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Topic: Serious Discussion / IF god was real why dosnt he fix the world we live in now

Originally posted by somebody613:

I’m glad to get an equally polite “nonreligious” answer. :)
Can you be more specific about what you disagree with me about?
Not what you don’t BELIEVE in (as in, what is axiomatic to you any other way than me) – but what you DISAGREE with (as in, see it differently through human logic).

Well I guess that our only disagreement is God. I don’t believe in God and you do which gives you a religious point of view when answering this question. I will, however, be more specific about what I disagree with.

About your first point, there will still be sane, bad people because they will just give in to the immediate temptation of doing something bad that they enjoy and they wouldn’t care about (or wouldn’t think of) the later consequences. A lot of bad people wouldn’t believe in God and be extension they wouldn’t believe that god punishes and rewards them so they won’t be thinking of later rewards and punishments because they don’t believe they exist. There are also insane people. And besides, if you are only righteous because you want to be rewarded later on isn’t that a sin that god will later on punish? So in the end it really boils down to if they are truly righteous or not, so it is still a choice.

About your second point, well if there truly is a second life then what you are saying would be correct but that isn’t what I believe in.

About your third point, well non-religious people know in their minds that you do only live once and religious people know in their minds that you live more than once so both of these groups would act completely differently.

About your fourth point, well, just like most of what we both have said it all boils down to whether you believe in a creator or not so the atheists will use logic over laws they don’t believe in but creationists will use the laws they believe in over logic.

I agree with everything else you said in your post. Thank you for taking the time to come up with a reasonable argument.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The only way to save our species is to dramatically reduce our population

I think that we need to set a birth limit ASAP. Overpopulation is already a huge problem on Earth and, just like all the other problems, we aren’t taking proper action against it just to please first world countries. We need to stop being so squeamish at making a significant change, because if we don’t make a drastic change soon we will have to make even more drastic changes in the future with bigger, worse consequences. We should probably have strict birth control for the next few decades to lower the worlds population and then make the birth control a bit more relaxed but still intense so that the rate of birth is similar to the rate of death. This may seem a bit over the top but it will just stop more deaths in the future.

EDIT: when we finally manage to get to life sustaining planets we should terraform them and move a significant chunk of Earths population to these new planets. When this change happens birth control limits should be removed because if we find planets with lots of space and essential resources overpopulation won’t be a problem any more and never will be.

If things ever get too bad we COULD be cold little buggers and release a lab-made illness into certain landmasses and block off all borders and airports and boats so that the disease will stay in that landmass. This way we can make sure that only a certain amount of the population dies and there is a good chance that the rest of the world will be fine. As long as we control everything well enough we can just throw this disease on the American or maybe even the Euro-Asia-Africa landmass if things get too bad and make absolutely sure that they don’t get into other land masses and when the disease is finally done burn all the bodies and the human race can live on with a significantly smaller population.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Thoughts on Sleep Paralysis

sleep paralysis is freaking scary. It has luckily never happened to me but as soon as I found out about it I have been scared ever since that it will happen to me.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / IF god was real why dosnt he fix the world we live in now

Originally posted by somebody613:

An easy to say but difficult to accept answer:
True Free Choice.
If righteous people were invariably rewarded, and evil people invariably punished – we wouldn’t have a CHOICE between being invariably rewarded and invariably punished.
Not any SANE person at least.
But since we see righteous people suffering and evil people living happily – we DO have a CHOICE to be either, because we can’t be SURE.
That’s still doesn’t even remotely “prove” that there is no Judge – just that WE are made UNAWARE of how He judges.
But given the axiom of there being ANOTHER world (Paradise and/or World to come) and/or ANOTHER lives (reincarnation) – we CAN assume that the righteous people will EVENTUALLY get rewarded enough to make their prior suffering forgotten, and the evil people will be either destroyed with no trace left or punished for everything they had done throughout all of their lives.
Still, since we FEEL as if we only live once, we do have a CHOICE to choose whether to believe in “extended life” (and thus act accordingly) or NOT (and thus act accordingly).
But even that isn’t ALL yet.
Additionally, if we believe that there is a Just and Omniscient Creator Who made us with some purpose and then gave us specific rules for OUR benefit – we will see those rules as inherently GOOD, even if OUR LOGIC tells us otherwise.
After all, since when are we smarter than our Creator?
But, again, there are plenty of “reasons” to NOT believe in a Creator (or in His goodness, or omniscience, or whatever) – and those who DON’T, can bring up plenty of “back up” (including jokes like FSM).
But that’s exactly the point:
To be able to FREELY CHOOSE our own destiny and course in life.
Thus, we can only blame our own CHOICES for the end result of our life, including while still HERE.
Again, there are plenty of “logical excuses” to NOT believe in God – but there are plenty of logical reasons to NOT be so hasty about this either.
It just boils down to one’s CHOICE

I guess you are right about it all coming down to choice, and we have made different choices. I don’t agree with most of what you said because I don’t believe in god but thank you for giving me a decent religious answer instead of what a lot of religious people say.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / IF god was real why dosnt he fix the world we live in now

my answer: God doesn’t exist. I am going to be giving reasons why but I don’t want any religious people reading this to think of me as a typical atheist arsehole because I am not going to be randomly arguing against religion, I am just answering the question on this post. If anyone replies to me DO NOT quote some verse from the bible.

