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Topic: General / Frag Video Contest - Jacked Up June

Originally posted by GravitationalArt:

Attention Fellow Contractors!

This month’s contest runs in addition to May’s Knifing Contest.

There’s a knifing contest?
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Topic: Weapons / Weapon Combos!

Originally posted by NerveWreck3r:

So i just wanna know what u all think about my weapon combos, Thanks in advance for those who reply =) …. I’m using the Gsh-18 Pistol with the AS VAL Mod 3.USP Match With the FB P90 DEVGRU SMG. Glock 18 with the SKS Carbine. TIS Desert Eagle with the ORSIS T-5000 Sniper Rifle and lastly the Glock 17 DEVGRU Pistol with the SPAS-12 Punkbuster. Also i have the Special Pistol Ammo unlocked for the +10 attack. Also for all main weps, since i have the val mod.

I play on FB message me if u wanna be friends! :D

mfw $_$

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Topic: General / Magic Grenade Dirt is OP

Originally posted by noone6:
Originally posted by Bascule2000:
Originally posted by noone6:
Originally posted by JuneB2:

agree with OP. Having grenades take another 1-2 seconds before exploding would be better.

Or requiring a ten second delay to spam nade after spawn in bay5 and bridge. Bam! Suddenly grenades are used tactically instead of chucked randomly right after spawn…

I like this idea. Another change I’d like is on spawning, you should be invulnerable to any grenade or mortar that was thrown before you respawned.

Considering the length of time it takes a mortar to drop, this would render mortars entirely pointless, so I wouldn’t apply it to mortars. However I think the vast majority of decent CW players gets really pissed on bay5 when that random noob who can’t make a kill with his primary randomly chucks a grenade that ends their streak. It’s why I don’t play bay5.

End the nade spamming, at least on bay5. On other maps there is some semblance of skill required; on bay5, zero. Ruins the map IMO.

As a noob, I found grenades to be magically delicious. It helped me gain confidence back then when I didn’t know that as vals and diplomats were OP cash guns that people were farming me with. However, I would argue that spending 7 SP (that’s 7 levels!) just to get ONE grenade for an entire life that has crappy radius feels a bit unfair.

Meanwhile, you can hold down mouse button and you can throw sonars/mortars farther. What’s up with that?

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Topic: General / Is the AKE worth it?

Sorry, but what is LH?

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Topic: General / M40A6

Originally posted by MrAon:

So I was convinced that M40A6 is better than SV98 because of recoil and now I want to task the M40A6,Send me tips on how to get the task fast?Like maybe screenshot a sniping spot,I always snipe at lighthouse and I need sniping spots for both teams..Thank you!

If you want to get ragekill as a sniper, don’t get into sniper fights. I got mine w-tasked by doing just that.

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Topic: General / Last update

Originally posted by bbiill:

It’s time for surprise! New pistol – Glock17 DEVGRU. To get it, you just need to make your first GP purchase (first from this time, any amount of GP). You will get this pistol permanently and DOUBLED GP amount!
this is message from Devs
Does it mean that if i rent f. example pistol for 15 gp so i will get Glock17 Devgru permanently and my gp that f. ex is 100gp right now will be to 200gp after purchase
Or i’m wrong?

Where do you find updates?

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Topic: General / Best camping spots

In old sawmill I will often see people climbing on trees, whether if it’s the southern valley or on one of the trees on the slope behind the house. How do you guys climb those trees??

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Topic: General / AKMS is on discount!

Originally posted by iamJerbear9:

for those of you who are still pretty new to this game, everyone has different weapons sales and percentages

Originally posted by VexedSoldier:

A good thing to note is that everyone gets a different discount in this game. (I guess a few people could have the exact same discount, but it is very rare to be in touch with that person.) Also I’m pretty sure it is pronounced exactly as it sounds. A K M S

Oh, that’s embarrassing. Thanks for the update. Someone else in chat said they also had AKMS on discount so I assumed that it was for everyone.

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Topic: General / AKMS is on discount!

For those who are stuck with this big GP reward contract

here’s some good news: AKMS (Achy Missus?) is on sale! See you all in deathmatch.

