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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / DeutscheHelden (#54 und #84 Interstellar War, Lvl.20 Jotun Raid) suchen Verstärkung – deutschsprachige Community!

Locking on request. PM me to have it unlocked if you need :)

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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / Security warning &

Hey there!

This sounds like something that would be good to email the developers about :)

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Topic: Off-topic / The Arts

Originally posted by Mikkmar:

No point in planning on being an artist, huh.

That’s funny, this is oddly similar to an art project I had to do for middle school. Are you secretly me?

I think I still have the thing, I’ll dig it up later.

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Topic: Off-topic / wow mmebunneh just confirmed that she HATES CROWS :'<<<<<<

Originally posted by RollerCROWster:

discuss how mmebunneh is a massive narcissist that only posts in threads about her.

This coming from the crow who constantly posts about crows.

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Topic: The Gate / Inv. Code

To share your codes, please post them in the official thread!

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Topic: Off-topic / Gamestop registration to sign into Kongregate

Originally posted by dias17se:

its hard when people´s posts are deleted.

herp derp

Unrelated posts are getting hidden, but the ones that are on-topic are allowed to stay :)

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Topic: Off-topic / Gamestop registration to sign into Kongregate

Hey guys. Getting quite a bit off-topic (harhar) here. Stick to the topic please! :)

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Topic: Kongregate / How do I get 50 kreds without paying?

Originally posted by SuperDurp22:
Originally posted by BTrenary:

You can get 50 Kreds for 3,950 power up points. Which you can get for free after linking up your power up card and doing the Badge of the Day several hundred times.

how do you get power up points?

You can earn PowerUp Rewards points by doing the Badge of the Day each day (which you can find here), and buy buying things at GameStop when using your PowerUp Rewards card :)

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Topic: Off-topic / Why old fag have to ruin everything?

Originally posted by 10crystalmask01:

Good job OP, you’ve just made another thread that will most likely get locked.


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Topic: Off-topic / Score yourself out of 30 on the "boyfriend" scale

I managed a 14 somehow. My handwriting is awful, I don’t eat healthy because I prefer to eat delicious, and my last name is too weird. :(

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Topic: Off-topic / Title.

If you’d like to discuss Youtube videos, please post them in the Youtube Masterthread!

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / planet shield game replay bug

If you have a bug to report, please report it in the Bug Reports thread!

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Topic: Kongregate / [Contest] Kongregate Pumpkin Contest!

Originally posted by dwheeler36:

HMMMM, how do I make a “Guardians of the Galaxy” pumpkin tie-in to Kongregate…? OH! Can I have Peter Quill stealing a bag of Kreds from Rocket Racoon?

That sounds like a very detailed pumpkin idea, but sure, if it’s Kong-related, go for it!

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Topic: The Gate / New invitation code Form

Hey guys! Looks like there’s already a thread for this, so let’s keep it all in one place!

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Topic: Kongregate / Forum FAQs | Custom Search Engines | Useful Links

No, there are no points awarded for forum posts, sorry. But you can get lots of points from badges, or by rating games every day!

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Topic: Kongregate / [Update] Game pages now have dark backgrounds!

Originally posted by resterman:

Play free or die

Play free or DIE.

They’re very serious about the “DIE” part of it. IS THAT A THREAT, CONTRACT WARS? I WILL FIGHT YOU.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Update] Game pages now have dark backgrounds!

Hey guys!

Just a quick little update post here. The design team has decided to clean up and darken the backgrounds of the game area on a game page, which will help your eyes stay focused on the game. It also happens to make Cinematic Mode look even better and provides more contrast between the game information and the background of the page. It was split-tested for a bit, and after feedback from a bunch of people, we’ve now got it running live for everyone. Though you can obviously see it by going to any game page right now, here are a couple screenshots!

Regular mode:

Cinematic mode:


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Topic: General Gaming / Xbox 360 Destiny Friends

Hey there! This sounds like something that would be good to post in this thread!

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Topic: Off-topic / If you had four arms what would be the first thing that you would do?

Originally posted by fractalman:

cosplay as a machamp

I’m kind of shocked it took this long for someone to say this. It’s what I’d do.

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Topic: Forum Games / Corrupt-a-Wish

Originally posted by cosmos5000:

I missreaded it as math lab
Granted you got a boring math lab
I wish being a pirate was free

Do what you want, ’cause a pirate is free.

…Free to be arrested and put in prison for life. :(

I wish I were a beautiful butterfly.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Special Event] Kongregate Live with YAYitsAndrew! Sept 25th

Originally posted by moneyelf:

what time is that in CET?

It looks like that comes out to be about 11pm your time. Here’s a handy time zone converter for anyone who needs it!

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Topic: Forum Games / Corrupt-a-Wish

Originally posted by cosmos5000:

I wish for blood to be bloodier

Granted, but now your own blood is too bloody for you. Your heart cannot handle it, and it stops working.

I wish for fish!

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Topic: Off-topic / What is your favorite pokemon

I’ll always favor my Tyranitar from my old Pokemon Gold cartridge. He was a beast. Crunch, Rock Slide, Earthquake, and Hyper Beam. POWERHOUSE!

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Topic: Off-topic / What do you think of this song?

Hey there! If you’d like to share Youtube links, please do so in the Youtube masterthread!

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Topic: Kongregate / I need help with K+

Alright. I would suggest waiting a little bit longer. It can take up to a week for PUR Pro to update. If it still hasn’t come through after a week, please send me a PM, and I can look into it further! :)