Especially not at Epic and even at Legendary I wonder… Being VIP 0 myself, I’d really prefer something better than either of those.

If the Khnum Bonanza does well enough – I will see soon enough when I bother to PvP again and likely during SD as well – then I can’t really hope to win a Power match against whales unless it’s a Ranger or Warrior power deck and even then I have to hope I can remove Khnum/Augustus/whatever without too much trouble. I will have to run multiple Ambushers for sure at any rate to at least kill those things ASAP once they appear.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / WOW!!! WOW!

Originally posted by LCoffin:

ewww if I was gonna quit I wouldnt get sucked into another crappy p2w flash MMO like those, wartune is even worse p2w than this one.
at least look for some actual cardgames or proper big-budget subscription MMO.

This. Oddly, RoM can permit incompetent developers because it’s one of the best card games around despite that. Which means the developers are, or have been, doing SOMETHING right.

But most of it was done right in the concept of the game, but either gets a chore now (PvP, Tower, Bosses), or broken otherwise (things like Khnum). Many things only remain fun because guilds exist and because we made friends within the game, often quite a few.

Oh, and I’ve played Wartune, but was bored of it after… two days.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

To be fair, this Bonanza was already programmed before this thread was even made, so it doesn’t really count.

But yeah, when someone announced the Khnum bonanza on Trumpets a few hours before it started, everybody (who didn’t know) stared around in disbelief and confusion. It is a huge sign of desperation to earn more money quickly and many players will fall for it, but others will quit because of it, which will obviously take others with them.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Don't buy gold.

Originally posted by floppynoodles:
Originally posted by Aegon07:

As for money i spend money collecting stuff irl anyway. Only difference here is I cant lose my cards amongst other contents of my drawers. Speaking of which I wouldn’t mind buying that rom art book. It would look very nice next to my anime ones. Also would be nice if they released physical copies of our cards

Technically you don’t own your cards. They reserve the right to shut the game down and take ‘your’ cards whenever they decide things aren’t as profitable. So you can lose the cards. Just something to keep in mind, virtual things are so weird that way.

Depends on host server countries’ laws.

I know that shutting a game down like that is not allowed in Germany, for example. Not in the Netherlands either.

Since the game is hosted on Kongregate as well as Facebook, I doubt they can take the game down easily if those sites have most of their host PC’s spread across multiple countries.

However, nothing stops them from merging all servers to one supercluster once the game is (almost) dead though.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Calling Dungeon Masters! Boss Design Contest!

Hero name: Stratocumulus
Server: Wild Grasslands

Boss name: Storm of Vengeance
Pixies are rustling, and after pulling a bunch of pranks out of boredom, they started to attack armies instead. Their attacks were never harmful in the past, but now they are, and they need to be convinced to stop. Maybe you can even get them to join you, or are you lucky enough to find out why they are so offensive suddenly.

Background art: Dark Forest
Boss Art: Wisdom Juju
Boss HP: 220 (Hard), 140 (Normal)

Boss Deck (Hard):
Card ranks are Legendary (5*) unless stated otherwise.
70 creatures:
24× Pixie Adept
24× Pixie Magi
18× Pixie Grand Magi
2× Wisdom Juju (Godlike (6*))
2× Gujaret (Godlike)

20 skills:
10× Smite (Godlike)
4× Inspire
3× Resurrection
3× Sacred Touch

Boss Deck (Normal)
All cards are one rank lower than they would be in hard.

Starting field: 4 Pixie Grand Magi (Legendary) start out in front of the AI.

Event Quests / names / rewards
Pixie Pranksters (H) – Kill Pixie Adepts during Storm of Vengeance (Hard) – 300 xp, 4000 Silver
Pixie Pranksters (N) – Kill Pixie Adepts during Storm of Vengeance (Normal): 300 xp, 4000 Silver
Assassin (H) – Kill Gujaret and Juju during Storm of Vengeance (Hard) – 100 xp, 3000 Silver
Assassin (N) – Kill Gujaret and Juju (Legendary) during Storm of Vengeance (Normal) – 100 xp, 3000 Silver
The Culprit – Defeat Storm of Vengeance at any difficulty X times – Celestia (Epic (4*))

Rare drops:
Ring of Wisdom (Legendary), Fire Opal

Semi-rare drop
Mount; Unicorn Tempest (Epic)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / "ISIS" card

Originally posted by dias17se:

Agree, let´s change the name of an egyptian god with +3000 years.

what about dingby ? seems a great replacement

I laughed my rear off when I saw this. A very funny trollish comment, and it clearly shows the ridiculousness of the actual proposal.

