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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / what pc specs i need to play sas 4?

As long as your comp’s not a potato, you can run it.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / new class suggestion

Forgive my language, but turrets are sh*t. This would be an abandoned class.

Assault already gives perks for killing things quickly
Heavy already gives perks for being tanky
Medic already gives perks for healing

I don’t think this class can fill a niche. Grenade damage is already an all-class skill.

Movement matters more than cover. Not to mention, cover is obsolete against either 10+ zombies attacking at the same time or the ever-so-common shadow minion variant of mobs.

Not to mention… Turrets have extremely limited ammo and can only be deployed in so few numbers and even fewer supply. It would render this class useless unless they constantly pay for a steady stream of turrets.

And another thing. If you want to suggest something, you’re better off posting in the NinjaKiwi forums, not Kong.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Nightmare Public Matches Suggestions

Or you know… Fix this problem and every other room-related problem by adding a lobby that allows players to create, filter and choose their rooms.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Medkits !

No one knows what black magic is behind those medkits. You simply step on a box and hey-presto, your zombie-inflicted wounds (Which may or may not include immolation, dissolution, extreme blood loss, bite wounds, chainsaw mangling and unicorn impalement) get relief based on how much black magic your friendly squad medic has learned in the school of the dark arts.

I mean, if something magically cures you of all your worldly ails, you’re bound to be suspicious. Seriously, if zombies walk on it, they could’ve turned into humans. But no. Because it’s black magic, your (suspiciously) friendly squad medic denies the poor undead from returning to their former lives.

Oh, and don’t mind the way medics simply throw the miracle kit on the ground. They are most certainly not saying “Do it, get on your knees and take my flesh” In a creepy, sometimes inhuman voice.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / how fast do you burn your clip?

-Overclocking Augmentations
-Assault’s Adrenaline Skill
-Weapon Mastery Bonuses
-Miscellaneous factors

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [SAS4] Bug Reporting Thread

Doing Vaccine.

Got stuck in the first train car you hop into.

Was in the last train car, fighting zombies, then suddenly, I get teleported into the first car. Everyone else in the team went ahead, but the doors can’t be opened. Had to leave when everyone was needed on the dropship.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / I am level 31 and have never come across a M24. Where are they or would anyone like to trade?

Eh, you need to scavenge in lvl 39+ areas.

It used to be accessible to lvl 16-21, but it’s vintage now. (Inaccessible/Untradable)

I have around 10 of those vintage versions, but I unfortunately cannot trade them.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Disconnection

“Good” is subjective.

Go to:

Show us the results.
If it grades C or less, then the problem lies with your connection.

For the best performance, do not have any other flash-based programs (Like the players in youtube) playing. Also, refrain from opening too many tabs or downloading.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / disabled compound

That means that you are part of a “Superior” alliance and that you are attacking an “Inferior” alliance.

The same way I couldn’t get war points off people not in the top 5 when in the top alliance.

In short, you only get points for fighting people within your range, or when they are ranked higher alliance-wise.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / user id 14417728

Forums are for discussing among players.

On an extra note, nobody really looks at their own internet connection and/or hardware before playing this game.

Those are typically the problems when “Lag” or “Can’t Load” are concerned.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Idea : Freeze-Frame

There used to be “Vacation” books on sale.

Disables PvP, removes food/water consumption for a set amount of days.

Just ask them to bring them back.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Tips and Tricks

How about adding more content? More words of the wise are appreciated.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / %'s compound glitch

FYI, % is a glitch that existed since the beginning of the game. No hackers, just a compound that couldn’t be loaded due to a server error.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / %'s compound glitch

This is why you should never intrude upon Lord %’s compound.

Turn back, mortal. His presence is not of this world.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Can't post on Con Artists forums

For your information, this is a post on the forums.

Also, the forums are for discussions, all technical bits should be reported directly to Kong.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Tips and Tricks

Originally posted by MaphiDanielP:

Can someone put a tip in good compound defense? I’m a tarter and some raiders like to prey on me, sometimes they fail, sometimes they don’t, so can anyone help me?

As much as I would like to assist you, releasing information on how to defend your compound would be counterproductive since I already posted tips on raiding.

