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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / v1714 - Open Testing!!!!!!!1!!1!1

Those are tooltip errors, the perks are working as intended ;)

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Faces of AI:TG

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / v1714 - Open Testing!!!!!!!1!!1!1

Has anyone actually tested ED under the new conditions to see if it’s easier than current version?

I don’t see any “emergency” for a Fishing update. I plan to add an expansion in the near future, but the feature is widely used as it is and there aren’t any problems as far as I can see.

I decided to change the 2x damage to 1.4x, based on most user feedback that I get.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / v1714 - Open Testing!!!!!!!1!!1!1

totalStupidity and remStupidity.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / v1714 - Open Testing!!!!!!!1!!1!1

I sort of understand your concern with guides being outdated and having to relearn etc etc, but that’s kinda prone to happen with a game that receives frequent updates..

What seems to me to be the easiest way to achieve variety in early game weapons would be to increase the base stats of craftable weapons such that there are options to compete with the pyrabow – the current changes really make little difference.

I did slightly increase the stats of craftable weapons, though I suppose those are very minor buffs which serve little to no purpose.

I definitely don’t want to get rid of Dark Pyramid’s purpose of “get stronger to get more powerful items”, so that’s why I added earrings. This way even when the weapon is nerfed, there’s still reason to keep improving in Dark Pyramid, while other weapons such as crafted weapons will come into play.

If so, there are very few times for early players when the rewards from hardcore made up for the increased HP as it was – this will be even worse now

With the gap between Casual and Hardcore increased, EXP and Coin gains on Hardcore also increased.

Many of us can confirm that it is possible to idle the hardest areas comfortably without having ever used these bugs or the gear whose damage is being decreased, so double damage outside of raids seems pointless.

I see – I guess I’ll be making changes to make some areas more challenging and rewarding then :P

As Omesh argues above, cursed Demon Slayer items don’t seem to do much.

The system is originally in place to prevent “power creep” in case the fixes cause players to become too weak, but since I decided to double damage anyway, it’s no longer relevant so I got rid of the system.

as I expressed earlier, the change to button does not help new players, is not noticeable to older players, and does not seem to scale quickly enough to extend button as a viable tool for long

Still, changing a “completely useless” feature into a “somewhat useless” one doesn’t sound like a bad move to me. After all the feature is kind of tedious to use, I don’t want it to become a primary feature, because if the best sources of EXP are the most boring ones, that’s kind of “wrong”. I just don’t want it to be a complete joke that would be better off not existing at all. Even if it’s only 0.2% of your daily EXP, it’s something, I suppose?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Char Name: Kongregate Username

Originally posted by RaymondP89:

How do I change my username? It currently is “Kongregate Username” I don’t remember having the option to choose my name when I started the game. Thank you for your help.

That probably is due to an Internet connection error – your name is ALWAYS the same as your Kongregate username, as in “RaymondP89”. Currently you cannot change this name.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / v1714 - Open Testing!!!!!!!1!!1!1

Ultimate projectiles are supposed to deal 10% x 5 damage each (2 of them = 100%), but they were dealing 250% (2 of them = 500%). So the intended total damage is 200%, while it was 600% in the current live version. That’s 3x damage (assuming no double hit and monsters are far enough for the projectiles to hit), and also Pixel Throw skill was insanely overpowered due to not being affected by the 0.1x (which is intended, but with the unintended 5x, it became excessive).

The other two bugs are not very major but can still add quite a lot to damage regardless. (Actually, three, if you count the MP overcap thing)

The boost overcap thing is actually a really well known strategy from what I hear? I see it in a ton of screenshots, and people were discussing having 9000% boost all the time. Perhaps there’s only one person who abused it to death, but overcapping it seems really common in my opinion.

I will not release v1714 until two more days, until then I’ll wait for more information about new ED difficulty. If people think it is easy and believe it should be harder, I’ll gladly change it.

