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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Planned Update: Level Caps **

Originally posted by Wyvern25:

as i guessed before, lower lvl for evolves was designed to help noobies and gold card evolves; collections have and will remain the same so you eventually will still need to max those cards for uniques. This patch was simply done to help new people, step in the right direction.

And that is wrong how?

How can it be wrong to give players a step in the right direction ?

I have played just before the evolve cap changed and evolved a card knowing full well I would have to go back and grind for the Unique if I wanted it .. there is nothing wrong with that, take out all the grindage and you may as well not play at all. Unique is Unique, it should be special. End of.

No I do not have a Unique yet, but I do know it will not be easy, not by a long shot, nor should it be.

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Topic: Evilibrium / Evilibrium 1 and Evilibrium 2

Originally posted by Organis:

Please don’t take it for me making excuses, but I had a major accident with a sharp knife and I’m visiting clinic the day after tomorrow to finally remove stitches. So yes, I fell out for a handful of days, too bad things gone bad at the very same time.

You be thankful that Knife was not fully evolved.. /grin

Hope you okay btw :)

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Topic: Evilibrium / "Default Artefact"

Likewise – 19th March mine dropped – still sat there, i am awaiting my gyroscope reward !

Edit: sorry I do not recall now where I was when I got it

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Topic: Evilibrium / St. Patrick's day / Some info about the Event

My 2nd epic time – a little less than yours

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Topic: Rise of Champions / My ROC Christmas Wish List

1) +1
4) +1

5) Consolation prize for losing guild war, based on % loss like if within 75 or 80 % of winning guild.

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Topic: Rise of Champions / New league format idea

Not regional, no way no no no no no. Just no.

Regions, actually have far less input on peoples play times than other work/life factors.

Might, perhaps, be worth thinking about splitting the tourney into 3 tier levels.

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Topic: Rise of Champions / ~RoC World Records / Braggers Page~ 4xd Edition

Going for :-

Most posts with no content … I win :)

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Trinkets

Dont see this one

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Chaotic Skill

No thanks

Gamble may be situational but is is also extremely useful.

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Guild Warfare Matchmaking

Originally posted by Hamburglar4:

Most of the matches this week seem good.

Agreed, last weeks matches were great. Some really close contests all across the board. I have not seen the hot matches look so close for so long as they did last week.

This week is back to crapola again – just look at the hot matches now compared to last week – if I was in The Wicked I would be pissed.

FFS even Blake must realise something is seriously wrong. If it is “not broken” and “working as intended”, then I would like to suggest that the intention is way off.

Cant something simple be done, like bringing the new auto tiering calculation into the equation. Just to make it closer and more fun for everyone.

Just my 2CP

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Nice Events.

I agree with Dope, events were nice.

Its a shame that Frozen Torch chose to reverse the biggest anti exploit measure at the end of the event.

Very sad about that..

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Topic: Rise of Champions / ~RoC World Records / Braggers Page~ 4xd Edition

Have to agree with 4D, I just pulled 17 shards on a plundered chest

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Suggestions

Originally posted by king_avx:

1. Now that the AFK timer has been reduced to 15 seconds (fine by me), I’d like an option for grudges to turn the timer off. Reason being that I often use a grudge to privately chat with someone (not on Kong) as that seems to be the easiest, most universal way without teaching people about IRC or something.

2. I mostly have music/sounds disabled as it gets annoying when playing for hours (especially during the events). With force PVP on, it sometimes takes several minutes for an opponent to show up, would be nice to have a beep or something when opp is found so I know that tab/window need attention without me switching back and forth every few seconds.

3. The new afk timer makes it hard to check out the stats of the opponent, especially if you meet someone for the first time. Either have the loading screen show more/all stats or find another easy to access way to give the details without people accidentally going afk.

4. On that note, waiting for months now for the promised complete stats on on chars outside of a battle. Was promised for the next update, many updates happened, nothing.

1. Totally agree, chat sytem is very bad in game, and this would help no end

2. There is a woosh but very quiet, and only when the battle actually loads, not to warn that an adversary has been found and match – would be good to have a sound on the match being found.

3. /agree

4. news to me that it was ever promised …./mourn magelo – yes I know anything like magelo would violate the tos of roc :) … but even being able to see proper stats for my own chars would be good, the party screen does not quite cut it, ie no resist info that I can see at all.

So basically a +1 from me

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Botting/RoC is a PvP game - A suggestion

Maamba is one of these people you have to codify everything for … there is no common law, no ethics…. he is a robot… ethics and fair play do not exist for folks like him, that is why he has the front to call out folks that re winning over him, whilst he is the biggest exploiter of them all … but says Maamba exploits are okay because they are not against the rules.