Find holes in the raiding guide. Ask “What if I counter no. # using this?”

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Tips and Tricks

I’m back to discover a bunch of new features… Good thing someone picked me up and told me everything. Also, updated a bit.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Tips and Tricks



1. View your compound-to-be raided. Study the positions of defenses and obvious holes in them. Be sure to rotate your camera to check it from both angles.

2. The most important to note is where the enemy’s survivors are. Towers are almost-always occupied as they give a range bonus. Heavily barricaded areas are usually telltale signs of survivors’ potential locations.

3. Spot any free cover you may use while viewing the compound. This is easily exploited when fighting low-levels who have no experience in raid defense. They usually leave free cover strewn about- A word of caution, however. Higher-leveled players often trap the “Free Cover”.

4. Spot any open entrances you may exploit. An unguarded entrance that leads to a fortification’s back door entrance gives you the opportunity to catch any enemy survivors uncovered.

5. Explosives are excellent tools for clearing out clusters of enemy survivors, so while viewing enemy compounds, look for blind spots like the corners of the main warehouse that allow you to toss grenades at an angle that will harm the enemy without bringing harm to yourself.

6. Smoke grenades, when thrown give you opportunities to move your survivors as anyone in the smoke cannot fire or be fired at. They will not, however, work when thrown at towers since they are elevated.

7. Barricades only protect from one side and ONLY work if a survivor is crouched next to it. This is easily exploited if one attacks from the side. Even if a survivor is walled in, if they are not hugging the barricade where the gunfire comes from, they will not benefit from cover.

8. In the event that all the enemy’s entrances are covered, spawn in the direction of what you think is the LEAST populated. Then proceed to wipe them out one by one. Divide and Conquer.

9. Procure at least two long rifles and use them during the raid. Range and accuracy are more important than RoF or DPS as your strategy will always involve plenty of sniping.

10. Always have a healing unit inside your team.

11. Stockpile grenades and medical components


1. RESOURCES GO LAST as looting with survivors around possesses potential hazards. If you’re pressed for time, loot what you can but don’t force yourself to loot everything.

2. In your spawn points, there are pieces of cover that provide moderate protection. ALWAYS SPAWN IN THEM in the event that your chosen spawn point comes under fire.

3. If all enemy survivors are clumped up, spawn as far away from them as possible. If you catch one of them’s attention, everyone else will fire regardless of their effective ranges.

4. Always bring a strong melee unit with a vest for improvised trap-disarming (Read, walking over them) and destroying barricades.

5. DO NOT engage in a war of attrition where their survivors are fighting against your survivors in their effective range. You’re also outnumbered, seeing as you can only raid with 5, but the maximum survivors they can have is 10.

6. Always engage from a distance regardless of effective range. Bullets =/= Zombies’ attack damage. Not to mention that they also have the chance to crit. This is where long rifles come into play.

7. If you need to disarm traps in a pinch, send a fighter with a vest and full health and make him/her walk over the trap. Be sure to heal quickly afterwards.

8. Grenades are thrown in a straight line but have an explosive radius. Angle your throws so that you’ll damage them or their fortifications without putting yourself in harm’s way.

9. Suppression is important. Suppress those in towers first as they have a better chance to hit you. If you’re also suppressed, counter-suppress or throw a smoke grenade in your area.

10. Enemy AI will only fire at what last fired at them unless someone enters their effective range. Use this to move melee units closer to destroy barricades or wipe them out through destruction of a barricade and entering from the back entrance and slaughtering them all when they reload.

11. Gates are strange. If you take cover in them, you can neither hit nor get hit by bullets on the opposite side of the gate- Provided you’re hugging the gate.

12. Traps being disarmed should be purely situational as disarming takes time and failure to do so triggers the trap. Double-traps should be completely ignored as attempting to disarm one triggers the other.

13. Know when to quit. Failed raids return nothing.

14. Grenades can be improvised trap-disarming tools, just watch and throw.

15. C4 and Improvised explosives can downright demolish most buildings and incapacitate (And demoralize) any within its radius.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Tips and Tricks

Would be wonderful if I post a guide. Not exactly oriented to higher-level players, but can be used as a useful set of reminders.