And just an add-in: I’m looking for a new clan, not super strict but more or less people to play with. The one I’m in has an inactive leader now.

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Topic: General / Need Clan!!!

Hi, I’m level 31 and I am looking for a clan. Not competitive, though.

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Topic: General / The Mosina has an infinite capacity magazine. (< true dat)

This isn’t just with the Mosina, but it happens to me no matter what gun I use. It’s a LOT more annoying when you thought you’ve reloaded your assault rifle, run out of cover, point and shoot only for there to be nothing.

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Topic: General / newb help - some questions

New questions:

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Topic: General / Kongregate PMC ( KPMC ) clan thread...

Ehse, you need to kick all the 0%ers.

Also, I finally got this contract, although I had to rent the gun for gp to get the gp.

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Topic: General / clan

If I quit a clan, does my cr contribution stay with them?

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Topic: General / Interview b/w devs and a tester.

Aw man a couple of weeks ago I was rooting for sprint but now I’ve been spending time so much time camping with the M40A6 (sniper rifle) I feel a little bummed now that they’re actually putting it on lol.

Well, only a little. I still love running and shooting on people who snipe on top of trees because I am so jelly of their secrets.

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Topic: General / Video contest for Pecheneg!

Originally posted by AlexThaAmbusher:

Aw, so that means if i have only access to weapon sets 1-4 the only LMGs i can get acces to is by using GP (that i don’t have), right?

Originally posted by MushCW:
Originally posted by AlexThaAmbusher:

So what light machine guns are there in contract wars? Would be funny to maybe create a own video for this contest but i have no idea which guns are LMG since i barely know nothing about guns.



Nqss, can we please get some confirmation for this?

Originally posted by Ms_Dynamite:

As I promised here it is, enjoy! ‘’’&#8217;


Looking forward to your video Ms Dynamite, but your link seems to be broken.

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Topic: General / Interview b/w devs and a tester.

Originally posted by NoobClone:

I, for one, welcome our new programing overlords!

Yeah lol

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Topic: General / exchanging cr for gp

Yes, please. I’ve only ever gotten gp once from roulette.

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Topic: General / newb help - some questions

So the gun will wiggle but the bullets will still go straight?

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Topic: General / newb help - some questions

Bumping this thread with more questions:

What is the difference between accuracy and recoil? Accuracy makes sure you hold your gun straight, so recoil…

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Topic: General / Kongregate PMC ( KPMC ) clan thread...

Got my first ragekill today hehe

Originally posted by MegaKingPoopXD:

My name is MegaREAP, we should have one of the top right clan skills. I will contribute,anybody who agrees or disagrees comment below.

+5 health? Why not damage or armor in the bottom left first? They’re way cheaper.

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Topic: General / KillCams

Originally posted by Oliveboy:

It frusturates me that the CW community tries so hard to avoid being like COD that it loses the benefits that CW could gain. I think there should be a kill cam. There is a problem with snipers though but I think it would still be fun. It would require a new type of playstyle. Imo, good idea.

Originally posted by Retab:

Kill cams would be sooo unfair for campers so no (;

I agree with these so much. If you are in a small map you need to be moving around, and if you are in a large map, you should be repositioning with your team (not necessarily sticking like a herd, but definitely not just sitting at one spot). Killcam discourages lazy people who sit back on their cash and “pwn” with minimal effort.

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Topic: General / cw1997

Originally posted by contracto77:

this is a perfect example why we need first person spectating mode. Someone looks fishy you go to spectator mode and watch from his first perspective while recording the game.

I agree with this so much.

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Topic: General / User feedback and opinions

Hi, could we please get a sticky thread with a list of Contract War’s staff members? Other games have this or have them listed as moderators in the forum’s list of threads but Contract Wars doesn’t have that.

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Topic: General / newb help - some questions

Originally posted by huangbro:

The spec smg is not worth it….as of right now

Though, heard from someone that the devs are making a w task for it in the future. But even with that fact, I really don’t think it’s worth spending SP on. You will notice later (if/when you get to a high level) that SP is the most valuable resource in the game….

Oh alright thanks for that!

And I would like to make sure: if someone has an As Val Mod at level 15, that doesn’t mean they’re cheating but merely paying money, right?