My compliments on being a good troll for once – this is far more hilarious, especially when compared to your silly attempts at trolling in other threads.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Another Rush debate

Originally posted by blindlight36:

what do they use?
the worst I’ve seen is still 12 raid spike with bows since it can get 2 KOs on turn 2 with a lucky draw.

ithink they key to anti for us has always lied in the skills, i.e. NOT bringing skills that dont increase card draw or block lanes. only refuges swamps inspire premed in decks and units units units. and the refuge and swamp decks have to be small enough that reshuffles give a good chance to draw them, AND they shouldnt be played on turn 1, but 2 if rangers, 3 if warrs to give maximum coverage.

Indeed, our antirush decks have almost no skills and consist of 20 cards.

Well, Irmandade uses a setup of three rangers and a Warrior since forever.
Swift Astrals – they have at least three – Maia/Mifzuna. XBows, Alice and Jaraax are used as filler. Some of those are Godlikes.
They didn’t win always in the past though, but they didn’t lose anymore since they got Astrals and Jaraax.

@Floppy: Just have multiple Showdown decks.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / "ISIS" card

^^ I facepalmed too, Blind.

I however, do understand the negative connotations that ISIS gave to the poor deity.

Isis is however the Greek name for an Egyptian God; the Egyptian name is Aset according to Wikipedia. She was/is the goddess of love and is still worshipped in pagan religions today. On a related note, Mary – Jesus’ mother – is partly based on Isis/Aset.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

Well, we get the Khnum bonanza first, which arrives in four days. So this Bonanza will probably take ten days to arrive. Maybe even nearly three weeks.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Skill Balance/Tweak/Alter + Suggestion post here

I think the Shock ability, which is shared by 4 Epics of the Lightning-type could use a buff.
160 + stun is a little low compared to most other Epics, and sometimes even rares/commons.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

The problem is, do VIP 0’s want to be restricted to rush?
No, they don’t. That, and not all VIP 0\s were lucky enough with bidding on Maia/Mifzuna/whatever.
I for one, wasn’t. Was last seconded nine times before finally getting a Mifzuna. ^ By that time I already had a deck centered around numerous powerhouses.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Another Rush debate

Correction – Irmandade won most of those Showdowns. Not Rush, just Irmandade (a facebook guild). Irmandade (1) won 5 SD’s in a row with spiking – everybody knows and nobody can do a shit about it.

Irmandade’s spike is something else compared to the standard spike with Maia/Mif which can actually be stopped. We were probably the first to do it so cleanly last Showdown, stopping one of the most powerful spikes cleanly. They were just cockblocked from turn 2 onwards with a ton of Gargoyles and other low cd stuff. However, they did not run rangers, which is quite the handicap.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

Khnum being in the bonanza… no ty. Makes battles even longer and increases the gap between the low VIPs and whales even more. It does not help most of the low VIPs used their rubies for Odin too.

Yet it makes things simple regarding the choice for the Godlike.
For the lower VIPs to stand a chance, they need to be capable of keeping that thing in check. The requirements for that are:
- Non-unique
- Resistance 4 or above (5, possibly, because of Fire Rubies from the mega whales)
- It should not fly.

Literally no 1.0 cards meet these prerequisites (Pegasi fly, Desperate Soul is unique) – the Blessed Elven Samurai and Elven Rebel are the oldest cards within the game that do.

As such, I suggest:

Open 50 Elf Standard Packs, and get an Elven Rebel (Godlike) for free.

And for the other half of the Bonanza? Various suggestions have been done in this thread and I can agree with most of them as long as it is available for VIP 0.
Juliet, Cain the Traitor, Pallas Athena, Thor, Grotesque Goliath, Anuket, Celestia and Artemis are all decent options either at Epic or Legendary.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / why this game dying ?

Not only unique strategies, but also bosses taking already existing strategies to the limit.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / why this game dying ?

Originally posted by jooe15:

I just hope this “create a boss” event allows players to implement a cards that are not in the game, as you know a lot of bosses have cards that are boss only, and when players create a boss they need that sort of freedom. — Also would be nice to have some way to test it to see how it is, but I assume that is much too hard.

Even without this it isn’t that difficult to design a few fun bosses though.

I have already a few things in mind.