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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Well, we got that mod..

Had nothing to do with me.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tips for earning money.


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Topic: Freefall Tournament / The update is good and all but...

Wow! Glock and Janye on the same thread. lulz

We have a few female skin concepts in the works.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Report Hackers

Darios, Read posts.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Glitchers Back Already

If you know how to glitch, please private message me so that we can be sure to fix this exploit.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / So is it just me?

Everyone starts out as a Gunner now.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / NO gamesfound

Use Report Bugs thread please.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Lightmaps are Broken!!

We understand that since the update(s), the maps look broken for many players. We think we have a solution (again). I will keep this post up until we have them fixed. (hopefully today!)

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Freefall Tournament 2.0.1 Update Notes

Patch 2.0.1


The Aegis Device’s force-field effect is now much more visible.

A heinous gameplay bug that was causing some ‘burst fire’ guns to shoot improperly has been fixed. This was resulting in the Heavy Machinegun doing vastly more damage than intended when target lock (RMouse) was held. This change should help to rebalance the Tank a good deal, please let us know if he still seems imba!

Error corrected in tooltip for our Targeting stat. Targeting actually grants 0.5% bonus crit chance per point, not 2%. (good catch, Combatwaffles!).

Fix to buff application for Boost items such as the Cash Boost.

Small fix to the effects for rockets and flare bombs.

The menu is no longer locked during the match summary stage, so that players can still chat between matches.

Improved HUD team indication to be more visible and correctly hidden on cloaked targets.

Fixed a number of small interface bugs related to purchasing.


Blaster’s Repulsion field now only prevents 25% of incoming damage. As a small compensation, the minigun’s range was increased by 5 meters and it’s damage fall off from range was decreased slightly (it should be less useless at mid ranges now).

Tech’s Pulser’s rate of fire was increased slightly to make them less vulnerable when alone.

The Bomber’s Pocket Nuke’s damage and knockback has been increased by 50%. Also, it now does Energy (radiation) damage instead of Impact, which means it does increased damage against force fields. The Hail Raiser’s Freeze and Slow damage was increased by 20% to make it a more viable option compared to the Mini Launchers and to make the Bomber slightly stronger against other light heroes.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / This New FFT Update sucks. Do you agree or disagree?

Well, this isn’t a very happy thread. We’ve made games for a long time, so I know that anytime there is any change, good or bad, a lot of people complain. So thanks to those of you being constructive.

Could I get a screenshot where you can’t spot players in Shuttlebay? We can’t repro that here, and we run a range of machines. For better or worse, our monitors are all calibrated and gamma corrected by our art team, so we might just have different brightness levels.

The team color issue while sniping is a bit tricky. We are working on a few ideas.

Regarding the “old design”, what do you mean? The design hasn’t changed. The damage, health, and rates of fire for all the heroes hasn’t changed. Bugs and exploits were fixed. The amount of stuff we give away free was changed because the game was losing money and that was a requirement to keep working on it. We are working hard to iterate on new features, but if you could be specific, it would help.

I’ll look into numbers on the indicators. I didn’t miss them.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Official Unofficial Game Guide!

Reserved for Darkninja

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / BUGS

Re INvisible Player — so its as if screwed up player isn’t transmitting his position updates to everyone else. I’d love to get more info on that. What the player’s latency is like especially. If they have been going in and out of game?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / BUGS

I grabbed all the bugs from here, please use the sticky one now

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Hero Balance

Balance is the core of the game. We are studying the data, but please let us know what you think is off-balance. Let us know your rank. We want it to be fun for noobs as well as our veterans.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Freefall Tournament 2.0 Update Notes



Our playable clone trooper Classes are now called Heroes! From super soldiers and martial artists to stunt pilots and professional athletes, you get to control the clones of some total bad-asses.

Rank up your Operator!

You are the operator that controls (hopefully) many heroes. The experience points earned by playing increases your operator rank. With this update, maximum operator rank has been increased to Marshal.


