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Topic: The Arts / I wrote a song check it out

Great tune and the video was pretty cool too! Stupid dancing is always funny ;-)

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Topic: The Arts / Han Solo pixel art

Very cool and you must be very patient.

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Topic: The Arts / Final Boss Design

What kind of game, setting, time period? Is it traditional, futuristic?

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Topic: The Arts / 60 Free Sound FX

Hi guys, I recently recorded a load of sound FX for my own projects and decided to share them with you guys!!

There’s all sorts in here for example doors, drawers, clicks, car starting, toilet flushing, scissors cutting, sellotape, printer,drive opening, typing, zips, creaks, locks, metal etc.

Hope some of you find em useful:-

60 Free Sound FX

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Topic: The Arts / My paintings.

Some nice work there, are they oils or acrylics?

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Topic: Off-topic / Can you recognize Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise?

Great little game, fun to play…didn’t know half of ’em though like most people ;-)

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Topic: The Arts / fan art for a friend

Awesome colours and nice of comic style and painterly, very cool!!

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Topic: General Gaming / BioMex

That is an awesome score!! Thanks for playing!!