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… There’s not really much point in me responding to this with how MANY forum atrocities have just been committed, but I’ll give you a few pointers.

1. Don’t expect people to provide you with code to anything, the whole point of this forum is that we help you write your own code. Not give it to you.
2. This is a Flash Actionscript forum, from what I can see, that game is written in Android and hence, is Java, just so you’re aware.
3. If you’re talking about falling objects, do you mean a physics engine? Or what?

… Really people, read the stickies .

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Topic: Game Programming / Collision based sprite generation.

Originally posted by Draco18s:

So you’re trying to do what Tag: The Power of Paint did, but in 2D?

Not so much Draco18s, little more abstract then that, I’m not going to profess to having some amazing new idea that is going to be revolutionary and never been done before, but I do have a new spin on it that will re-invent the old idea. Which is basically all you can do in game development these days. Cheers for the link qwerber, I’ll have a read over that and see how it should all go together.

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Topic: Game Programming / Collision based sprite generation.

Fair call actually… I think that was my original intent, but I’ve been hung up on what properties of the spawned sprite I would want to tinker with to get the correct looking sprite to spawn.

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Topic: Game Programming / Collision based sprite generation.

Ok – so this is going to be a pretty abstract question, but I guess I’m wondering if it’s in fact possible. Say you have a game world and there is a bubble of green water, when it collides with a wall or surface, the bubble pops and the water that was in the bubble goes over the surface coloring it in green.

Is there a way with probably Box2D to generate the surface coloring based on the trajectory and force of the collision of the bubble? So if the bubble was to hit from a different angle it would generate a different sprite.

It’s a mathematically solvable problem, I know, because I’ve mapped it out physics wise, but I’m just stuck in the transfer between paper and code.


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Topic: Game Programming / How do you devs stay motivated?

Have any of you heard of a site called Not really to do with motivation per se, but it’s essentially a way to visually represent tasks and things that you need to get done in a step by step manner and you can tick things off as you go. I’m using it in my work as well as my game development on the side, and find that it really helps with my personal motivation because I can see how many things I have in the ‘done’ column and manage things easily that way.

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Topic: Game Programming / Game monetisation

Android Developers have a one off (?) $25 fee for becoming part of the developer community. Apple has a reoccurring $99 for the same thing. Ultimately, it comes down to where you want your games to be played, and how you intend to make money of of them, whether it’s through app-purchase, in-game advertising or in-app purchases (this is for mobile only obviously.) Myself, I think there is a happy medium strip between all three, but discussion of a freemium app business scheme is perhaps the subject of another forum and thread.

If you’re wanting to make flash games to go on Kongregate and make money out of them, your best bet is by including the Kong API for in-game advertising. Not having had any experience with it, I wouldn’t know what sort of money you’d be making out of it, but just hoping to get picked up by a sponsor isn’t really the best way to think about it, plan for that to never happen and look at the alternative sources you have for income within the games field. Ultimately, there is a huge divide between people that play games on computers and those that play games on mobile devices, if you build your game for mobile, you’ll end up getting it in front of a much larger audience, which is ideally what you want.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Long story short, perhaps look at some other ways of monetization before thinking about making a game that is going to get you sponsored. If you want some more information on the subject, I suggest having a look at the very large world of Mobile Advertising Networks, and seeing what sort of things they have to offer. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Topic: Game Programming / Jumping

Depends on if you’re backed with a physics engine or not, that makes the whole thing easier, but truefire has hit the nail on the head, you don’t want to change gravity, that’s bad. Gravity should be a constant in everything, or other things in your level will go flying as well as you.

I’m not going to try and AS2 code it, but essentially you need an iterative way of increasing the players y velocity the longer the jump key is held down, with most physics engines you can cap that out too, so a person can’t jump indefinitely.

Hope that clarifies things a little for you.

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Topic: Game Programming / Playtomic, analysis and you.

Wow, so I haven’t made it onto the forums in a while, this topic went a way didn’t it! Well, in addendum to what I was said in my original post, we do have the power to ask the end user if they are willing to participate in anonymous data collection. And the main reason why we wish to keep things anonymous is that a lot of users will gain confidence in a system that they don’t have to give personal details to. The analysis and metrics that we’re intending to gain out of the system is more to do with looking for problems or areas of concern within our program.

Again, I re-iterate that I’m not building a game per se, but it is still an interactive experience whose evolution can only be accelerated by user statistics. I guess it’s a bit of a dilemma for game developers, because there is the threat of losing players to gain metrics on your game, but on the other hand if you gain metrics of the game you are able to make improvements based on the feedback that you receive from them. It’s also a difficult thing to ask of players of a game, who generally don’t want a whole lot of alerts and tick boxes and things to get their gaming experience started, they just want to play.

I’m of the firm belief, despite all this, that in-game analysis and metrics of gameplay are an essential building block on the improvement of the gaming world in general. I think it points towards a more enriched gaming experience then to just play generic mundane titles that are barely separated.

Anyway, point of fact, in the setting that I am going to be developing, it WILL be something that users can opt-in/out of. And I think that this should always be the case.

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Topic: Game Programming / Playtomic, analysis and you.

Hey guys,

I was wondering if we could open up a bit of discussion about game analysis and further metrics that can be gained to both improve game performance as well as gameplay.

I refer obviously to libraries and API’s such as Playtomic, which allows for simple integration, and sends events to a server to be recorded for later reporting. I guess what I’m really wondering is if this is something that the majority of game developers think about?