The Upgrade system has been significantly changed. As a result, any z-cash that you spent on previous upgrades has been refunded. Each hero upgrade type is now fixed to a specific gameplay advantage that is more clearly described within the Hero’s loadout menu. Upgrades can no longer be moved between heroes, but their effect is much more obvious and its easier to switch between heroes on the fly. There are now five (up from three) tiers of upgrade which are unlocked by ranking up.

Armor and Paintjobs (Skins)

Every hero has multiple armor suits and paint jobs. For this update, there is a one-to-one conversion from old skins to new armors because we think they look better. We’ve moved more of the team color to the HUD and really made much better armors that stand out by color.

Ability Locks

As you score your first kills and assists with a Hero, you will unlock their Q, E, and F abilities. Purchasing permanent access to a Hero will immediately unlock these abilities. When a Hero goes on temporary free access, playing as that Hero will remove any unlocks you achieved the previous time it was on free access. This means that each time the Hero becomes free, you will have to unlock the abilities again (Unless you own permanent access).

Gameplay Statistics

Some of our gameplay stats have new names. Precision is now called Targeting, Attack Speed is now called Reflexes, Ground Speed is now called Footwork, and Recharge is now called Reactor. These changes were made to reinforce the connection between these gameplay stats and the battle-suit hardware to which they are correlated. The Defense and Thrust stats have not changed.

New Map!

The new Space Station map has been added to the tournament! This newest clone trooper battle arena was retrofit from one of the standard asteroid belt cargo exchange stations that put the stadium’s sponsor, Odin Dynamic LLC, on the map. The combination of the chaos of artificial gravities with the brutal focus of the payload objective are sure to be a big hit with the fans at home.

New Hero!

The Bomber hero has joined the tournament! Our most ‘high flying’ clone trooper thus far, the Bomber uses a light chassis battle-suit equipped with secondary hover jets. Dual Mini-Launchers bombard hapless victims below, and the freezing Hail Raiser slows targets and makes them more vulnerable to critical hits. Air Supremacy engages the hover jets as well as projecting a downward facing force field, allowing the Bomber to maintain a dominant position above the fray. Pocket Nuke triggers a violent expulsion of exothermic radiation, blasting nearby hostiles and launching the Bomber clear of danger. Flare Bombs both stun and burn foes, setting them up for subsequent pummeling with the Mini-Launchers. To sum up…LOOK OUT BELOW!!!


The Blazer’s Targeting stat was decreased slightly.

The Blaster’s Repulsion Field now also grants 50% damage reduction in addition to doing massive knockback to nearby hostiles.

The Shocker’s Orb Caster’s orbs now move 30% faster, and tick damage 40% faster. Overall, this increases the damage per orb only slightly on a stationary target, but makes hitting moving targets significantly easier. The Lightning Gun now can tow-lock when airborne or sliding (like the Repair Gun). With the Lightning Gun, this works even on enemies!

Gravity Boot (Shift) sliding has been updated. Some bugs were fixed and all the forces involved with sliding now scale much more with the hero’s ‘ground speed statistic’ (which is now called Footwork). This means that the lighter chassis will accelerate faster while sliding and can reach significantly higher maximum sliding velocities as compared to the heavies.


An assortment of bugs and notorious exploits were fixed. Please let us know if you see new bugs or any old issues that are still a problem. We will be patching regularly to address any problems that crop up.


All Hero art has been upgraded! As we add new heroes to the game, we will also be adding more skins for our current line up.

All map art has been upgraded.

All 2d User Interface art has been upgraded, and all game menus have been improved.

Many character animations have been improved.

Many visual and sound effects have been improved.


New purchasing options. You can now buy slugs with many purchasing options, including alternate currencies.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Update speculation

There will be something for everyone.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Getting fourms busy

Originally posted by abraaz:

Logical reason: All are remade ready for the update. They are most probably fixing all bugs in the bugs thread, which is why that was locked. Suggestions can wait until after the update, to see what else people want. The story got out of hand.
It’s all a sign of an update, probably 4 class update.