As for the other casual difficulty raids, I can also change the HP of monsters accordingly. Again, I’ll wait for other users’ feedback. If the whole “ult nerf” thing turns out to be not as severe as it seems to be, I may change the damage boost to something lower like 1.5x or 1.6x.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / v1714 - Open Testing!!!!!!!1!!1!1

Why double damage in casual? What bugs (plural) were fixed that so change everything? As far as I know, only ultimate projectiles affect the majority and the other two bugs are obscure ones that no one knows about.

Ultimate projectiles dealt 5 times as much damage as intended, which is clearly too much. I’ve also increased the HP of many (non-raid) monsters a bit so as not to ruin the overall difficulty of the game, but I’m looking into more specific details of the impacts caused by this “fix”. The other two bugs are actually really well-known (one of which affects many players) and are quite severe as well. The 2x damage also helps ensure that old raid scores (especially DP) do not become unachievable.

Also I wanted to create a slightly larger “gap” between casual and hardcore difficulties, and from what I hear BA is actually pretty hard for many players, so I figure an easier casual difficulty won’t really hurt. And the extra reward from hardcore kind of makes up for the whole 100000% boost thing that is going on.

What’s the point behind cursed DS items?

From the first few testing results it seems that the fixes did not cause a huge impact on ED’s difficulty, and also that was before the 2x damage, so I guess I’ll get rid of this system. Fair enough point. I suppose it’s not a very good system anyway.

Read: nerfed. Again, what’s the point? To make it more tedious now that 2x damage players are enabled to go further with more time for the ~same/a bit higher reward? No, doing it in HC is not worth it.

You probably didn’t even read the changelog to see what was changed. All I did was combining 10 rewards into one so you won’t have to clean your inventory 20 times during the raid.

I did increase MBR’s HP by 2.5x in the most recent update too, in order to restore the original difficulty.

Again though, most of these changes are not final, and I’ll be making more changes based on the results of the open testing. That’s why the testing exists in the first place! So – yeah, thanks for the feedback, I guess :P

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

Originally posted by ayanami000:

is there any autoloot system?

There are a few:
1. If an item happens to fall to your character by chance, you will loot it automatically.
2. You can ask Magnet in Beginner Training Zone to magnetize items to your character. However, this will only work when you are actively playing.
3. You can craft a Loot Magnet potion to give yourself temporary auto-loot for a duration.
4. You can equip items that have auto-loot, such as the Dark Ruler, max level Gem of Constancy or Ultimate Set (acquired later on).

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / v1714 - Open Testing!!!!!!!1!!1!1

It’s meant to cost 300k, I forgot to change the tooltip.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / v1714 - Open Testing!!!!!!!1!!1!1

Originally posted by Sahlman:

It seems that i cant delete any Red Tiered Enhancers ? When i press Shift+k+Klick it just trys to put enhancer on a item .

Could this be a bug ?

Does not happen to me – which enhancer were you selling? That might just be a bug with the website on which the file was hosted, perhaps you should try again in the live version?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / v1714 - Open Testing!!!!!!!1!!1!1

Hi everyone, and welcome to the official open testing round of v1714 after many months of inactivitasndfkalsdasopdfjasdfjaskldjflkasdjlkasdjglsa


  • Simply click here and play. No need to get permission. No passwords. No hidden key combinations required.
  • The secret savefile console can be accessed from any savefile.
  • Play normally and report all bugs (or imbalancings) you find here.
  • If you want to transfer your live version savefile here, copy the file antiIdle_file0.sol from the folder to the folder (make sure to close the test version before doing this).
  • You cannot transfer your test version savefile to the live version. Doing so will result in being banned from the live version of the game.

[CHANGES IN v9023]

  • Damage formula is re-adjusted.
  • Cleansers now drop on any floor of the Endless Dungeon to allow for easier testing, now that the “curse” system is not making it to the live version.
  • Costs to buy raid entries are adjusted.
  • Attendance Check feature is added.