God can’t exist because why would he allow all the pointless suffering in the world. Billions of starving people, abused people, homeless people, most of which haven’t done anything wrong. If God did exist why would he make our technological advancements be at the cost of the Earth’s resources, or why would he allow Earth to overpopulate. I picked these two examples because these are unavoidable, so if God is all knowing then he would know that these problems are unavoidable and help us out. Why would he allow the holocaust? why would he say that homosexual people are an abomination if he made them that way (it is not a choice, there is a gay gene.)

Now I may be getting a little bit of topic, but where is your evidence that God even exists? I know you can say things like ‘how did the big bang happen without god’ or things like that and we don’t know, but we aren’t just going to say ‘well crap, I don’t know how it happened so it MUST be G-d. There is more stuff to say but it is unnecessary so I won’t bother.

Sorry if anyone found my points offensive, I am open for feedback.


Topic: Serious Discussion / Atheist forced to go to church

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Faith healing, should it be illegal?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What is the most fundamental science?

Originally posted by Phoenix00017:

SaintAjora nailed it: all science is just applied math. Actually, xkcd really nailed it:

you got it in one.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is it time to drop the death penalty?

Yup, the death penalty is stupid.

you are pretty much being a hypocrite if you kill someone doing something awful. Maybe the Hitlers and Bin Ladens deserved to die, but that’s about it

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Topic: Serious Discussion / An open question.

SHH! don’t let any feminists see hear about the article. They will accuse you of promoting rape against woman.

on a serious note, I think that public expectations of men make them scared that their manhood will be shunned upon if they admit to a woman doing something like that to them, so they keep quiet and woman can get away with it more. Even worse, people may not take claims of sexual abuse by men seriously because men are supposed to be tougher and men are seen as more sexual then woman (incorrectly, may I add)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The meaning of life

there is no meaning of life, life is just a bunch of happy coincidences that I will state in a list:

the big bang happened.
Our solar system (including the sun and Earth) was created
the moon was created
primordial soups somehow came around
bacteria was made
evolution happened
human were made
your parents had sex
you haven’t died since

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is it right to kill one person to save the lives of many?

My first though was hell yes, kill one to save 10’s of millions but then I had a rather cold thought that world war two and the holocaust is actually beneficial in the long term to humanity as a whole because without all these people dieing overpopulation would be even worse then it already is, AND world war 2 led to some pretty cool advancements in technology that are stated elsewhere in the forum.

And by the way I am NOT some anti-Semitic Europe-hater who agrees with what Hitler did, I am actually an English Jew but I just think that despite the horror of what happened he benefited humanity as a whole.

Fun fact: some soldier once had Hitler in the sights of his gun but at that time Hitler was a nameless soldier and the armed guy took pity on Hitler because he was unarmed and let him live.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / would a artificial human have rights?

I think that if this ever happens, then no, we should just exterminate all artificial humans. This may sound harsh but first off, they are just a pointless contribution to overpopulation. Although, if we ever get advanced enough to make an artificial human that is the exact same we will have probably overcome overpopulation via colonizing other planets. If this is the case then we should still exterminate all artificial humans if we ever allow them into society because it is completely pointless, in fact it is really cruel. Just think about it, if you knew that every emotion you ever felt is because of what happened in a lab then you would just feel worthless and depressed and then you would think that THOSE emotions are simulated and then that these thoughts are simulated etc etc. Imagine on the flip-side, if you were in a relationship with someone who is perfect for you and then you find out that they are lab-made. You will be so upset to find out that ‘the one’ isn’t even a biological being. the only possible advantage to an artificial human is for lonely people, but if they are kept only for lonely people and they have human emotions then they will feel like tools, and if you take out the emotions that they would feel if used like that then the lonely people would be more aware that they aren’t talking to a human.

So to sum it all up, we should never make these things and if we do we should immediately get rid of them all.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / think of your own towers and upgrades for them

Monkey leader- similar to a village but more powerful. Does nothing before upgraded. Costs 1700 on easy, 2000 on medium and 2500 on hard. Has 10% more range than a starter village.

left path:
upgrade 1:wisdom of the leader: grants all bloons in it’s range camo detection. Costs 700 on easy, 800 on medium and 900 on hard.