In my current job, I’ve been tasked with creating a library which allows for highly customized analysis within a Flash background. Whilst it’s not based within gaming, I’m curious as to what the lie of the land is like for the games sector. I am at heart a game developer, so would love to know what some other like minded individuals or groups have to say on the subject.


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Topic: Game Programming / FlashDevelop AS3

Would be a shame not to plug my tutorial series here. I run two streams of programming tutorials, both in Flash Develop but with different physics engines backing them, I go through how to import files and folders into a project as well as how to utilize .swc files.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them here.



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Topic: Game Design / Proper way to make game menus?

I’m not sure if this is of any help whatsoever, but this is a class I wrote up aaaaages ago which dealt with the display and creation of menu elements, so the actual text or images of the menu.

	import flash.display.Sprite;
	import flash.display.Stage;
	import flash.text.TextField;
	import flash.utils.Dictionary;
	 * ...
	 * @author Sp Games
	public class MenuClass extends Sprite
		private var _menuHolder:Dictionary = new Dictionary();
		public function MenuClass() 
		public function draw_menu(s:Stage):void {
			for each(var i:* in _menuHolder) {
		/*public function create_menu_element_sprite(s:String, x:int, y:int):void {

			var temp:Sprite = tempS;
			temp.x = x - temp.width / 2;
			temp.y = y - temp.height / 2;
			_menuHolder[func.count_keys(_menuHolder)] = temp;
		}*/ not implemented
		public function create_menu_element_text(s:String, x:int, y:int):void {
			var tempS:TextField = new TextField();
			tempS.textColor = 0xffffff;
			tempS.text = s;
			tempS.x = x - tempS.width / 2;
			tempS.y = y - tempS.height / 2;
			_menuHolder[func.count_keys(_menuHolder)] = tempS;
		public function clear_menu(s:Stage):void {
			for each(var i:* in _menuHolder){
			for each (var j:int in _menuHolder) {
				delete _menuHolder[j];

		public function get_array_element(i:int):Object {
			return _menuHolder[i];
		public function get_dictionary():Dictionary {
			return _menuHolder;


Yeah, it’s not perfect, but essentially it makes development of a menu much easier to work with as you only need to create a new menu, and everything gets placed into a dictionary, and then to draw the menu, you just called draw_menu on your menu object.


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Topic: Game Design / [Feedback] Hacker

Hey guys, so I’m not professing to have done much work in terms of actual programming for this idea, but I’m stuck and I need help for gameplay ideas.

So, for any of you that have ever played a hacking game (think Uplink,) they’re awesome! And I haven’t seen a flash one that has been produced that is catered to the masses (i.e., not real hacking skills required), just fun stuff.

I have my idea, so – you are a hacker, and the game revolves around how ‘famous’ you are within the hacking community (essentially score,) you are given directions (missions) via email from a man called simply “the black hat,” each mission has you hack into a system, to steal something, find out some data, etc etc. But this is where I’m getting stuck, for each mission, there needs to be some sort of variety, other then the target of the hack.

So far I have this – you have different programs (moves) that you have to use in order to either gain access, or move through a particular system undetected. Also, once you are inside a system, depending on how good your proxy program is (defence,) you will have longer to move around the system to pick up what you need and perhaps even gain access to additional information that you can sell on the black market.

As you use your programs more and more, you gain experience in that particular program, likewise as you complete missions you are able to gain experience as a hacker. This brings two paths of progression to the table, one as generalized skills as a hacker, say for example (any additional data that you find will fetch an extra x% when sold on the black market,) and then there are program specific skills (your proxy program adds an additional x seconds to trace time.)

The other school of thought that I’m entertaining is that you can purchase incriminating data off of the black market to plant on targets computers, as like – vendetta missions, which aren’t given to you by Black Hat but you can opt to target a particular person for extra general XP, this promotes a person to sell and buy items through the black market.

I’m not wanting to go too crazy in terms of gameplay, but I wanted to get some educated opinions on any plot holes that you can see, or particular problems with what I’m thinking?

And the most important thing, would you play it?



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Topic: Game Programming / "Best" way to code?

I tend to agree, I do a lot of development in Flash as well as Corona SDK – and from experience working with Flash Professional, Flash Builder, and FlashDevelop I have to say that placing object programmatically has to be the best way to do things, as it’s the most precise, I mean sure, use a program with a GUI to figure out where you want things to be, and get a general idea for what it’ll look like as an end result, but I would recommend getting into the practice of placing them manually through code.

It’s not really very taxing on the CPU or anything to place a whole bunch of graphics on the screen when you first load up a program.

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Topic: Game Programming / Flash Programming Tutorials

Hi guys,

My name is David, and I’m not really sure in which forum this thread belongs. However, I decided here as it’s mostly to do with game programming. I’ve been running a series of tutorials on youtube on how to get yourself set up programming games in Flash with both Nape & Box2D as a backing engine.

They can be found at my blog, or on my YouTube channel.

My blog is at:

whilst my YouTube channel is at:

I’m currently up to part three in the series on Nape, and will soon be video casting the third installment of the Box2D Tutorial. I’m really hoping that these tutorials can help out some new comers to the games development scene particularly with getting their games up and running and help them understand code.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I’m a long time lurker as a gamer here so I’m always floating about somewhere near.