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Topic: General Gaming / [Sonny 3] Potential Superbosses

Originally posted by Star_Player:

Oh yeah.

Attacks that hit more than 1 target does not exist at the time
Attacks that hit more than 1 time does not exist at the time
Attacks that are waaay too overpowered does not exist at the time
Attacks that remove/summon does not exist at the time

That’s not gonna stop me from creating something that has any of these things. Why should It? Is there a rule against creating something that does not exist in a certain locale?

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Topic: General Gaming / [Sonny 3] Potential Superbosses

Ridiculously difficult? Wave cannon kills in one turn, assuming the target has less than 50k health. Also, a 50 turn stun?

Passives, are basically buffs, that don’t require casting. Stat raising doesn’t do the same thing. Also, multitargeting can be good if done reasonable and sensibly.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Sonny 3] Potential Superbosses

What rules? These ARE superbosses, and there’s nothing against have multiple targets inside the game, nor is there anything against enemies having passives.

Course, there aren’t many examples of it in the game.

Narkahl, Zombie LORD. 50’000 HP, 200 Focus.

Necromance: Reduces shadow and physical defense of all enemies by 70
Cannibal: Whenever an enemy dies, Narkahl deals 5000% Damage with his next attack.
Sentient:Restores 1/4 of his focus each turn
Blighted: After any of Narkahl’s attacks hits the target, all healing on or used by the target is reduced by 10% for 3 turns. Stackable.
Rotting: Narzhal loses 1’000 HP each turn.

Spawn Zombie: A ‘Zombie’ joins his side.(100 Focus)
Bloodlust: For the next 5 turns, Narzhal gains 200% of the damage he deals back as health. (100 focus)
Unholy Strike: Deals 1000 damage to a target, +200% of strength (about 500). (100 Focus)
The Zombie Bug: Deals 100 damage per turn on target, lasts until death. If target dies while this buff is still active, Spawn 1 ‘Zombie Bomb’ on your opponent’s side of the field. (100 focus)
Blood of Cain: All Zombie’s Attack’s deal 100 damage over 5 turns. Stackable, lasts 3 turns. (200 Focus)

Zombie: 4000 HP, 50 focus
Backhand: Deals 50 damage to a target.
Lunge: Deals 300 damage. Cannot attack next turn.

Zombie Bomb 4000 HP, 0 focus.
Explode: After 3 turns, explodes, killing itself and the dealing 15000 damage to adjacent ally(ie’s)

How do you beat him? Stuns, and lots of speed, like most things. Abuse his lack of focus, and whatever you do, don’t die.

Nice Superboss, btw Artix.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Sonny 3] Potential Superbosses

My Superbosses.

Demon Blur. 5000 HP, 300 Focus.

Shimmer and Shake: Any attacks against the demon blur have a 70% chance to miss.
Destruction Aura: Takes 2% + 200 health from each enemy each turn, and converts this to health for the demon. Breaks original health cap.
Underestimate: Takes 10x damage from the next attack that hits blur demon, after an attack has been dodged through the effects of ‘Shimmer and Shake’, or ‘Cripple’ in the same turn.

Quick Attack:Target Single, Deals Speed in damage, cannot miss.
Cripple (100 Focus):Target Single, Any attacks the target makes against the demon blur have a 70% chance to miss. (This is done in a separate roll to ‘Shimmer and Shake’)
Disrupt (300 Focus):Target Single, reduces a target’s focus pool to 0.
Fragile Meteor (200 Focus): Target All Enemies, Deals 1-10000 damage, and concusses for 1 turn.
Aggression (200 Focus): Doubles damage dealt by Blur Demon for 2 Turns.

Hmmm… Probably too Luck based. Meh.

Well, I have time to make another one.

Sonny’s Clone.
Okay, I’m sort of… Modding Jaimet’s Idea, to make it more practical.
I was thinking that the clone could have double Sonny’s Base stats (Stats without items), and every ability that is in the same skill set as the player. Also, some other weird effect, like double HP, or double damage, or something.

The Headsman’s Spider. 3000 HP, 30000 Focus.
Tentacle Block: Any damage is taken away from Headsman’s Spider’s Focus, instead of HP
Eight Legs: The Headsman’s Spider always acts first.

Web (50 Focus): Gives the target a 20% Chance to miss for 10 turns, and reduces the target’s speed by 35. Does not stack, CD4.
8 Legs Ravage (300 focus): Attacks the target 8 times for strength + instinct – Target speed. Each has a chance to deal 50 damage a turn for 20 turns. The damage per turn is stackable. CD2.
Last Legs: Reduces health by 1500, and restores focus to full.
Acid Spit: Reduces gear effects by 1/2 for 4 turns.
Venom (300 Focus): Deals 100 Poison damage a turn for 10 turns. Doubles all turn based damage while this is active. Only the damage effect stats.
Adrenaline fueled Beast (2000 Focus): Deals 3000 damage to all enemy units, and resets all turn counts for abilities on the targets. Has a low chance to Hit.

He’s a Spider-human, btw.

Critique, please.