[CHANGES IN v9022]

  • Gift codes (REVIVE3, etc.) are no longer valid.
  • Revolution Earrings are added – 20% chance to obtain from Dark Pyramid.
  • Damage formula is changed. Hardcore difficulty is changed.
  • Many BA monsters’ stats are rebalanced.
  • Spooky Crypt and Triangle Hideout rewards are changed.
  • The following bugs are fixed:
    • Quick Harvester perk does not work in Another Another Garden.
    • You don’t get Ascension Points when ascending.
    • Module system is broken for new savefiles.

[CHANGES IN v9021]

  • The following bugs are fixed:
    • HP/MP mods cause players to lose HP/MP.
    • The 2x EXP display in Awesome Adventures is kind of buggy.
    • The tooltip of the “Freeze!” Ascension Perk does not indicate that you get extra Progress Bar EXP.


(List may be incomplete, please add more if you find any)

  • TukkunFCG Initial Decks
  • Extra Ascension Points from milestones
  • White Coin refund
  • 90% Chaos Crate deletion


  • Extra EXP multiplier from Ascension Points carry over after ascending.
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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / the corruption

Originally posted by EITAN567:

so i played anti idle and fight in the corruption but now i realise that the graphics of the corruptin are the same as the graphics of teraria.
does somebody agree?

They are not the same. Anti-Idle’s “The Corruption” is based off Terraria’s, but the graphics are all redrawn in a similar style to Terraria.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Arena map bug

You likely had invincibility buff (presumably from Protection Ring), which affects the display of the map? The stats shown on the map are for reference only, and depend entirely on your current stats. So if you are buffed/debuffed, you’ll see changes on the map stats too!

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Originally posted by Axiss32:

There sed to be Life Rocks – Rocks that were able to “revive” an item after destroying it with enhancers and extend the life of temp. items. But for some reason Tukkun decided to totally remove them. So there’s nothing for extend life of items.
Earrings usually suck because temp. or low rank, but MEGABOSS’s Earrings are nice, especially of Power because they give you a nice Attack boost.

Life Rocks never used to work on such items in the first place, and items that you could apply Life Rocks on are now all permanent.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / List of Changes - Current Version: 1713 – Mar. 08, 2015