^ this.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Bug with lock on/targeting/etc.

Please let us know if the bug exists after the update.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Instructions in Your Language

Please help us translate the instructions for controls.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Freefall Future (The Story)

The year 2027 brought hope to a world on the brink of environmental and political collapse. On the last leg of its funding, NATO’s United Space Mission (USM) made a discovery on the moon that changed the course of human history. A large alloyed sphere, found nestled in a crater under the lunar dawn, is revealed to be an alien artifact containing a message for mankind. As an international team slowly deciphered the artifact, the content of this message began catalyzing a huge leap forward in our sciences. Humanity was abruptly catapulted into a new interstellar age. There are those who now believe we were not ready.

This era saw a surge of optimism, hope, and international cooperation unprecedented in our modern age. Governments and corporations rallied together to construct lunar research stations in preparation for an interstellar launch toward the origin of the message. Big corporate conglomerates pursued mining operations for He3 locked in the moon’s crust; a critical ingredient in the new stellarated fusion reactors being spun up with alien inspired technology.

The USM hosted the Freefall Tournament in a retrofitted hangar bay on its low orbit station, both to prepare their exo-troopers and private mining operators for the rigors of low gravity operations and to generate more excitement and public support for space ventures. Competitors demonstrated the many recent advances in exoskeleton spacesuit technology, and the tournament was deemed a great success. A stadium was built on the Moon soon after by a consortium of defense suppliers looking to showcase their latest no-atmosphere military and mining gear. Only ranked tournament operators were shuttled up to compete. The commercial success of these tournaments drove the consortium to innovate new weapons and exo-suits specific to this new sport.

As the space race became more and more commercialized, politicians and corporate lawyers squabbled over ownership of the new technologies and He3 mining rights across the Sol System. A far-right group called the “Xenots” denied the message was truly of extraterrestrial origins. Their rabid media campaign spread doubt amongst the public about the USM’s true motives. Graft, bureaucratic delays, and rampant incompetence further stained the reputation of the United Space Mission.

After the project to build an interstellar “sun stepper” ship suffered several major setbacks, many governments began reclaiming lunar mining rights out from under the corporations. These private contractors turned to riskier profits: sending mining expeditions to the asteroid belt and even some beyond to the gas giants and their moons. A decade later, a permanent colony was established on Saturn’s moon, Titan. In order to bolster their population, the colonies began practicing illegal human cloning. Most governments revoked the passports of all colony-born soon after for fear of clones returning to Earth. The inter-planetary power struggle escalated when the USM asserted its authority across the whole Sol System. The Titan League was formed in response to assert the rights of the established mining colonies. Across the outer system, the blue flag of the USM was soon replaced by the gold flag of the Titan League.

After years of solar civil war, the USM completed its first “sun stepper” ship — a metal ball with a design reminiscent of the original alien Message. But the energy required to make a faster-than-light jump is much greater than previously calculated. The demands and potential of this new propulsion system ignited a furious inter-planetary energy race. Both sides desperate for energy, the USM declares all Main Belt fusion skimmers Earth property and sends their exo-troopers to collect the stellarated fusion cells. Titan League defense forces are likewise mobilized, and there are fierce conflicts when these scattered space stations signal that they are ready for harvest.

At the peak of this bloody conflict, with the world again on the brink, the first interstellar probe returned with pictures from the other side of its successful interstellar jump. And once again, everything changed…

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Report AFK

Will reopen soon.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Report Hackers

Will reopen soon.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Report Bugs

Will reopen soon.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Suggestion Box

Will reopen soon.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Game Balancing

Ranked by Elo like this at the beginning of a match:

1st – 2nd
4th – 3rd
5th – 6th
8th – 7th


in a zigzag pattern. Except people can leave and join whenever they want during a game, so the end results order may be different than at the start.