Upgrade 2:secrets shared: all bloons in range have their attack speed increased by 15% and their range increased by 10%. Costs 2150 on easy, 2375 on medium and 2575 on hard

Upgrade three: Bloon interest: Increases range by 10%. For every 4 bloons popped within the leaders range, you get an extra 1 money. Costs 2500 on easy, 2900 on medium and 3395 on hard.

Upgrade 4: desperate times..: Increases range by 25%. The monkey leader gets a security guard to get on a mounted machine gun, firing upon all bloons in the leaders range, 5 bullets (per non fast-forwarded) second, each penetrating through 5 bloons and popping two layers each hit. All monkeys in range fire 10% faster. Costs 23150 on easy, 25000 on medium and 27895 on hard.

Right path:
upgrade one: smoke bomb: in order to keep the monkey leader hidden, every 5 (non fast-forwarded) seconds a smoke bomb is thrown that covers half the range of the monkey leader and any bloons in that range move 50% slower for 5 (non fast-forwarded) seconds and moves backwards for 1 (non fast-forwarded) second. Costs 1150 on easy, 1250 on medium and 1400 on hard.

upgrade two: support to the people. All villages on screen get 10% more range, 10% cheaper upgrades, costs 10% less to buy a village and all towers on screen have 5% increased range and attack speed and all towers in a village have 10% higher range and attack speed. Costs 5400 on easy, 5900 on medium and 6500 on hard.

Upgrade three: SECURITY!!!: the monkey leader is surrounded by 12 0:0 sniper monkeys. Costs however much 12 0:0 sniper monkeys would cost.

Upgrade four: Lethal force permitted: increases range by 10%. All towers in range of the monkey leader have a 10% higher firing rate. ABILITY: Lethal force. Has a 60 second (not fast-forwarded) cool-down. All towers in range of the monkey leader have 25% higher firing rate and all 12 sniper monkeys are upgraded to 4:3 sniper monkeys. Lasts 10 seconds. Costs 29550 on easy, 32000 on medium and 34500 on heard.

building- meeting room, makes monkey leader and all upgrades 5% cheaper but army monkey (I talked about this tower in a previous post of mine) and all of its upgrades 5% more expensive. Costs 500 monkey money
upgrade one- increases range by 25%, costs 750 monkey money
upgrade two, increases range by a further 25%, costs 1000 monkey money.
Upgrade three-increases range of all monkeys in the monkey leaders range by 25%.

I know this tower seems a bit OP but meh.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / think of your own towers and upgrades for them

army monkey: costs-500 on easy, 600 on medium and 750 on hard

a monkey that shoots bloons with it’s pistol. damage-1, fire rate,1.5 shots per second (not fast-forwarded) reloads for 1 second every 12 shots, range is medium-high. Does not detect camo, destroys all but frozen and lead. two pops per bullet (on two different balloons)

left path:
upgrade one- advanced awareness,costs 300 on easy, 350 on medium and 475 on hard. can target camo bloons.

upgrade 2-akimbo pistols, costs 500 on easy, 600 on medium and 750 on hard. doubles firing rate and fires 24 shots before reloading.

upgrade 3: LMG: costs 3500 on easy, 4000 on medium and 5000 on hard, can pop frozen and leads, triples fire rate,fires 200 bullets before reloading, increases range by 25%, takes 2 seconds to reload.

upgrade 4:mounted machine gun: costs 5000 on easy, 5500 on medium and 6000 on hard, doesn’t need to reload.

right path:

upgrade one: extra accuracy: costs 400 on easy, 500 on medium and 600 on hard,increases range by 25%.

upgrade 2: fire: sets bullets on fire, costs 2000 on easy, 2500 on medium and 3000 on hard, can pop 5 balloons per bullet, sets bloons on fire popping them twice per second for 4 seconds (doesn’t effect MOAB class bloons)

upgrade 3: reinforcements: costs 750 on easy, 800 on medium and 900 on hard, calls a second monkey that is the same as a 0:0 army monkey just to the right of it and it fires independently. (you can’t place the army monkey in a spot that wouldn’t allow for reinforcement to come and you can’t place another tower in the space that the reinforcement would go.)

upgrade four: THIS IS WAR! ability: costs 12000 on easy, 13500 on medium and 15000 on hard, boosts the fire rate of all towers that can would be used in a war across the entire battlefield by 50% (spike-o-pult, juggernaut, ace, buccaneer, dartling, sniper,mortar and bomb) lasts 10 seconds (not fast forwarded) and takes 60 seconds to reload (not fast-forwarded)