Best places for…
Raw Materials – Hardware stores/Large Hardware stores/Construction Sites
Useful components – Small Warehouses/Warehouses
Electronic Scrap – Offices/Large Offices
Wooden/Cloth Junk – Residences/Large Residences
Melee Weapons – Residences/Large Residences/Small Warehouses/Warehouses/Subways (Indoor Locations)
Ranged Weapons – Security/Gun stores/Highways/Streets/Suburban Streets/Large Parks (Outdoor Locations + Places with guns in the first place)
Grenades – Streets/Large Parks/Military Bases (Practically anything with military presence)
Everything, but in low quantities – Department stores/Stores

Construction sites do not give cloth and their metal/wood output is lower than that of large hardware stores.

1. Line of sight is important. It is imperative that all your ranged units can support everyone in case one gets swarmed and is reloading.

2. Set a pattern for scavenging. It’s best to follow a plan where you would pick up items along the way going to and going back to ensure maximum efficiency. Do it clockwise/counterclockwise, most looting areas usually have little-to-no items in the central path.

3. Maximize range as much as possible but be aware of the environment. The effective range of your guns are shown in a white circle. This also tells you where auto-aim engages and does its dirty work. DO NOT make gun-users hug the wall unless it’s really a tight corridor. You see, guns are less powerful per shot than a melee weapon. To effectively kill a zombie, one must aim and shoot until the target succumbs to its wounds. However, melee weapons of the same level as the gun can usually dispatch a zombie easily and quickly but will only automatically attack if the zombie is inside the invisible proximity line (Which I assume is 5-6). Point in case, guns have the advantage of shooting zombies safely and afar so the only way a well-setup group of gunslingers can get injured is if the user moves them to a tight area where there is little time to aim or shoot the required number of bullets to down a zombie.

Shortened: Centralize the shooter and make sure they are as distant as possible from a zombie entrance yet still be in their weapon’s effective range.

4. Coordinate the group and make sure they support each other. Self-explanatory.

5. Melee units advance to the next area/room first. Melee users can dodge better, unlike gun-users and if an area is loaded with zombies, your shooters will usually run out of ammo fast and get swarmed unless given the opportunity to reload properly. Move melee in first THEN maximize the range of shooters by placing them slightly away from the melee-users. This will ensure that they’ll support each other.

6. As demonstrated above, melee units serve as “Tanks” or, as I’d like to call them, “Meatshields”. Their innate chance to dodge gives them a longer lifespan and the lack of reloads make them absolutely essential in close quarters.

7. Guns are strictly for when the zombies get tough. Ammo is hard to come by in bulk unless you’re a higher level and you wouldn’t want to use your precious M249 with an ammo cost of 128 to raid one of the lvl 1 residences back in Riverside North, would you? Stick to melee if you’re overleveled.

8. Have melee units act as bodyguards for gun-users. Say I have a team of 3, one scavenger, a fighter and a recon. While the scavenger does his thing, the recon shoots at would-be perpetrators while the fighter protects him for when he reloads.

9. Explosives are strictly for raids. No matter how tempting it may be to blow zombies up, it’s not worth it. Looted explosives are rare and hard to come by and crafting them requires precious fuel. Plus, it will only be effective the time you throw it, the moment it explodes, several zombies die but the horde is still coming.

10. Recognize “Safe” areas while looting. Like say, the left part of a large hardware store surrounded by palette holders. There isn’t a zombie spawn there and there is only one entrance. It’s best to just leave other survivors outside so that they’ll always be mobile.

11. Scavenging survivors should only be given melee weapons. First they’ll have better chances to dodge. Second, it saves ammo. Third, the only time other survivors need the scavenger’s help is when they can’t cope with the horde and are unable to reload. This is where melee users shine as they’ll cut through the horde then resume scavenging.

12. Don’t call off a looting command simply because of a nearby zombie. First off, your team should be close enough to manage to kill that zombie. Second, he/she can dodge. Third, a looting action will keep going until the looter stumbles from knockback. This is, of course non-applicable to those close to death.

13. If you move away during a zombie’s attack animation, regardless of how close/far you moved, it will deal no damage. The only way for you to get hit by a zombie is if you’re standing still.