  • LolMarket
    • EXP gain from buying gems is removed.
    • EXP gain from selling gems is increased by 150% to be on par with other features. However, to prevent free gems from giving too much EXP, there is a new limitation on how much profit can affect EXP gain.
  • Awesome Adventures
    • Previously, this feature was somewhat unbalanced due to the fact that end–game players can get a lot of Energy Refills and adventure a lot. To rebalance this feature without causing major impact on early–game players, a few adjustments have been made:
      • EXP gain from adventuring is reduced by 10%.
      • For the first 250 adventures of the day, EXP gain from adventuring is doubled. This can be reset using the Day Skip item.
    • A few adventures are rebalanced.
    • A new function is added to Adventure Reminder: when you Shift + Click the Adventure Reminder, you can convert all of your remaining energy into EXP and Career EXP. Note that this does not make you adventure and the amount of EXP you gain is lower than what you would gain from actually adventuring. This will cost you 500,000 Green Coins.
  • Fishing
    • Fatigue gain rate is slightly adjusted.
  • Careers
    • Fighter Career EXP gain rate is improved.
    • An additional bonus is added to the passive bonus of Lv. 200 Item Maker: All crafting costs are reduced by 30%.
    • Gem Trader’s active bonus still felt insignificant after many previous buffs. Also, EXP gain from this feature was insignificant. Therefore, the amount of Coin gained is further multiplied by 2.5, and in addition, each level of this Career now increases EXP gain from LolMarket by 0.5%.
    • It was determined that the Fisher Career had a way too significant effect on Fatigue gain rate. Combined with the extra EXP and the decreased effort needed to maintain max Fishing Skill, this led to end–game imbalancing. Therefore, chance for no Fatigue per Career level is reduced to 0.3%.
  • Mystery Boxes
    • Chaos Crates’ rewards were a little underwhelming when obtained as quest rewards. In addition, they were relatively cheap and took a long time to open. Therefore, a few changes have been made to Chaos Crates:
      • The price of Chaos Crates is increased to 6,666,666,666 Coins (old: 600,000,000).
      • The number of Chaos Crates you had prior to the update will be reduced by 90%.
      • Rewards are changed accordingly to reflect the above changes:
        • Weapon Unique Enhancer Lv. 6 → Weapon Unique Enhancer Lv. 66
        • Armor Unique Enhancer Lv. 6 → Armor Unique Enhancer Lv. 66
        • Accessory Unique Enhancer Lv. 6 → Accessory Unique Enhancer Lv. 66
        • Chaos Armor: all pieces will now come with Unobtainium Enhancement Lv. 6
        • 6 Explosion Crates → 66 Explosion Crates
        • 6 Awesome Crates → 66 Awesome Crates
        • Mega Career Potion → 6 Mega Career Potions
        • 6 Fertilizers → 66 Fertilizers
        • 6 Random Career Potions → 666 To–be–Nerfed Gems
        • 6 Energy Refills → 66 Energy Refills
        • Golden Treasure Box → 6 Golden Treasure Boxes
        • Golden Key → 6 Golden Keys
        • 6 Chaotic Fragments of Chaos → 66 Chaotic Fragments of Chaos
        • 6 Unobtainium → 66 Unobtainium
        • 6 Bacon → 66 Bacon
        • 66,666 Crafting Material → 666,666 Crafting Material
        • 66 Blue Coins → 666 Blue Coins
        • 666 Green Coins → 666,666 Green Coins
        • 1 min. 1.5x EXP → 6 min. 1.5x EXP
        • 1 min. 1.5x Coin → 6 min. 1.5x Coin
        • Regular Energy Drink → 6 Regular Energy Drink
        • Regular Pet Food → 6 Regular Pet Food
        • Chance to obtain rare prizes is increased to 0.48% (old: 0.08%).
        • Chance to obtain uncommon prizes is reduced to 3.6% (old: 4%).
  • Mystery Shop
    • Crystals of Ultimate Rarity now cost 250 Blue Coins (old: 200).
    • Energy Refills now cost 15,000,000,000 Coins (old: 12,500,000,000).
    • Chaos Crates now cost 6,666,666,666 Coins (old: 600,000,000). (NOTE: See the Mystery Box changes for details)
  • Special Shop
    • To make it more convenient to purchase Special Shop items, some items are now sold in larger “packs”.
  • Progress Bar Modules
    • A few modules are rebalanced to ensure that the game remains balanced (mentioned stats are for tier 1 non–Shiny, other tiers and Shiny are also changed accordingly).
      • HP Recovery Module and MP Recovery Module now have 60% lower effect (see the Battle Arena section for details).
      • Green Coin Module: Green Coin gain 100 → 250
      • Blue Coin Module: Proc chance 2% → 2.5%
      • Boost Module: Proc chance 5% → 2.5%
      • Rage Module: Proc chance 5% → 2.5%, Rage gain 5% → 3%
      • Randomfruit Module: Proc chance 1% → 2%
      • SCM Module: Proc chance 2.5% → 5%
      • Unobtainium Module: Proc chance 1% → 2%