Go get a life and learn to play fair Maamba…

It is not all about rules, but the SPIRIT of the rules, of which you have no concept, exploit away, no one on this planet will teach you honur or ethics or common law…go ahead and learn

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Botting/RoC is a PvP game - A suggestion

Originally posted by Shepmeister:
Originally posted by cjaywin:

Well i must admit i lmao when i read this post coming from the person that was showing everyone how to camp.First Mamba when he gets close to tiering he removes all his gear for several hours to tier down witch everyone in game has seen.Basically the person who posted about people doing certain things in game is the person who started it all.What a hypocrite.

This post is about botting and the relationship of said botting as it pertains to the game. I believe there are posts out there about tier stalling and “sand-bagging” that posts such as this would find a better fit with.

Not really, since Maamba bases his viewpoint on statistics that can clearly be screwed by sandbagging, taking loses, then picking up a few overpowered wins to gain Tourney points.

Also, how anyone can think that farming AI is against the “essence” of the game and that sandbagging is a valid tactic and hurts no one is beyond me.

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Topic: Rise of Champions / RoC Build Guide Thread

Originally posted by Lollerthere:

The reason this shouldn’t be stickied is because it reinforces the fact that there are a set number of builds that work, which is not what this game is about(imo).

Many of the builds mentioned in here weren’t around during the earlier stages of the game, and many more new ones will come around (to a lesser extend if this gets stickied).

Though, JyuVioleGrace’s amazing in-depth description deserves all kinds of stickyness!

Is why Maanma right over your head…. profligates repition instead of inovation

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Bugs

Originally posted by Bibje:

Hi – didnt get my last daily – Win a Brawl – even tho I did – playing via amor and no link thereto bugs and no response to my query – concerns my alt ..cannot see anyway to get to you via armor games

Just a thought, did you afk?.

Afk wins do not register for daily rewards.

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Gambling in RoC V2 - A Suggestion by 4xdblack

Just think about it forex, for a minute and you will see.. there is enough exploits already in this game, this is a sploit paradise.

And of course jumping guilds helps, if you happen to have access to a couple of overpowered sandbagged toons, that jump ship to a no hope guild in the lower end of the table… that turns over the results on the bottom. then have another couple of toons bet on the result.

Nice idea, but sadly, would not work in a game like this where any sort of fair play or ethics is derided beyond belief amongst certain toons. 95% may be fair but the other 5% can unbalance and influence the whole premise, of what could be a good idea.

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Gambling in RoC V2 - A Suggestion by 4xdblack

Well, thats okay if you cant jump guilds. Other than that too exploitable for the toons that play this game.

Lower down, I have already suffered folks jumping guilds to gank a guild war when they have no chance of winning with their own guild.

This would just multiply that 10 fold – especially as their is not a greater reward for winning in a higher tier guild.

So, for me, far too exploitable.

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Suggestions

Originally posted by pd4165:

Time Zone Issues
It would be really helpful to have either a universal clock or ‘time translating service’ because of the worldwide users, many of whom aren’t even aware of their local time’s nomenclature (and the different names in certain areas) so we know what each other is going on about – I can’t ask ‘will you be at the evening GW?’ because it isn’t going to be evening for many users and downtime in PDT means having to find out what PDT is.

No, you say will you be on the next gw, or the gw that is on in 6 or 12 hours etc.

As for the PDT downtime, seriously! just google 10am pdt to your local time. Also Kong downtime is nothing to do with Frozen Torch

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Suggestions

Originally posted by PedroH969:

Ability for guild members to choose which perk they want. At this moment most guilds have the speed perk and a few have the damage perk. The other perks are no where to be found.

I suggest that the guild members should be able to select which perk they want and pay the 10,000 gold out of their pocket to switch. This will allow a greater variety of builds to be able to play with their friends without being stuck with a perk that barely benefits their build.

So you log on change the perk, someone else logs on changes the perk, you get pissed change it back etc etc etc

Or do you mean that you want a personal perk based on your guild level?

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Trinkets

My Sorceror’s guide is 2% magic resist, 3% stamina/mana

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Blue Moon] Service pause notice

Originally posted by Tedlicious:

Hi -Looks like this server error has also filtered through to their other game on Kong – Swords and Magic – there is definitely something not quite good about this. 2 days is unheard of. “The connection has timed out blah blah blah” Yip guys lets move on to a dev that cares – even though it may be difficult to find :)
There are really other awesommer games to spend time on – mmm good luck 109studio.

That was 109studio’s other game which has not worked for ages .. went tits up like this one. 109studio = scammers – end of story

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Blue Moon] Service pause notice

I seriously hope you are thinking about a Kred refund for those that actually fell for your misadventure. This is not the first time.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Blue Moon] Only one stat actives if there are two in equipment

Originally posted by Nioden:

That’s right. A second stat has no effect, because the blue stat includes the stat below it. That’s why blue stats are so high. I agree it’s not a very clear way to display stats, and that they should never add together and become blue. Alternatively, they could make it so the top section of a weapon could include all the weapon stats added together, and append the stats even if there’s nothing to add it to.

That would be sensible, IF all the lower stats were included above but they are not, they are only included above if they are above already..

It is just lazy and bad coding