14. Regarding, 13. In the event you do have enough time and looted all containers, position your gunners in the middle of an open area to maximize their range and have a melee unit run around the map to attract zombies to your gunners for extra exp. You’ll have to abuse advice #13 since even dogs can’t hit a moving fighter. It’s best done with a completely zoomed-out screen so that you may see your gunners and your runner. Once close to running out of time, just pack up your troops to the exit zone.

15. High-health survivors like fighters can be placed in the frontline even with guns provided they have backup. When the going gets tough, just heal them from behind and let them soak up all the damage. Problem is, however, if your medic or leader can heal fast enough.

16. Your survivor’s AI is terrible at pathfinding through zombies and other survivors. Simply put, if your survivors are in each other’s way, they’ll attempt to weakly push whatever model is in front of them and will not auto-attack/retaliate if hit. This is potentially lethal as you’d be lacking in firepower by one. This can be avoided, however, by not clumping up your survivors in a dot. Making them hug walls in tight corridors with some spacing on the other side for walking is a good example.

17. Zombies attack in waves in 10-15 second intervals between attacks. Use these intervals to mobilize survivors.

18. Never move a survivor across the map within that interval as they will not be able to engage zombies while moving. Devastating when a recon is alone while the team is busy catching up.

19. Be wary that high RoF weapons will display a high DPS, but remember that it would only apply if they hit their targets.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / What the heck...NO SCRATH ON THEM!

To be fair, if it’s a bug, you should tell the devs, not spread it on the forums.

On another note, it’s hard to not troll you as you are apparently raging. Perhaps if you didn’t exaggerate or sound terribly pissed, you wouldn’t be so easy to laugh at.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Tips on Scavenging and Raiding

Originally posted by mhoffer:

should barricades and traps be made by drop offs, storages, or both. Which can raiders loot from?

I suggest only trapping and barricading storage areas. Drop-offs are renewable and barely give any resources to begin with.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / New weapon (gun)

Since I’m not fond of quote pyramids:

Slipped up on the m/s and ft/s.

Problem is it being battery/gas powered as you’ve said.

Although most guns use magazines, of course their reload times are balanced as the devs see fit. However, it is rather long to reload as you have to load two different items into the gun. Of course, balancing the reload means it has to belong to a weapon class so it can follow a stereotypical reload time (A la LMG’s being loaded longer and pistols faster).

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / New weapon (gun)

Originally posted by spaced_monkey:
Originally posted by The_Grenadier:

So it’s basically the air gun from Mythbusters + nails?

Link us to the website. 1400 feet per second?

Beretta 92’s have a muzzle velocity of 1250 feet per second.
Regular nailguns have a muzzle velocity ranging from 400-580 feet per second.

Please, enlighten us with this wonderful invention. I’m rather ready to ask secondary questions.

these sites say otherwise i can also can get a site that shows a human head x ray with 30 nails in too just to show you there already being used down in Australia to kill people ;)

Ballistics test showing that the common nailgun has an average velocity of 400-580 ft/s:

Why the kind of nailgun you stated above (Gas or battery powered) won’t work:

Second link is a nailgun specializing in concrete, however, you cannot just use air pressure for this one as it requires gunpowder, effectively making it a firearm, not a “Gas or battery-powered” tool.

Furthermore, this link: is stating that they only have the power to penetrate 10 centimeters, not 10 inches, as your first post stated.

Lastly, the reload would be retardedly long if we are using said concrete nail guns as you have to load two items. The nail and the gunpowder:

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Alarm for test raids or testing your defences

“Let’s spawn all five hundred zombies in one go, surely the person playing this will have the processing power and the firepower to handle the sudden swarm of zombies that consist mostly of fat people and military servicemen wearing bullet-resistant armor!”

There’s a reason why zombies don’t spawn in retardedly huge numbers.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / New weapon (gun)

So it’s basically the air gun from Mythbusters + nails?

Link us to the website. 1400 feet per second?

Beretta 92’s have a muzzle velocity of 1250 feet per second.
Regular nailguns have a muzzle velocity ranging from 400-580 feet per second.

Please, enlighten us with this wonderful invention. I’m rather ready to ask secondary questions.