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Topic: Kongregate / [Event] The Cuteness Overload Quest!

if you deete progress curl up and fly become playable but the konpanions box keeps black

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / What is the name of your team members?

v.viper-l.brit-k.jade-b.falsion(obvius, isnt?)
R/X(obcure) and stink (no relation whit the others)

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Epic Replays
1 hit and only 1 survives

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / what is award 96 mean

Originally posted by faaaisa:
Originally posted by o1ispro:

How to get 97?

beat the people that have award 97

and how the 1st player got that award?

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Topic: Kongregate / why are there only two genders when you create an account?

male, female, futa, what more do you want? (as futa u can take trasgender in all genders)

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Will we ever see these three legends in this game?

Originally posted by TheChiboOwner:

they will probably be divines. 1 for stars, 1 for 500s3 cards and 1 for something else.

arena, im sure it will be arena

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Yu-gi-oh!BAM moments here!

the 1st time u see exodia.
no wait a moment…

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Topic: Kongregate / Kreds too expensive in Argentina (SouthAmerica)

im argentinian too and i want to be able to buy kreds via msm because im talk almost 0min and never send messages at this moment i have 100arg pesos in cell credits

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Topic: Off-topic / What Do Girls Think Is Hot?

far i know (it may change per girl) start whit look like j.depp or b.pitt or the guy of her dream

the plan 2 is only works if u are the ‘silence incarnated’ and not waiting for a girlfriend and i have my life to proof it.

because i was always alone 1 girl get interest i ignored her cause i not wanted company others ones start trying and years later after graduation i realized i was the ‘guy who want be alone in a ot of harem animes’ i know u wont believe me but please not thik am troling u

in resume: stay calm, be quiet and someone will get curius abot u and why u want be alone

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Topic: Off-topic / What is your sports number?

e-sports counts?

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Topic: Technical Support / Badge of the Day not awarding!

i think this picture will resume he complains (sorry if the image is not showing)

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Topic: Technical Support / Badge of the day malfunction

as cat said the check mark for yesterday not apears but it show that i earned the bagde
i got the robot but not the shiny (i only worried cause the kongpanions ll be in a future game and nobody said if the shiny version has an extra thing in there)

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

im tecnicaly having a shiny bot but someting not recognize the friday 17 badge look my profile to see the proof

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Topic: CS Portable / CS Portable Competetive?

//In the future we’ll might have clan tournaments//

can be 1vs1 tournaments too?

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Topic: CS Portable / How often do you 50-0?

50-0? i cant wait play enough for 30 kills

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Topic: Cloudstone / Gauntlet items useless?

i did all gaunlet just for the exp.

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Topic: Time World / The dinosaur initiative.

let me see….
a dino whit lasers, rockets, guns, etc (& why not, nuckes?)
where i saw it before?


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] crafting bug

we are 3, why the craffing is instant if the game reset?

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my guild ring is +9 (homer simpson mode on) where is my prize?