      • Pixel Module: Pixel gain 50,000 → 2,000 x Arena Rank
      • CM Module: CM gain 5,000 → 200 x Arena Rank
      • Enhancer Fragment Module: Enhancer Fragment gain 5 → 10
      • Bacon Module: Proc chance 2.5% → 5%
      • Crystal Module: Proc chance 2.5% → 5%
      • Ultimate Crystal Module: Proc chance 1% → 2%
      • Purple Button Module: Proc chance 1% → 2%
      • Career EXP Module: Career EXP gain 10 → 50
      • 100k Medal Module: Proc chance 1% → 2%
      • Stadium Token Module: Stadium Token gain 10 → 20
      • FCG Cash Module: FCG Cash gain 10 → 20
      • Special Food Module: Proc chance 1% → 2%
  • Ascensions
    • Several perks are adjusted.
      • Perk #2
        • Old effect: Green Coin and Blue Coin gains from the Progress Bar are multiplied by 3/4/6.
        • New effect: Gain 400/600/1,000 additional Green Coins per Progress Bar reward. Chance to gain Blue Coins from the Progress Bar when Idle Mode is OFF is multiplied by 3/4/6.
      • Perk #4
        • Old effect: Money Printer speed is increased by 100%/150%/250%.
        • New effect: The amount of money printed by Money Printer is increased by 80%/120%/200%.
      • Perk #9
        • Old effect: Maximum number of Ants is reduced by 5%/10%/15%.
        • New effect: Maximum number of Ants is reduced by 8%/12%/20%.
      • Perk #14
        • Old effect: When harvesting trees in Another Garden, you have 1/2/3 additional chances to get Randomfruit.
        • New effect: The number of Randomfruit obtained is multiplied by 3/4/6.
      • Perk #15
        • Old effect: Basic Attack and Auto Fight powers are increased by 40%/60%/100%.
        • New effect: Basic Attack and Auto Fight powers are increased by 80%/120%/200%. Dark Ruler and CHAOS AURA weapons deal 10%/15%/25% more damage.
      • Perk #24
        • Old effect: Wait time for Adventure Energy is reduced by 20%/30%/50%.
        • New effect: You gain 80%/120%/200% extra EXP from Button Machine.
      • Perk #33
        • Old effect: Trees last 30%/40%/60% longer.
        • New effect: Trees last 20%/30%/50% longer and have 20%/30%/50% higher Harvest Value.
      • Perk #34
        • Old effect: Ants appear at a 10%/15%/25% slower speed.
        • New effect: Ants appear at a 20%/30%/50% slower speed.
  • Offline Progress
    • Offline Progress is meant to be a feature to help players who can’t turn on computer all the time to progress, however, the amount of EXP and Coins gained from it is way too low (especially for ascended players). Therefore, depending on your Ascension count, the amount of EXP and Coins gained from Offline Progress is increased.
      • ▲ +0: 50% more EXP and Coins than before
      • ▲ +1: 200% more EXP and Coins than before
      • ▲ +2: 350% more EXP and Coins than before
      • ▲ +3: 500% more EXP and Coins than before
      • ▲ +4: 650% more EXP and Coins than before
      • ▲ +5 or higher: 800% more EXP and Coins than before
  • Other changes
    • EXP gain from the Progress Bar is slightly increased.
    • Due to EXP requirement being part of the Auto–Booster formula, Boost gain became negligible after Lv. 8999. Therefore, a few adjustments have been made to the Boost gain formula.
    • Negative ants will no longer give you extra Boost beyond the yellow limit (although will continue to stop the freeze timer). This was an unintended feature and led to gameplay styles that allowed players to progress abnormally fast.
    • Cooldown time of Doom Ant Sprayer is reduced to 360 seconds (old: 600).
    • The option to ascend without EXP penalty after 100 ascensions was originally intended for fun and to achieve speedrun records, but due to the rewards, many players use this feature to quickly obtain resources. To restore the original purpose of this kind of ascensions without affecting resource gain too much, several changes have been made:
      • The White Coin reward when reaching Lv. 9001 is now dependent on the EXP requirement of the ascension (EXP needed for Lv. 9000) rather than the difficulty. Every 10 billion EXP = 1 White Coin.
      • An extra White Coin reward is added for reaching Lv. 9000, equal to the Lv. 9001 reward. For the first 100 Ascensions, you will receive 1,000 extra White Coins each.
      • Players will be compensated some White Coins for Ascensions before this update (don’t worry if you overcap, none of it will go to waste).
      • Green Coin and Blue Coin rewards from leveling are reduced. Instead, Green Coin and Blue Coin rewards from features and normal playing are increased, so players can quickly obtain these currencies without having to go through the tedious process of ascending.
      • Green Coin and Blue Coin rewards from leveling are also adjusted to be dependent on EXP requirement.
    • The Konami cheat code can now raise your Boost up to the yellow limit rather than the blue limit.