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Which is your preferred upgrade path for each tower?

dart:left,right ability is useless at later waves and for it to be any what useful you have to take up loads of space with more darts.
tack:left, because ring of fire is OP until later waves
sniper:left because it is perfect for middle waves as it renders BFB’s and MOAB’s useless and insta-kills anything lower
boomerang:right, the ability is OP for crowd control and the third upgrade is good to keep the boomerang fresh and not get useless at the MOAB class bloons
ninja:left as with 4:2 he is throwing 4 shruikens which pop four bloons each and if there aren’t 16 bloons in the immediate vicinity then it seeks them out and destroys them and insta-kills browns
bomb:left as it whoops lower levels leaving your other towers to get rid of the higher levels
ice:left as it can potentially freeze an entire battlefield (without a cooldown) and it pops them so just like the bomb it destroys all lower levels
glue:left as it kills all lower levels quickly but right side is almost as good as it is so damn fast
buccaneer: left because you just generally help out everywhere instead of one place.
ace:right as nuke is OP as hell
super:right as left is more powerful but MUCH more expensive and it gets rid of all towers but sniper, spike,farm,dartling and mortar
apprentice:left as it is great for crowd control and lower level bloons get pwned
village:right as ability is OP
farm:right as left interferes with dartlings
mortar:left as it weakens big bloon population and is badass if you put at a corner near the beginning
dartling:left for the OP lazah (ima firin mah lazah)
spike:left because EXPLOSIONS

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Think of your own bloons!

Originally posted by johngibbs10:

1.Glich bloon:
It gliches to cheat the tracks and loses all of your lives,gliches your game and people will go insane rage.
Looks like a particle gaming bits.
hp:25(unfortnaly the glich bloon ingores spikes and cannot be ingited).
spawns 5 random bloons(not moab baloons).
rbe:200(game over for easy).
ability:sometimes gliches to teleport,mising projectiles(20%).
Negitives:can be killed instantly by explodives but it has a transparent lead shield so blow this up before it regenerates his shiled,shiled regenarates.
positives:ingores spikes and cannot be ingited.
Cannot get addons.
Possitive(alies):turns graphics of baloon into 8 or 16 bit,causes to doge based on level of baloons bit(on death)(green+16bit=15 e.t.c)The bit has a times table refrences:8 is 2 and 16 has 5.Rare of 32 and it times by 9.
speed:blue but 1/2 times more than a blue so 2 1/2. baloon:
a solid,clear glass looking with a shine.
Ability:cannot be inighted.
If you kill him it will spawn 2 sand baloons.
Negitive:can be shatted into pieces with motars.
possitive:can’t be killed by spikes but it deals 0.5 damage to him(shatters by spike balls),cannot be ingited.
cannot be cammoflarged(they can see him with most towers).
speed:blue baloon.

3.sand baloons:
a sand looking coted yellow baloon.
spawns a yellow baloon when is defeated.
negitive:tornados removes 1 level of baloon coted sand.
positive:cannot be frezeezed but it turns into glass baloon if ingited.
speed:yellow(decreases if it actuly a tornado hit him).
spawns a level of a baloon of ther own choice.
rbe:4(decreases if hit by tornado).
Very negitive:templet tornados kills all of levels and his coat.

If you like it.Say “yeah”.If you don’t like it.say"nah".If you not sure.Ask me and details?

nah, because of spelling
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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: Strengths And Weaknesses

strengths: Very smart, physically strong, brave, loyal, kind.
Weaknesses: prone to depression, take things personally, pick my nose and eat it. Ahem nothing…

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions


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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / BTD5 event.

DAMNIT!!! Why can’t you have ever been banned before. I know that I couldn’t win the competition even if I could enter but it would be nice to have the chance

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Speed vs. Power

Originally posted by 123000134:

I assume relic that boost attack speed give higher boost to faster weapons

dont make this more complicated than it already is

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Ninja Warz FAQ

Originally posted by superbobb:

im guessing 999 or 9999

it is not 999, I have a friend over level 1200
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Topic: Ninja Warz / A few suggestions

Originally posted by crabcakes810:

First: I would enjoy the game more if you would add some more tournament weapons.

Second: If you can, make a new boss.

Third: This third suggestion is not something about ninja warz but of a game that has been removed. This game is Office Wars. I loved office wars but it was removed because not enough people played. So, why not put office wars on kongregate?

Thank you for taking the time to read these and I hope these will be added. :)

the extra boss should be the daimyo
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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Originally posted by jimgreer:

You can also put the url to the image between exclamation marks. Like this:


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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

their definitely needs to be a random game button.