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Topic: General Gaming / Well you Didn't respond to me

I responded within about ten minutes. I’m sorry I didn’t see it in the two minutes that you allowed me to respond. :)

Your response is here. Please stop spamming new threads in this forum, or I may be forced to silence you. You’re welcome to have an opinion, but posting duplicate threads about it will not be tolerated.

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Topic: General Gaming / Hello Candyman?

We certainly do not support cheating. If you believe that you have found someone cheating, please feel free to report them to the developers!

I’m sorry you’re not enjoying GotA, but no one is requiring you to purchase silver from them if you don’t want to. :)

This topic is a conversation meant for just you and me, so please feel free to continue your discussion with me on my profile. For now, I’m going to lock this thread.

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Topic: General Gaming / Warning...don't buy silver in GoTa

Hey there!

You’re welcome to share your opinions on the subject, but please don’t make multiple threads about it. In addition, this post would likely be more useful in the actual GotA forum, as most of the people here in this one don’t actually play GotA. :)

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Topic: Kongregate / I'm glad to see Kongregate's fantasic forums are being valiantly defended against spamming level 1s.

Originally posted by greg:

If you guys think the public view of the spamming is bad, you should see the admin view, which shows all the posts that have already been hidden…

Oh god it’s horrible please help me all I see is love spam

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Topic: Contract Wars / servers should be for all lvls

If you have a suggestion, please post it in the Suggestions thread!

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Topic: General Gaming / Lol...Disruptor Beam (Why allow Cheaters)

If you’d like to submit a complain to Disruptor Beam, please feel free to contact them privately about it. Calling out other players in the forum is considered to be harassment, so please resolve this privately.

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Topic: Tyrant / [To Devs] Add Game Formats

Hey there,

Please don’t artificially bump your threads. If others are interested, they will post responses.

However, if you have a suggestion for the game, please post it in the Suggestions thread!

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Topic: Off-topic / Discuss this video

Just watched OP’s video, and it was…weird. But much like a train wreck, I could not look away.

However, there’s already a wonderful thread for posting videos, so if you have one you’d like to share, please post it there!

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Topic: Off-topic / Mods are not asleep


Ok, I’m amused, those are pretty damn cute.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Totally Dissapointed

If you’re having issues with the game, please feel free to post in the bugs thread!

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Topic: Off-topic / you wake up and your head, fingers, and toes are penises

No need to duplicate threads. Post there instead! :)

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Topic: Tyrant / Russian players need to explain themselves.

Hey guys. This isn’t really Tyrant-related, but if you’d like to have a discussion about what’s going on with Russia, please feel free to start a thread in the Serious Discussion forum :)

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Topic: Technical Support / Malware?

Originally posted by adv0catus:

Someone seems to have posted a naughty link in the comments section.

The warning (and this additional info about it) are showing issues with Togeproductions, not Kong. So I don’t think it’s in the comments. Probably just a bad ad that showed up on Toge’s site for a day, and now Google’s marking it as threatening. We’ll try to contact the devs about it and see what’s up with their site :)

EDIT: Also, the game works fine for me, so I personally don’t think there’s an issue. However, from an official standpoint, you should only ignore those warnings at your own risk.

I’ve emailed the dev about it, so hopefully we’ll get this fixed up soon!

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Topic: Kongregate / Has GameStop ruined Kongregate? (No, it was ruined by Cman: king of admins)

Originally posted by Sighaknight:
Originally posted by Mafefe_Classic:
Originally posted by occooa:

Mafefe, did you edit the title or was it a mod/admin? :o


(spoiler: its the one who would blindly support gamestop)

If a mod changed your title, that’s really bad.


It was very misleading, and didn’t align with your point at all.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by TheRealPip:

It was a badge that took alot of time to get. I am sure alot of people just skipped it.


I’ve been trying to get that badge for ages now, and only just finished it yesterday. Finally completed my Best of 2008 Quest too!

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Topic: Technical Support / Keys not working

Hey there! Is your browser fully updated? Is Flash fully updated?

Do you have any add-ons installed on Firefox that may be interfering? Try disabling all add-ons, and see if your keys work then.

If not, what happens when you try another browser, like Chrome or Internet Exploder?

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Topic: Off-topic / What Pokemon do you want to have in real life?

Even though it wouldn’t be very practical, Tyranitar was always one of my favorites. Even though he has a double vulnerability to getting punched. :(

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Topic: Off-topic / STOTS

Originally posted by abraaz:
Originally posted by Stots:
Originally posted by abraaz:
Originally posted by cesarcurado:

stots is capitalist scum


are you some kind of fucking casual, abraaz?

Stots said a nasty word :/
Cman ban plz

It’s ok, Stots supports me now. He knows that I am the greatest.

i am poop lol -Stots

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Topic: Off-topic / STOTS

Originally posted by Rolby:

Wow cman i support u too pls give me 100 point
Stots is stupid cman ftw best admin in the world


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Topic: Off-topic / STOTS

Originally posted by abraaz:

Cman > Stots
inb4 ban


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Topic: Off-topic / STOTS

Originally posted by Stots:

A CABSF admin would unban Zam and pay me for modding :>>>>>>

I’m going to send you a package, and it’s just going to have bricks in it, so that you can think you’re getting presents, and you’re just getting BUILDING MATERIALS. That’ll show you.

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Topic: Off-topic / STOTS

Originally posted by Stots:

ITT: Zionist Zam brown-nosing Kmanstein the Klutz in order to get main account unbanned.

ITT: Candy-based overlord being a CABSF admin.

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Topic: Off-topic / STOTS

Originally posted by oOTrentOo:


Too late, bby.

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Topic: Off-topic / STOTS

Originally posted by FULLMEASUREZAM:

Zyklon Zam?
More like Zionist Zam, you turncoat.

Cman is a TRUE neo-nazi. You’re the one who changed, Stots. You used to be schutzstaffel stots. Now you’re just Shekel Stots.


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Topic: Off-topic / STOTS

Originally posted by double12222:

Candyman will you date me pls