  • A bug where status effects cannot be inflicted on monsters until 0.5 seconds after they spawn is fixed.
  • A bug causing the wrong card to be focused on in TukkunFCG is fixed.
  • A bug causing you to take 666,666 damage from Absorb when CHAOS’s Red Aura is in effect is fixed.
  • A bug where it is sometimes impossible to save the settings of a “Variable Check” Technical Light is fixed.
  • A bug related to Yellow Madness Gem is fixed.
  • A bug related to Secondary Weapons is fixed. Your Secondary Weapon may be automatically unequipped when you update to this version. Please re–equip it manually.
  • Stadium and Fishing REST bonuses now work correctly.
  • A few other bugs are fixed.

[*] Note about Ascension Points (for players with over 100 Ascensions): Ascensions without EXP penalty are also supposed to give Ascension Points, but because these were not tracked, such Ascensions before the update will not give you Ascension Points. I really apologize for the inconvenience. For players with over 100 Ascensions, you will be given extra Ascension Points based on various factors to compensate for this. If you feel that the number of Ascension Points you received is unjust, send me a private message about it.

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Topic: Kongregate / The Future of Kongregate

I’m pretty sure they’re still doing tons of stuff, we just don’t see it. Although I see what you mean (seriously Kong, why change the top bar to a lighter color?), some of their latest improvements have been quite nifty. The file size limitation increase for developers is great (I can finally upload my dream game, which is already 26 MB in its incomplete state), the addition of “Idle” category to the homepage shows that they actually care about the current trend, and the new homepage looks quite “professional” too. One big problem would be that there are fewer “great” games, but that’s not Kongregate’s fault, that’s the game developers’ fault.

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Topic: Kongregate / The Future of Kongregate

You know what, Kongregate is still making plenty of money, and the primary source of that is those MMOs that you’re blaming. And as long as Kongregate is still making money, Flash games are not dying.

Don’t like MMOs, don’t play them. But those MMOs are actually SAVING Kongregate. If one day all developers decide to stop making MMOs and focus on crap-tier free to play games that nobody plays, that’s the true ending of Kongregate.

(I hate MMOs and don’t defend them, I’m just saying that they are crucial for Kongregate’s survival, looking at the business aspect)

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Topic: Kongregate / The Future of Kongregate

Originally posted by Bluji:
Originally posted by TurkeyPie:

I doubt Flash will be taken down anytime soon.

Firefox already somewhat blocked out Flash up to version

That doesn’t really have anything to do with Flash’s death – it’s just that the old version of Flash had security issues, so Firefox blocked it to protect users. After updating Flash to the latest version, Firefox will no longer block it.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / An Interactive Rpg Game!

Name is way too overwhelmed and confused by the new additions to Anti-Idle and exploded.

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Topic: Game Programming / Suggestion For New Valthirian Arc Game

The Game Programming forum is kind of dead (and technical), you’ll likely get more responses in the General Gaming forum.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Biggest Accomplishment of the Day in Anti-Idle

^ Whoa, so close…

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Topic: Game Programming / Looking for a coder to help me on a game

I can’t directly help you with the coding but using two variables instead of one is an easy way to fix this.

Split your score into two parts, a and b, each part being 9 digits. Then your actual score becomes a * 1,000,000,000 + b. Of course you don’t need to calculate this, just write a function to display your score as a string. Make it do something like, when b is above 999,999,999 then reduce b by 999,999,999 and increment a by 1. You will need to modify some code to make this work correctly, but it’s probably a solution that requires little effort to implement regardless.

This will allow you to display scores all the way up to 18 digits, which is probably decent enough.

Another method is mentioned in this thread. This one allows you to handle even larger numbers, but at a cost of precision and can be a bit harder to implement. If you ever wish to use numbers with 20+ digits in your game, it is worth checking out.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

I noted that like two months ago, but never had an opportunity to fix it :(

(It’s actually fixed in my copy of v1714 which I don’t have access to at the moment)

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Topic: Kongregate / please help me they stolen my account

If your account is hacked, it’s gone for good.

The admins will never restore your account under any circumstances.

No need to bother with technical support.